Marc Marquez favorite to win the Malaysia Grand Prix 2022

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Marc Marquez favorite to win the Malaysia Grand Prix 2022

Hi, MotoGP fans coast to coast. This week we look at the Malaysia race at Sepang Circuit. We have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for some MotoGP Malaysia Picks, thanks to Bovada.

MotoGP Malaysia Picks As Far East Leg Concludes

Grand Prix season gets moving after the mess in Australia last week. MotoGP Malaysia Picks as the Far East Leg concludes. The battle between Francesco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo rages. This is even with another DNF by Quartararo last week. Let us examine some betting options on MotoGP online.

Last week featured a few more unexpected twists and turns, but we soldier on in the MotoGP schedule overall. However, before anything else, let us examine the latest 2022 MotoGP Malaysia numbers for some of those contending riders heading into the next race from the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia on October 23rd at 3:00 AM ET.

While continually perusing the riders and their odds, peek at our online betting bonuses and promotions. If there is a way to help along the bankroll, we will try it. Now, let us try and shift the focus back to the last race of this exciting but wet Far East leg.

The number of DNFs and mechanical problems when betting on MotoGP races have created chaos. Make sure you investigate what happens in practice and qualifying. Finally, the weather keeps attacking in waves. Look at the flooding last week in Australia; the weather forecast for Malaysia this weekend might be inclement at times too.

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MotoGP Malaysia Picks - What Happened At Australia

For those who wager, what happened in Australia feels like a broken record. Sometimes, qualifying and testing only point to so much, and accidents and issues multiply other times. Also, we attempt to do a mental health check of riders as they head into the final two races of the 20-race schedule. Now, MotoGP Malaysia Picks offer even more explanation within the race and title chase. For example, which racer or racers will be battling for the top spot and the others who sadly could fade.

Once more, there is that "Not Listed In The Field" option again for those willing to go with the long shot of shots. That number stands at +50000, by the way. That comes in 20th this week which is not in the points. With four or five riders knocked out of Australia and several others severely impacted, the Phillip International Circuit showed its teeth. It truly changed the landscape of the 2022 MotoGP World Championship.

The results in Australia produced a long-shot win by Alex Rins on what became a dry track. The Suzuki held off the Honda of Marc Marquez and Francesco Bagnaia's Ducati by less than a 1/4 of a second. Five racers were within six-tenths of a second as the speed and ferocity of the dry track were on full display. Will Malaysia see dry conditions from start to finish?

MotoGP Malaysia Picks - Will The Rain Stay Away?

Yes, it has become the theme of every race now. The MotoGP Malaysia Picks must consider will the rain stay away. There is a chance again for more tropical rain showers into early Sunday morning at the Sepang Circuit. There is little that can be done other than to hope the weather dries out in time.

Currently, thundershowers of varying intensities are expected around qualifying, especially during the Sunday race. Again, this figures to throw visibilities and a driver's line of sight entirely off target. The weather will change at any time al along with track conditions. Typically, the Malaysian track heats up very quickly. That will absorb some of the rain, but it will not take much to cause ponding and,d worse -- the possibility of hydroplaning. Anyway, let us get to the racers.

Francesco Bagnaia Can Clinch The World Title

Putting a wager on Francesco Bagnaia now at +400 is not bad for Sunday's race. Bagnaia knows he has been exceedingly close the past couple of races. In Australia, Bagnaia was 0.22 seconds off the lead and probably needed a half-lap to pass the two drivers in front of him.

Bagnaia can clinch the World Title with a win and a Quartararo fourth-place result or worse. There are other scenarios if the French rider DNFs, but the simplest is the win. The Italian Ducati racer is tied for second in the race odds this week in Malaysia at +400.

The weather dried out in Australia. That may not happen in Malaysia. Will Bagnaia opt to race just below the danger zone?

Francesco Bagnaia To win the Malaysia Grand Prix

Could Jack Miller Or Marc Marquez Win In Malaysia

Could Jack Miller or Marc Marquez win at Sepang Circuit in MotoGP Malaysia Picks? The 15-turn course in Malaysia is slightly different from the two long straightaways (good passing zones). Turns 1 and 9 are spots where a rider like Marquez has a sixth sense, no matter the conditions. That will play a significant role this weekend.

Therefore, Marquez is the favorite at +250 this week, and Miller remains at +400 as second choice behind Marquez. Miller's Ducati handles the slick tracks better than almost anyone else.

Still, Marquez is one of those crafty racers improving race by race. He nearly passed Rins to win at Australia. Look out! This could be when the veteran breaks through and gets past everyone to cross the checkered line first.

Marc Marquez To win at Sepang Circuit

Our Best MotoGP Malaysia Picks

At online sports betting, our best MotoGP Malaysia Picks for this race is Marc Marquez winning, with Jack Miller and Francesco Bagnaia not too far behind.

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