Mississippi Legal Sports Betting

There are plenty of gambling options in Mississippi, but the state is still considered to be one of the strictest when it comes to other betting avenues, such as sports or horse racing wagering. There are not many alternatives for sports gamblers in Mississippi, as online gambling is also deemed an illegal activity. The only option Mississippians have in terms of sports gambling is daily fantasy sports websites, which are gaining traction in the state.

Mississippi Online Sports Betting

Only four U.S. states allow legalized sports gambling, which has left residents in the rest of the country desperately seeking alternatives to laying down bets on sporting events. We break down all the sports betting rules and regulations for all 50 states. In this instalment, we explain laws in Mississippi.

      Mississippi betting laws can be somewhat confusing. On one hand, there are three dozen casinos to speak of in the state. In fact, Tunisia, Mississippi is one of the largest gambling industry regions in the United States next to only Nevada and Atlantic City.

      On the flip side, Mississippi also has some of the strictest set of laws against certain types of betting — including gambling online. The state does not allow horse racing wagering or private poker gaming. It also does not have a state lottery. The bottom line is, if the gambling isn’t done in a fully licensed state casino, it is illegal in Mississippi. The state does allow charitable gambling

      That includes sports gambling, which under federal and state laws is prohibited and strictly enforced in Mississippi. For years sports bettors have been left on the sidelines when it comes to legally placing a wager on a professional or collegiate sporting event.

      While gambling through a brick and mortar bookmaker is strictly banned in Mississippi, state laws also restricts sports betting online. In fact, online gambling of any kind is an illegal activity under state laws. Even using offshore sportsbooks online is technically deemed illegal within Mississippi boundaries.

      Legal Mississippi Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks 

      While other states in America are able to tap into offshore sportsbooks online, residents in Mississippi are unable to do so due to a set of strict rules against online gambling of any kind.

      However, lawmakers in the state passed a bill to allow daily fantasy sports gambling in early 2017 and officials have further looked into the potential of legalizing sports betting all together. In the meantime, bettors eagerly looking to place a wager on a professional or collegiate sporting events, can at least get their fix through fantasy sports websites such as FanDuel or DraftKings.

      These sites have daily or long-term fantasy leagues so that you can win fast cash or commit to an entire year and build your jackpot by putting together a winning team. DraftKings offers customers a free fantasy football league contest, with the potential to win $100,000.

      There are different methods to play on either DraftKings or FanDuel — two of the leading fantasy sports gaming websites in the world. DraftKings allows you to play a classic salary cap style for big prized. You can also go head-to-head with friends or for those looking for a long-term commitment, they can join leagues.

      It’s not the traditional moneyline or point spread gambling that bettors are used to, but it has gained in popularity, especially in Mississippi, where sports betting is illegal on all platforms.

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