MotoGP2 Futures - Pick Fernandez For 2022

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MotoGP2 Futures - Pick Fernandez For 2022

Hola MotoGP fans, this week we look at some new numbers but ones that are not quite expected. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting's MotoGP2 Futures Picks for the rest of the 2022 season.

MotoGP2 Futures Pick - Some Numbers In This Break

The MotoGP2 Grand Prix season continues on this break during the entire month of July. Let's dig into MotoGP online betting futures pick(s) in this time while we can.

This "junior" motor bikes race has us completely hooked. We are quite fascinated with how the rest of this 2022 World Championship may go. What was looking like a Celestino Vietti runaway took an undeniable twist in France. Meanwhile, let us look at the latest 2022 MotoGP2 overall numbers for some of the top riders heading into this rest of the season.

Also, please take a look at our NASCAR betting articles and more. The NASCAR season is just seven races from the start of their playoffs. In the meantime, let's get back to those MotoGP2 numbers.

Another rule when betting on MotoGP futures? Watch trends and races carefully. Finally, do not forget to check out the race schedule and how bikers are trending. Historical track knowledge and research proves to be profitable especially in the lower tiers. A little look at how the numbers are working benefits even the most seemingly "beginning bettor".

Finally, do take some time to examine our copious reviews of the top online sportsbooks. They will give you the optimal MotoGP2 betting sites as the season rolls on closer to August in Britain.

MotoGP2 Futures Pick - What Happened In The Netherlands?

There is a reason why betting on racing can drive us nuts. Who are we kidding? Sometimes, everything hits total anarchy. Despite qualifying going well, the race featured plenty of frustrations, crashes, and mechanicals. Therefore, MotoGP2 Future Pick(s) tries to figure out what happened in the Netherlands. Could that have any impact at all when it comes to the rest of the season? On the surface, it will.

So, the top three points leaders finished in the top four as kind of expected. This race was still nutty almost from the start. Despite all that, Augusto Fernandez, Celestino Vietti, and Ai Ogura, finished first, fourth and second respectively. Naturally, the results from this race produced the following logjam.

  • Augusto Fernandez - 146
  • Celestino Vietti - 146
  • Ai Ogura - 145

The Fernandez win pulled him in a tie with Viettti all while Ai Ogura lurks just one point behind. Talk about creating a messy race the rest of the 2022 season.

MotoGP2 Futures Pick - The Finnish Race That Was Not

Augusto Fernandez was likely to be a +125 or so pick as "The Favorite" for the Finnish race. Why? Fernandez was on a run. He looked poised to take the outright points lead and separate himself a bit from Vietti and Ogura. Alas, this was not meant to be.

The Finnish race being called off helps us get a fresh reset. That is good news for our MotoGP2 Top Futures Pick in that maybe a break was needed for not only Augusto Fernandez but the other bikers as well.

The Spaniard Looks To Pounce

This will be an interesting five weeks or so. MotoGP2 Future Pick(s) zeroes in on Augusto Fernandez and his rest of season chances as the Spaniard looks to pounce in order to win the 2022 championship. Can he keep the momentum rolling as Silverstone approaches next month?

From there, the schedule stays in Europe for three more races before heading to Asia by the end of September. Can Fernandez expand his lead enough by then? Anything is possible. Britain, Austria, and especially Spain are all tracks where the biker was has previously tested quite well.

The Far East part of the tour may be a pivot point but then again it may not. First things first, early season Fernandez is not the same as what we are seeing now from the Spanish rider.

Augusto Fernandez To win the 2022 MotoGP2 World Championship

What About Celestino Vietti or Ai Ogura?

One of the more pleasant surprises was Ai Ogura. Now, combine that with the early surge from Celestino Vietti and one gets the recipe for a whale of a MotoGP2 points race. So, what about Celestino Vietti or Ai Ogura? Who does one choose?

Now, what about the rest of Europe? If anyone is going to match the success of Fernandez, it is likely going to be Vietti. The Italian possesses the ability to win and even string together results. Unfortunately, the problem lies in this fact. Since four podiums in the first five races, Vietti has just one win and two DNF's in his previous six races.

Then, there is Ogura. The Japanese rider has just one DNF all season has not finished worse than eighth in 2022. However, since Spain, he does have a win and two podiums in his last six results. That is positive. The Far East oddly is where Ogura has some concerns, aside from the Japan track that he knows well. That may be a must win for him honestly.

Part of me worries about Vietti over the rest of the second half. Ogura is a bit more stable and has a bit of momentum. The slightly longer odds do not hurt either as Ogura is a reasonable MotoGP2 Futures Pick here.

Ai Ogura To win the 2022 MotoGP2 World Championship

What About A Long Shot Or Two

So, what about a long shot or two for the road? Pedro Acosta at +6600 would be a fun flier to take based on his last three or four races. The Netherlands DNF hurts some. Aron Canet is only at +500 which is not much of a long shot. Now, could American Joe Roberts (+5000) get hot at the right time? It is possible.

Our MotoGP2 Future Pick

For Online Sports Betting, our MotoGP Future Pick for the title is Augusto Fernandez. Good luck, all!

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