MotoGP British Top Bets - Bet Bagnaia

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MotoGP British Top Bets - Bet Bagnaia

Hello MotoGP fans, this week we look at the British GP from Silverstone this week. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the Sunday race.

MotoGP British Top Bets - Bagnaia Favorite

Grand Prix season heads off to Silverstone, this week for the British Grand Prix. Let's get into MotoGP online betting mode.

Though this year's schedule has taken some crazy turns, we're quite intrugued in the MotoGP British Grand Prix and whether Fabio Quartararo can further consolidate his lead. Now, can Francesco Bagnaia, the favorite, eat into that lead? But before we do anything else, let us first have a peek at the latest 2022 MotoGP Table for the top ten riders heading into the race from Britain.

MotoGP 2022 - British GPBovada
Francesco Bagnaia+150
Fabio Quartararo+333
Aleix Espargaro+333
Maverick Vinales+900
Alex Rins+1400
Enea Bastianini+1400
Jack Miller+1600
Jorge Martin+1600
Johann Zarco+1800
Joan Mir+1800

In the meantime, do not forget our NASCAR online betting. To sum it up: Betting NASCAR is getting quite juicy with the races dwindling till the playoffs start. In this case, let us try and get back to the MotoGP race at hand.

Another rule of thumb when betting on MotoGP races? Make sure you are rechecking how qualifying goes. Finally, do not forget to check out the weather every so often. Certain riders love the wet, and some others detest those conditions. It is essential to see if anyone is on penalties or etc. There is also that layoff.

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MotoGP British Top Bets - Getting Back Into Racing Mode

This is a bit of a different wrinkle for bettors. Now, MotoGP British Top Bets offer even more options within the race. For the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, let's get focused on one thing. There was that more than a month layoff. Getting back into racing mode may be a bit harder than most expect it to be.

Also, there is another wrinkle to consider this week when it comes to Silverstone. This week's race favorite is not Fabio Quartararo. Why? Quartararo has to serve a long lap penalty which is going to hamstring him a good deal in the early going. The points leader will need a little look going into the race. Despite that obstacle and his track record at Silverstone, Quartararo comes in at a solid +333.

MotoGP British Top Bets - Can Bagnaia Conquer The Field?

Alas, this is probably a huge risk taken, but Francesco Bagnaia at +150 is alluring enough to place a small wager over "The Field". Why? "The Field" is around -200 still for Sunday and that number seems to have stabilized. Reasons for that again include a potential weather issue on Sunday afternoon at Silverstone. There are some concerns that Bagnaia may not duplicate his result at the Netherlands race.

Also, consider that Bagnaia is intriguing for the MotoGP British Top Bets because he has won three of the past six races. One would think he might be not be at plus-money. The reason the Italian racer is at +150 still is simple. He has three DNF's to go along with those triumphs. His all in to win style needs to be tapered a bit if Bagnaia wants to truly get back into the points race.

After all, Bagnaia is in fourth place but 66 points behind Quartararo. This is the time for the Ducati racer to make some headway. There are still nine races to go in the 2022 season and anything can happen. Bagnaia at anything less than +150 is not worth it.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the British GP

Fabio Quartararo May Gain More Value Before Sunday

Taking the wager of Fabio Quartararo over Francesco Bagnaia is risky. That penalty he has to serve is a big reason.

Quartararo may gain more value before Sunday, and there are some pundits who feel that could be a precursor to the British Grand Prix. The qualifying round will be vital. A poorer session from the French rider could push his numbers to +400 or +500. Currently, he stands at +333.

If there is a possibility to parlay these two bets, then go for it. Otherwise, just bet them as singles. At the least, the units wagered should be modest and with Quartararo, our MotoGP Top Bets' second choice pending any shift.

Fabio Quaratararo To win the British GP

Enea Bastianini A MotoGP British Top Bets Longshot

This will be a fun wager for the weekend. MotoGP British Top Bets looks at Enea Bastianini placing at least on the podium at a minimum. Bastianini had some bad luck at the Netherlands and still finished fifth despite some issues with his bike. It is believed that he tested very well at Silverstone and could prove to be quite a surprise on Sunday.

Whether it rains or not, Bastianini expects to improve on his sixth and fifth place finish over the last two races before the extended break. Remember the Italian is now a point behind Francesco Bagnaia in the point standings but still 67 points behind Quartararo. All is not lost yet. A win would go a long way in reviving any title hopes and at +1400, this may be a long shot worth looking into.

Enea Bastianini To win the British GP

What About Aleix Espargaro?

This is not an easy choice because consistency has not translated into wins. Aleix Espargaro is at +333 based on previous testing and form at Silverstone. The problem again is that the Spaniard does keep racking up points and is second in the points race. However, the thirds and fourths have not led to a second win. Espargaro has just one triumph in 2022.

Our MotoGP British Top Bets does not recommend Espargaro especially at just +333.

Aleix Espargaro To win the British GP

Our Sunday Best Bet

For online sports betting, our MotoGP Best Bets picks for the Sunday race at Silverstone in Britain is Francesco Bagnaia at +150. Good luck!

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