MotoGP Futures - Pick Quartararo Overall

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MotoGP Futures - Pick Quartararo Overall

Hola MotoGP fans, this week we look at some new numbers but ones that are not quite expected. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting's MotoGP Futures Picks for the rest of the season.

MotoGP Futures Pick - Some Overall Numbers

The MotoGP Grand Prix season embarks on a bit of an extended break for the entire month of July. Let's dive into MotoGP betting futures pick(s) in this time while we can.

This crazy little thing called racing on motor biles has us hooked. We are quite fascinated with how the rest of this 2022 World Championship may go. What was looking like a Fabio Quartararo runaway took an undeniable twist in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, let us look at the latest 2022 MotoGP overall numbers for some of the top riders heading into this rest of the season.

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Another rule of thumb when betting on MotoGP futures? Watch to see how some of the trends go. Finally, do not forget to check out the layout of the race schedule. Previous track knowledge and research is always useful along with taking some time off to rest. A bettor's mind is his most important asset. Never underestimate that. Ever.

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MotoGP Futures Pick - What Happened In The Netherlands?

There is a reason why racing can be so flat out unpredictable. Who are we kidding? Sometimes, everything hits total anarchy. Despite qualifying going well, the race featured plenty of frustrations, crashes, and mechanicals. Now, MotoGP Future Pick(s) tries to pick up the pieces from what happened in the Netherlands. Could that have any impact at all when it comes to the rest of the season? On the surface, it might.

So, Fabio Quartararo did not win last week as expected over the field. His race was marred from almost the start. He had a run-in with Aleix Espargaro. The stewards assessed him a penalty that he truly never recovered from. The French biker then crashed out. His DNF paved the way to a Francesco Bagnaia victory. As for Espargaro, he dropped to 15th but fought all the way back to fourth. That included one of the most impressive double passes of the season.

Netherlands was an immense victory for Bagnaia, the Italian had the need for speed, as the Italians went 1-2. Bagnaia edged out Ducati teammate Marco Bezzecchi by just 0.444 seconds last Sunday.

MotoGP Futures Pick - The Finnish Race That Was Cancelled

Fabio Quartararo was likely to be a +150 or so pick as "The Favorite" for the Finnish race. Why? Quartararo looked good in Finland last year in testing and figured to be an almost sure thing to win. This was provided the Frenchman was not too aggressive. Plus, the DNF from the Netherlands would have served as ample motivation. However, a funny thing happened on the way to Finland for July 10th. The race had to be cancelled.

That is no misprint. Arguably, this "12th race" had been doomed from the start. This was the infamous Russian Grand Prix which had been moved. It turns out the Finnish version featured track owners who could not pay their bills. After numerous attempts to try and square things financially, it became apparent that the race was just not going to go on as scheduled.

The race officially was called off several weeks ago but made more public just recently. There is good news for our MotoGP Top Futures Pick in that maybe a break was just what was needed for not only Fabio Quartararo but everyone else as well.

The Frenchman Looks To Regroup

This will be an interesting five weeks or so. MotoGP Future Pick(s) zeroes in on Fabio Quartararo and his rest of season chances as the Frenchman looks to regroup in order to repeat his 2021 World Championship triumph. Can he put what happened in the Netherlands behind him and concentrate on trying to gain points at Silverstone next month?

From there, the schedule stays in Europe for three more races before heading to Asia by the end of September. Does Quartararo have an insurmountable lead by then? Anything is possible. Britain, Austria, and especially Spain were very good tracks where the biker was extremely fast in his 2021 run.

The Far East part of the tour may be a pivot point but then again it may not. First things first, Quartararo has to take care of business in Europe. If he does not, then his chances for a repeat may just take a huge hit. Predictably, do not expect him to throw these opportunities away.

Fabio Quartararo To win the 2022 World Championship

What About Aleix Espargaro or Francesco Bagnaia?

One of the more pleasant surprises were the performances of Aleix Espargaro and Francesco Bagnaia. That fourth by Espargaro may have been the performance of this season. More importantly, Bagnaia won the race which may have ignited his flickering 2022 title hopes at least a little bit.

Now, what about the rest of Europe? If anyone is going to match the speed of Quartararo, it may just be Bagnaia and the Ducati bikes. These races feature a risk taker not afraid of a rider like Quartararo. The Italian is not intimidated in the least. Even though, Espargaro showed tons of resolve, if Quartararo comes close again, expect him to waver a little. That's the difference. Bagnaia offers more long-shot value

Francesco Bagnaia To win the 2022 World Championship

Our MotoGP Future Pick

For Online Sports Betting, our MotoGP Future Pick for the title is Fabio Quartararo. Good luck, all!

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