It's Miller Time At The French MotoGP Grand Prix On Sunday

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It's Miller Time At The French MotoGP Grand Prix On Sunday

We continue with event number 1000 in the history of this wonderful sport, MotoGP fans. This week we gaze at some updated numbers for the French Grand Prix at Le Mans. OnlineSportsBetting's 2023 MotoGP France Betting Picks saw some interesting changes the past few days.

  • WHAT: 2023 MotoGP Season Bets
  • WHEN: May 14th, 2023 at 8:00 am ET
  • WHERE: Le Mans - Bugatti Circuit in France

2023 MotoGP France Betting Picks - Some Updated Numbers

The MotoGP France Betting Picks commence two days from now. Meanwhile, new numbers have come to us from the books. Let's roll into MotoGP online betting grand prix bets right this minute. Quite a few changes occurred over the past 48 hours.

The speeds on the French track are a long way from those first races in the late 1940's. All kidding aside, these are not your grandfather's racing bikes. Can KTM Red Bull continue their trend the past few weeks? Now, here are the latest 2023 MotoGP overall numbers for the contenders in this exciting and historic race.

MotoGP France NumbersBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Francesco BagnaiaEVEN-110-125
Marc Marquez+500+500+600
Jorge Martin+750+850+800
Aleix Espargaro+1100+900+950
Fabio Quartararo+1100+1000+1000
Marco Bezzecchi+1200+1200+1200
Brad Binder+1600+1600+1500
Jack Miller+1600+1600+1500

Online betting sites like Bovada turned some heads with the new numbers. What we saw on Tuesday night is way different than the wee hours of Friday morning. As always, we are searching for value for our OnlineSportsBetting readers. This is why it remains vital to watch when betting on MotoGP races. Trends change all the time and all it takes is an injury or a major problem to alter numbers. Some sentimentality may have influenced the new data.

Finally, do examine our copious reviews of the best online sportsbooks. They will give you the optimal MotoGP betting sites as the event draws closer.

MotoGP France Betting Picks - What In The Marc Marquez?

Now, the 2023 MotoGP France Betting Picks attempt to figure out which teams improved and those that became worse. The good news is Marc Marquez returned early from his broken hand (metacarpal). Then, FIM heard the racer's appeal and sided with Marquez. Wherever Marquez qualifies is where he will start on Sunday. Yes, no additional penalties will be incurred for the Sprint on Saturday or race on Sunday. This allows the Spanish rider to go for maximum points.

Our rationale making picks got blown out the window a little when the new numbers surfaced. Books realize that Marquez just came back from a hand injury, right? When the initial data surfaced earlier in the week, sense seemed to rule the roost. However, the latest saw Marquez drop from +1100 to +500. Yes, the six-time world champion does not have to worry about team politics or issues of the such. He simply needs to race.

Okay, the problem with Marquez is this. How comfortable is the Spaniard on the bike? He looked more and more comfortable on his bike before the accident and injury. Marquez says he has no real issues gripping the bike. How will that work after 25 laps of a Grand Prix? Better yet, there are practice and qualifying laps, along with a sprint. What in the Marc Marquez as someone remarked when they saw he was second favorite behind Francesco Bagnaia?

So, needless to say this had an impact on some of the other numbers. That magical love affair with Marquez knows no bounds, it seems.

Francesco Bagnaia - MotoGP France Betting Picks Move

Francesco Bagnaia opened the early numbers at -125 to -150 for the MotoGP France Betting Picks. In the past couple days, they did move and Bagnaia drew closer to around EVEN. Now, this was great news for bettors because most were expecting shortening and not some lengthening. Consider that the Italian won the Spain Grand Prix and his teammate is still out. Maybe some books believed his numbers were inflated some.

Okay, this season the Italian must keep putting together results. He retook the lead after Spain but again every race is tenuous early on. This is not like 2022 where Fabio Quartararo built almost a triple-digit point lead. Quartararo was dominant during the first half of the season. 2023 has seen a far more competitive landscape. So, Bagnaia has triumphed in two races (Portugal and Spain) and two sprints.

"Pecco" faces quite a test as Red Bull gets faster and faster each week. Now, the return of Marc Marquez strengthens the Repsol Honda team. Injuries have been tough to figure and gauge. However, it feels like more riders are on the mend. Every week it feels like so many more racers can win. Bagnaia remains the favorite at France for a reason.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the MotoGP French GP

The KTM Red Bulls Are At It Once More?

2023 MotoGP France Betting Picks asks could the KTM Red Bulls get at it once more? Brad Binder and Jack Miller went 2-3 two weeks ago in Spain. Who is to say that they could thrive again on Sunday. Binder and Miller qualifying near the top is very possible as rain expects to be prevalent through Saturday. Sunday expects to see drying and cleaning conditions. Again, this could benefit the Red Bulls.

From early statistics, KTM looked great in testing on the Bugatti Circuit. Arguably, their early data suggested a rosier outlook than at Spain. Time will tell between now and Sunday. On the other hand, Binder and Miller could easily catch Bagnaia if he makes a mistake. Both bikes were faster but ran out of time a couple weeks ago. It will be fun to see what occurs as the teammates can work on an isolated Bagnaia.

While there are several intriguing contenders, including Frenchman Fabio Quartararo, something about the Red Bulls gaining momentum feels like the Italian Ducati's late last season. Time will tell but Miller does race better in damp but not wet conditions.

Jack Miler To win at the French GP - Le Mans

Can It Be Miller Time?

So, can it be Miller Time? Hey, the Australian may be worth a look in France on Sunday. Check out Brad Binder for the Sprint, however.

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