MotoGP2 Final Bets On Fernandez

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MotoGP2 Final Bets On Fernandez

Hey MotoGP2 fans, this week we are examining not just the final race of the season. Also, we have OnlineSportsBetting wagers for some MotoGP2 final bets, thanks to Bovada.

MotoGP2 Final Bets As Fernandez And Ogura Do Battle

Grand Prix season returns after a one-week break with Valenciana's 20th and last round. MotoGP2 Final Bets looks like Fernandez and Ogura will do battle on Saturday. Let us dig deeper into some MotoGP online betting choices.

Bluntly, this has been a MotoGP2 Final Bets like few others. The one concern is neither of these top drivers has had the greatest form. But before we do anything else, let us first see the latest 2022 MotoGP2 numbers for Fernandez and Ogura heading into the finale at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit.

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The amount of DNFs when betting on MotoGP and MotoGP2 races has risen significantly from the summer. Make sure you are checking and rechecking how qualifying, and practice go. Finally, the weather keeps making itself a bit of an issue. Fortunately for everyone, Spain features some sunny and pleasantly mild weather this weekend. Still, one never quite knows.

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MotoGP2 Final Bets - A Little More Compelling

This is the last chance to wager on the world titles for bettors. Sometimes, it is not enough to bet on the race. Now, MotoGP2 Final Bets gives that little bit of information and our pick. For example, which racer will take home the hardware come the season finale? That is a little more compelling than the MotoGP world title race.

Sadly, as far as event number 20, the MotoGP battle is even more anti-climactic. Francesco Bagnaia won the race two weeks ago at Sepang in Malaysia. Only a narrow podium finish by Fabio Quartararo kept the Frenchman mathematically alive. The challenge is figuring out whether Quartararo and his Yamaha can even win the race. That is what it has come down to for the 2022 MotoGP season. Yes, this weekend's race is early Sunday morning for those in the Eastern Time Zone.

With 23 points as the spread in MotoGP, if Francesco Bagnaia and his Ducati finish the race in the points or Quartararo winds up second or worse, the Italian wins his first-ever MotoGP World Championship. Thankfully, the MotoGP2 clash between Augusto Fernandez and Al Ogura is closer.

MotoGP2 Final Bets - Augusto Fernandez Favored Over Al Ogura

Although the value is lower now, Augusto Fernandez at -600 is worth a 1/4-unit wager over Al Ogura. Why? Earlier in the season, there was a three-way race between Fernandez, Ogura, and Vietti. Vietti faded after a hot first-half start leaving the Spaniard and Japanese riders to battle it out for the MotoGP2 Final Bets.

Also, consider that Fernandez kept his bike on the track at best possible time. This is because Ogura, the Honda Racing rider, DNF'd at the worst possible time. Currently, the Spaniard is nine points ahead of Ogura (after gaining 13 in Sepang). There is little suspense because anything can happen with one race left. Fernandez has less value compared to the summer. His world title futures are -600 and shortening. Our pick is to still risk it with Augusto Fernandez this weekend.

Augusto Fernandez To win the MotoGP2 World Title

Al Ogura Heading In The Wrong Direction At The Wrong Time

Placing a wager on Al Ogura over Augusto Fernandez still is good but going in the wrong direction at the wrong time. Even two weeks ago, the Japanese racer was more than -150 to win the title, but that DNF cost him. However, Ogura made other mistakes during this final stretch, keeping the Red Bull KTM racer in the fight long enough.

Ogura did not gain enough points to have a cushion against his rival, and the last three races have seen him only accumulate ten points. There were opportunities at Australia for the Japanese racer to make the podium, but he did not have the speed to get past some riders lower down the classification.

One could still tie perhaps a parlay bet in with an Ogura-Fernandez 1-2 world title result at +650. It is a long shot but just hoping for a little fortune may be a hair more prudent. If Ogura can race on the Spanish tracks like he has all season, he has a chance. After all, the Honda rider did win at Jerez early in the season. Anything is possible, and the +333 represents his best value since the season's first month. MotoGP2 Final Bets reflect this.

Al Ogura To win the 2022 MotoGP2 World Title

MotoGP Season Update

The MotoGP Season Update is as follows. Again, Fabio Quartararo trails Francesco Bagnaia by 23 points. Consistency which gave Quartararo such an early cushion, faded over the second half. It is the Italian who stayed on his bike, showed smarts, and is on the cusp of glory.

Whether it rains or not matters little. Quartararo needs an absolute "mother of all miracles" to win Sunday, and he knows it. Publicly, he is saying all the right things. Privately, the Frenchman knows the Italian got the best of him.

Our Last MotoGP2 Final Bets

For online sports betting, our MotoGP2 Final Bets for the season is Augusto Fernandez over Al Ogura at -600, and Fernandez to finish better at Valenciana than Ogura.

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