Champions League Futures 2021

Quinn Allen
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Champions League Futures 2021

Welcome to the knockout phase of the 2020-21 Champions League, where the competition really starts to heat up. This year's field of 16 features powerhouses galore, including reigning champion Bayern Munich, and very few pushovers. All of which should make for an epic battle to see who wins the European Champions Clubs' Cup.

Before we take a look at the most interesting picks, here are the latest Champions League futures, courtesy of the folks over Bovada and BetOnline

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Bayern Munich+280+275
Man City+350+400
Paris Saint-Germain+1200+1200
Real Madrid+1400+1400
Atletico Madrid+1600+1800
Borussia Dortmund+2000+2000
RB Leipzig+4000+3300
Borussia Monchengladbach+15000+10000

Lines change frequently and the Champions League bracket moves at an ultra-fast pace, so make sure you're double-checking these lines before deciding on any wagers. Also, if you need help honing your Champions League betting skills, check out our page dedicated to all things soccer wagers.

Champions League Futures Breakdown

Check out the most interesting Champions League picks.

Bayern Munich 

Last year's winner is entering as this season's favorite. Though oddsmakers can sometimes be too generous when it comes to weighting the defending champs, this actually tracks.

Bayern Munich scored a whopping 18 goals in six games during Group A, which they won by a ludicrously larger margin of plus-seven. Their current slate also isn't looking all that difficult. Having to beat Lazio isn't that big of a deal, even though they did upend Dortmund during Group F action.

Still, given Bayern's deep offensive attack—they have four players who have tallied multiple goals—it's difficult to pick against them in any prospective matchup right now. Their odds are made even more attractive by the fact both Bovada and BetOnline payout better than 2.5-to-1.

OSB's Verdict: Bayern Munich is providing great value at all sportsbooks...for now

Bayern Munich To win the Champions League

Atletico Madrid

Seldom do teams paying out more than 15-to-1 at virtually every sportsbooks seem so interesting. Atletico Madrid is an unequivocal exception.

While their road to a potential title includes having to first go through Chelsea, we don't hate their chances. Chelsea has shown signs of life under manager Frank Lampard, but their offense is still prone to drying up in later minutes.

What's more, Atletico's $153.7 million man, Joao Felix, is starting to play like he's worth his price tag. And interesting still, they may soon be getting back striker Diego Costa, who actually previously played for Chelsea.

OSB's Verdict: Atletico Madrid shouldn't be considered a favorite, but they're offering good value between +1600 and +1800.

Atletico de Madrid To win the Champions League


Here's a scary thought: Cristiano Ronaldo turns 36 in February. This could be Juventus' final shot at winning the Champions League before he and the rest of the core ebb too far out of their prime.

Unfortunately for them, they haven't enjoyed the best pulls. Facing off against Porto looms as a potential trap match, given how the former played against Manchester City. At the same time, Juventus is desperate to make up for last year's elimination during the round of 16. They're playing with different intensity as a result. Ronaldo himself has upped his shots-on-goal volume. 

Basically, Juventus doesn't currently look like a team to be trifled with. They're playing a higher-stakes game than everyone else, and it shows on the pitch. 

OSB's Verdict: Keep an eye on Juventus' odds. You'll want to be cautious if they dip below +1200.

Juventus To win the Champions League

Paris Saint Germain

Identifying Paris Saint Germain as an interesting winner's pick is tough to do. It means essentially showing the door to Lionel Messi and Barcelona. That doesn't feel like a given.

Then again, the combination of Neymar and Kylian Mbeppe essentially make our decision for us. Barcelona's defense is no match for the pressure they're putting on a goal at the moment. 

Indeed, Barcelona has historically fared well entering the Round of 16. They just don't look like they have the defensive discipline to keep that trend rolling. And even if they do, they still lack the depth to make a truly deep push. 

Paris Saint Germain is far more interesting, in no small part because they're a borderline favorite laying +1200 across the board. It also helps that their attempts-on-target ratio is much improved over their past few outings.

OSB's Verdict: View Paris Saint Germain as a worthwhile bet unless they drop below +1200.

Paris Saint-Germain To win the Champions League


Many people tend to steer clear of Atalanta. They're too unpredictable. One minute, they're scoring in droves, and they look like a squad that can win everything. The next minute, their defense is falling apart upfront and they're struggling to get any kind of shots on goal.

Most will have their latest Champions League push shuddered once they go up against Real Madrid. We're a little more optimistic. Atalanta has one of the world's best playmakers on its side, in Papu Gomez, and Duvan Zapata is putting all sorts of pressure on opposing goals.

The key for Atalanta moving forward will be offensive consistency. They can fall off after their top-two players. Statistically speaking, they do a nice job keeping their shots on target and ensuring they won't get blocked. But they need to take more. That starts with Zapata to some extent, but he's already getting a good number of shots up. They'll need someone like Luis Muriel to take on a bigger role.

For a prospective payout of +3300, we're willing to take on the risk associated with Atalanta. Their lows are low, but man, their highs are just so darn high.

OSB's Verdict: Consider investing in Atalanta so long as they're paying out more than 30-to-1.

Atalanta To win the Champions League

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