Paris Sportsbook Review

Playing or staying at a themed hotel is like a rite of passage for those who visit Las Vegas. You have to do it at least once. And if you’re looking for which spot to try, the Paris Hotel & Casino is right up there with New York-New York as one of the two most popular themed establishments not just on The Strip, but in all of Nevada. Of course, as our Paris sportsbook review will show you, they are so much more than their decor.

Sports bettors in particular will want to pay attention. Other casinos and hotels that aim for visual pomp often treat their sportsbook as an accessory. They are small, intimate, and fully functional, but they lack the features of those that operate on a larger scale.

The Paris Las Vegas sportsbook does not abide by that stereotype. They pull out all the stops relative to other themed spots. We’re fairly confident you’re going to love it.

Paris Sportsbook Experience

Many people think the sportsbook experience begins and ends with placing your bet. That is so not the case.

A lot more goes into evaluating sportsbooks. What are their hours of operation? Do they have a bar and/or grill inside it? Do they run specials? What type of amenities do they offer? Is it a good place to kick back and watch a game, match, race or any other event?

We cover all these details and more for the Paris sportsbook in our review. Let's hop to it.

Pros of Paris Hotel & Casino

  • Sportsbook seats 265 people
  • Over 200 televisions inside the sportsbook
  • Upscale standard rooms

Cons of Paris Hotel & Casino

  • Daily resort fee of $41.95 after tax
  • Can get overly crowded as a tourist spot
  • Not a real poker room inside the casino

Paris Sportsbook Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 7 a.m. to midnight
  • Sunday: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Location of Paris Sportsbook

The Paris Hotel & Casino is on prime Vegas property, specifically at 3655 South Las Vegas Boulevard. It is pretty difficult to get more centrally located than this. Similar to the Cosmopolitan and Planet Hollywood, you're nearly equal distances away from the north and south ends of The Strip. (You are slightly closer to the south.)

Access to and from McCarran International Airport is a breeze. It takes roughly 10 minutes in normal traffic. 

Personally, we don't see any need to rent a car. Taxi and rideshare fees won't be that high to and from the airport, and you can find scheduled shuttles for even cheaper. You shouldn't need to use any of those services to walk The Strip.

It's different if you plan on taking any detours. In that case, the Paris Hotel does currently offer free parking. Just beware that this is a temporary service being granted as a way to welcome back customers amid the coronavirus pandemic. The typical self-park rate is $12 per day.

sportsbook paris

Place Your Bets at the Paris Sportsbook

When we say the Paris sportsbook is big, we mean caps-lock MASSIVE.

Somehow, the sheer number of seats doesn't even do it justice. They can accommodate 265 people, plus they have VIP sections that can be reserved, though they are subject to betting minimums.

Better still, they have almost as many TVs as seats. The sportsbook includes 190 individual screens, in addition to 11 monster-sized televisions and the 20 not-as-huge-but-still-big viewing screens. 

Finding one of the many spots with individual monitors is a great idea if you're looking to bet on horse races. Those typically won't be shown on any of the main screens unless it's time for the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes or one of the other super-major events.

The Paris sportsbook's hours of operation are mega convenient. Some other places open a little earlier on Sundays in advance of NFL games, but they still give you plenty of time to place early-bird bets by setting up shop at 8 a.m. Unlike other sportsbooks, they usually post lines as soon as they're open for business.

Showing up at the Paris sportsbook for a big event—think along the lines of the Super Bowl, the college football national championship, an NBA Finals Game 7, etc.—can be a bit problematic. It's as crowded as a concert during those times. After all, this isn't a commuter sportsbook. It's made so people want to hang around.

Snagging reserved seating for these games can be tough, if impossible. Still, the Paris sportsbook is large enough to accommodate a bunch of standing room. At the very least, they will ensure everyone has an opportunity to place bets; their service is excellent when it comes to handling major foot traffic. They have both cashiers and automated kiosks.

If you reserve seating, you have the ability to upgrade your package so that you and your group receive premium drinks. This is definitely worth exploring if you're planning on sticking around for an entire game.

Bettors also have the option of using the Caesars Sportsbook app, which lets you place and collect on wagers from your mobile device. As of now, it is only operational in Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, but it's a great alternative if you'll be in Vegas and don't want to deal with the crowds or just prefer to place your bets electronically.

Can't make it to Sin City or another physical sportsbook? That's no problem. We've put together a list of the best online sportsbooks in the business so that you can get the full-service experience from almost anywhere in the world:

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    Paris Casino

    Located at the base of the replica Eiffel Tower, the Paris casino is a sprawling 85,000 square-foot operation, with every gaming option imaginable available to you.

    Slot machines, video poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, live poker—it has everything. High rollers will be at home, too. The casino has both slots and tables for those who wish to live on the wilder side.

    One drawback: The Paris' poker room isn't really a poker room. It's a stock of tables on the main casino floor. This can be a bit distracting, but it's hardly the end of the world, even for serious players.

    Gamblers can drink for next to nothing on the casino floor. As long as you're playing on a slot machine or at a table, servers will take your order for drinks that consist of house liquor or beer.

    Always, always, always remember to tip these people. You want them to come back often so your glass is never empty. Tip them enough, and they might even toss you top-shelf liquor every now and then.

    Part of the Paris casino experience is the decor. This is most evident in the individual hotel rooms, but you get an extremely French vibe while walking the casino floor. It's a nice touch. The New York-New York casino's design can feel a little in-your-face at times. The Paris casino's theme is more naturally woven in.


    Staying at the Paris Hotel and Casino

    Many elect to just visit the Paris Hotel rather than stay at it. That logic tracks. 

    Not only does it get overcrowded by tourists because it's built in the image of the Eiffel Tower, but the resort fee is on the higher end. You're looking at around $42 per day after taxes. If you stay three nights, that's more than an extra $120 on top of the actual room rate.

    To be honest, the Paris Hotel doesn't offer the kind of amenities that jibe with such a surcharge. They have over 2,900 rooms, each of which is outfitted with a marble bathroom. But the European decor inside the rooms is pretty dated, and plenty of hotels offer more sleek-looking and larger TVs.

    If you're looking to shop, you'll need to travel off the property. Only a handful of stores are on-site, many of which are of the souvenir or touristy variety. The good news: You're right on top of the Miracle Mile Shops attached to the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

    For entertainment, you have a couple of options. There is of course the Eiffel Tower ride. Paris also hosts the well-known Risque, a burlesque cabaret that has garnered rave reviews.

    Finding a cool spot to eat is probably the easiest thing you can do here. They have a ton of different French-themed restaurants, along with a couple of shops that peddle ice cream and candy if you have an after-dinner sweet tooth. Should you get tired of themed restaurants, you're once again just a few steps from the Miracle Mile Shops, which include a smattering of different lunch and dinner options.

    Whether you stay at the Paris Hotel and Casino or not, though, we absolutely believe it's worth visiting. Sports enthusiasts will love the sportsbook, and there's nothing like walking in and around a replica of the Eiffel Tower. And if you are hoping to stay there, try to find the right time of year. The resort fee can be a pain, but room rates start as low as $70 depending on when you go.