Take A Look At Marquez To Win Sunday At San Marino

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Take A Look At Marquez To Win Sunday At San Marino

After an insane weekend, we are back at it again MotoGP fans. This week we examine a few early numbers and more from Italy as we get back in the saddle again. OnlineSportsBetting's 2023 MotoGP San Marino Bets for this weekend expects to feature the potential for even more in the way of upsets.

  • WHAT: 2023 MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix
  • WHEN: September 10th, 2023 at 8:00 am ET
  • WHERE: From Misano World Circuit in San Marino, Italy

2023 MotoGP San Marino Bets - Early Opening Numbers

The MotoGP Grand Prix season goes back to Italy with the normal Sprint on Saturday and race on Sunday. Meanwhile, early opening numbers have come to us from the books. Let's take an early look into MotoGP online betting Grand Prix bets right this minute. Quite a few changes and news happened last weekend.

The speeds are always amazing from MotoGP, but the danger on these bikes cannot be denied. Simply, can some teams surprise us enough to change our picks? Now, those 2023 MotoGP race numbers for the more out there names are available for this upcoming weekend from San Marino.

MotoGP San Marino NumbersBovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Fabio Quartararo+1800+1700+1600
Miguel Oliveira+2000+1800+1800
Alex Marquez+2500+2500+2500
Luca Marini+3000+2800+3000
Joan Mir+4000+4000+4000
Augusto Fernandez+6000+6000+6000
Fabio Di Giannatonio+8000+9000+8500

Online betting sites like Bovada see some rare opportunities at taking some very tiny wagers on higher risk riders this week. The MotoGP campaign sees a good deal more chaos. This is why betting on MotoGP can be difficult. Trends and numbers keep moving around and with some of the news this week, expect more volatility than usual

Finally, take a deeper examination of reviews from the best online sportsbooks. They will give you consistent MotoGP betting sites as the season rolls on through September. After Italy, India comes next in just two weeks time.

2023 MotoGP San Marino Bets - Let's Open Things Up

Volatility and injuries bring about some dangerous wagering possibilities. Why? There are bets to be made but the key will be use some extra common sense for San Marino. Would anyone bet Francesco Bagnaia in the +125 to +150 range currently? Absolutely not. Now, the 2023 MotoGP San Marino Bets attempt to figure out what Bagnaia may or may not do. Also, we will open things up and take a look at options thought to be outlandish initially.

Our notions break down as follows. Again, opening numbers come to us with more than four days until the race in Italy. Normally, we are praying to see these by very late Thursday or Thursday night. It does feel like books wanted to get some early numbers out to take advantage of the betting climate. Longer shot and out there riders are not really in the World Championship mix. How about some $1 and $2 options to consider this weekend?

Over the past couple races, Aprilla has closed the gap some on the Ducati conglomerates. Then, there is the top team with the defending World Champion. Now, that is just laying it on thick. September has been quite the month already and a few incidents in Spain have altered the landscape.

So, let us again talk about that Ducati impact and who may benefit on Sunday afternoon from Italy.

Francesco Bagnaia - Changeable 2023 San Marino MotoGP Bets

Francesco Bagnaia would have opened the early numbers at -150 to -175 for the 2023 San Marino MotoGP Bets. In the last week, there was that god awful accident on Sunday where Bagnaia slid across the track for what felt like 6-10 seconds. Adding insult to injury, Brad Binder actually ran over the Italian Ducati rider. Most assumed the worst that the current world points leader may miss a considerable amount of time.

Naturally, Bagnaia enjoys a 50-point cushion but does not feel the need to take a race or two off at this time. His goal is to suit up and qualify on Friday, Sprint on Saturday, then race on Sunday. Changeable San Marino wagers are likely depending on if the Italian races this weekend. It is not a guarantee at press time even if Bagnaia says otherwise. Saying is always different compared to doing.

For one, the rider would like a stablemate. Enea Bastianini is out at least three races and maybe more. That means another rider will be needed for his bike. Again, will that become Johann Zarco's job of sorts? At the least, Zarco would have better chances of winning. At any rate, if Bagnaia does race, it will be interesting to see where the numbers eventually move.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the 2023 MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix

MotoGP San Marino Bets Explore The Peculiar Options?

2023 MotoGP San Marino Bets attempt to explore the peculiar options. Marc Marquez and Joan Mir are a bit too out there even for our tastes. Honestly, Marquez is so all over the place and just cannot keep it together to race hard and fast. Mir has had too many issues as well this 2023. Alex Rins would have been a nice choice here if not for the injuries. So, what else is left for the second weekend of September?

From early statistics, Ducati is in a bit of flux here which opens the door for Aprilla, Yamaha, and even Honda. It will be interesting to see what Fabio Quartararo can do. He finished ninth last week but seemed to carry some top five speed. Miguel Oliveira is one of those Aprilla riders in the +1800 to +2000 range that carried the most speed among the three bikes during the closing laps last week. It seemed a few bikes ran out of time.

Could Alex Marquez even be worth a look? That answer is somewhat of a possibility. He did finish sixth in Spain. It would be a funny sight to see little Marquez pull off a victory. At +2500, that has some value at least. However, for our benefit, between Oliveira and Marquez, the latter gets a slight nod from here to podium and maybe even win on the slightly faster San Marino track.

Alex Marquez To win at San Marino

Expect Chaos

Expect chaos when we take shots at Alex Marquez. 

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