New York Legal Sports Betting

Start spreading the news: New York may soon be a destination where sports betting is legalized. However, until that day comes, gamblers in the state will have to find other alternatives when it comes to laying down wagers on pro or college sporting events. The rise of offshore, Internet-based sportsbooks has made that search much easier for Americans, who can safely and legally place wagers on these websites without worrying about breaking the law.

New York Online Sports Betting

Only four American states have the ability to allow legalized sports betting and New York is not among that group; at least not yet anyways. We are breaking down sports betting rules and regulations for all 50 states and in this instalment, we look at the laws in upstate New York.

      The gambling industry is on the rise in the state of New York, which continues to make strides when it comes to casino betting. In fact, a 2013 law that was passed could see seven brand new full-scale casinos built in upstate New York in the not-so-distant future. Officials in New York see it as an opportunity not only to appease the gambling community, but to also create more jobs and boost the economy in the state.

      The big changes to the New York betting landscape will also keep residents in the state from making the drive to Atlantic City, which offers several casinos and poker betting. Horse racing is also a big part of New York’s gambling industry and the state also features a lottery.

      However, with federal laws in place to strictly enforce sports betting in New York, residents in the state continue to look for other ways of safely placing wagers on professional or collegiate sporting events. It’s not that easy as federal law prevents anyone from laying a bet with an unlicensed brick and mortar bookmaker in New York.

      The only option left for sports gamblers is using offshore sports betting services on the Internet. Because there is no language in the federal laws preventing residents from using offshore gambling sites, Americans can tap into these services with one click of the mouse or one swipe of your smartphone.

      Legal New York Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks

      New Yorkers don’t have to be left on the sidelines any longer when it comes to sports betting.

      Betting through an unlicensed brick and mortar bookmaker is still strictly enforced in New York, but residents in the state can find a different way of laying down a bet on the sports event, safely and legally.

      The rise of offshore sportsbooks has taken the United States by storm, as more and more residents are making the jump to the online betting world.

      Using these sites is even easier than laying a wager through a live sportsbook, as you can bet on any game within the comfort of your own home. There are several websites to consider using but and are among the industry leaders. Both offer full-fledged sportsbooks with any major professional sport from around the world.

      Without a doubt, New York is one of the biggest sports states in America, with professional teams in every major league from the NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets to the NBA’s New York Knicks. The NHL’s New York Rangers and MLB’s New York Yankees are also franchises with storied histories. There’s no shortage of hometown teams to put your money on in New York, which is why online sportsbooks are becoming a popular destination for gamblers.

      New York may already offer its residents horse racing and poker gaming, however, websites such as Bovada also feature horse books as well as online poker rooms.

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