MotoGP Season Match Bets On Bagnaia

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MotoGP Season Match Bets On Bagnaia

Hey MotoGP fans, this week we are examining not just the race in Australia late Saturday night. Also, we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for some more MotoGP season match bets, thanks to BetOnline.

MotoGP Season Match Bets As Quartararo Is On The Brink

Grand Prix season returns after a one-week break. MotoGP Season Match Bets looks like Quartararo is on the brink of losing his title lead. Let us explore deeper into some MotoGP online betting options.

Admittedly, this has been a MotoGP Season Match Bets like a few others. The one slight concern is some value has dissipated from August and September. But before we do anything else, let us first see the latest 2022 MotoGP Matchup numbers for some of those top riders heading into the next race from Australia on October 16th.

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The amount of DNF's when betting on MotoGP races has just risen from August. Make sure you are checking and rechecking how qualifying goes. Finally, the weather keeps making itself a bit of an issue. Unfortunately, Australia seems to feature some showery and chilly weather this weekend. Still, one never quite knows.

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MotoGP Season Picks - Matchup Mode

This twist for bettors makes an appearance for one last time. Sometimes, it is not enough to bet on the race or the overall futures. Now, MotoGP Season Bets gives a few extra options within the race and title chase. For example, which racer will finish in the better position come the season finale? That is matchup mode in a nutshell.

Sadly, "The Field" option is gone for the remainder of the season. The rest week last week means our numbers are based on who will finish with more points in the world title race. The challenge is figuring out which racers will gain or lose during the final three races of the 2022 MotoGP season. Yes, this weekend's race is in Australia and starts late Saturday night in the Easter Time Zone. Lastly, the season ends on November 6th in Spain (Valencian GP).

MotoGP Season Bets - Francesco Bagnaia Favored Over Quartararo

Alas, the value keeps decreasing in this epic battle to the end, but Francesco Bagnaia at -150 is solid enough to bet a few dollars over Fabio Quartararo. Why? Earlier in the season, there was a "The Field" option. Quartararo had around a 100-point lead on the Italian. Gradually, the Ducati rider kept gaining on the Frenchman. Now, just two points stand between Bagnaia and the series lead. Quartararo's dreams of repeating have all but evaporated.

Also, consider that Bagnaia just keeps on gaining in points. The Italian Ducati rider has finished on the podium in two of the last three races and has the speed to finish well at Phillip Island Circuit on the 16th. Currently, the Italian is neck and neck with Quartararo. With three races left, the Frenchman is cracking as we type.  Bagnaia still has value compared to his world title futures which are -200 and shortening. Our pick is to still risk it with Francesco Bagnaia in the MotoGP Season Picks.

Francesco Bagnaia To beat Fabio Quartararo

Jack Miller Over Enea Bastianini Is Going In The Other Direction

Placing a wager on Jack Miller over Enea Bastianini still is good but going in the other direction. Even a month ago, the Australian racer was more than +200 to overtake Bastianini, but five top-five results, including three podiums, have Miller within a mere point of Bastianini.

Miller has gained enough points to go right past the Italian rider, and the home-country race is a course that should suit the Australian's strengths. He is familiar with the Victorian course and its many nuances. The 12-turn, 2.76-mile circuit, has one immense straightaway, which should be great for Miller's bike.

One could still tie perhaps a parlay bet in with Miller being +250 to nab the third spot in the point standings. The Aussie is just 20 points away from Aleix Espargaro. That insurmountable deficit a month ago is within reach now.

Jack Miller To finish better than Enea Bastianini

Updates On Some Of The Other MotoGP Season Match Bets

The other MotoGP Season Match Bets have been updated as well. Taking Enea Bastianini (still +160) over Aleix Espargaro seems crazy but consider that Bastianini is now 19 points away from Espargaro. Time may not be on Bastianini's side; ironically, even Jack Miller may hop past both racers.

Whether it rains or not matters little. Bastianini has tested and qualified a bit better than Aleix Espargaro's Aprilia. The Spaniard just cannot get his bike to perform. It has been a struggle, and his world title hopes are completely dashed.

Espargaro has not been here before, and it shows. For Bastianini, it likely comes down to the final GP in Spain. There are going to be several incredible point battles to the end.

Do not forget that podium possibility for Jack Miller. While the Francesco Bagnaia over Aleix Espargaro number approaches -300, that Miller number was as high as +180. If that comes back from "off the board," bet it!

Our Best MotoGP Season Match Bets

For online sports betting, our MotoGP Match Bets for the season is Francesco Bagnaia over Fabio Quartaro at -150, and Jack Miller to finish fourth at +120. Get on that value before it fades away further.

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