March Madness Favorites

When March Madness rolls around each year, it is easy to name the favorites of the tournament as the four number one seeds are posted for everyone to see. But there is no guarantee that these four teams will make it to the Final Four. For the most part, if you do not like any of the No. 1 seeds, you should consider one of the No. 2 seeds as a favorite, especially if they just missed out on being named a No. 1 seed. [+]

At the same time, don’t get too caught up in the seeding process. It’s important during the first and second rounds of games, when you don’t have as many previous tournament samples to base your decisions off, but as you get deeper into March Madness, you’ll want to invest more time studying the performances of teams through the tournament itself, rather than the regular season. Results from matchups earlier in the year should certainly be taken into account, especially if the two teams in question faced off against each other, but recency rules the day during the NCAA’s National Championship bracket. Find out more about this below.

 March Madness Odds To Win

It is best to place your bets for March Madness games with an online sportsbook you can trust. One of the best ways to find a trusted site is to browse the options available in our Top 5 sportsbook table below. All of them are reputable sportsbooks, so you needn’t worry about anything going wrong after submitting your wager.

That said, be sure to confirm that these provided odds track with what’s actually listed on the website itself. We take pride in our accuracy in these tables, but game lines and odds move so much during March Madness, it’s imperative you crosscheck everything you see. Discrepancies are typically small, but even the most minor anomalies can impact a particular bet.

Final Four Favorites

In the past, despite being declared favorites because of receiving a number-one seed, only once in the history of the tournament have all four No. 1 seeds reached the Final Four. This occurred back in 2008, when Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas, and UCLA all made the Final Four as regional one-seed tournament favorites.

When playing the Final Four and National Championship odds, don’t tether yourself to these No. 1 seeds. The smartest bettors, in fact, won’t place too much stock in futures. The college basketball climate is too turbulent when you get to March Madness. Favorites are knocked off all the time.

Make no mistake, the returns on pre-tournament championship odds are great. But you’re not doing yourself any favors throwing a lot of money at the top seeds.

In the event you have watched a particular team all season, and you feel there is no way they’re going to suffer a single loss in their upcoming schedule, then by all means, bet your heart out. But the key to dominating March Madness is rolling with the punches as things as unfold.

Teams you like may not necessarily open the tournament strong. Sleepers you didn’t know about could burst onto the scene. An early upset could bust everyone’s bracket and change the way you look at the championship picture. 

Give yourself the flexibility to account for performances in the March Madness tournament itself. This isn’t to say you should throw regular-season accomplishments out the window, but playing single-game spreads and daily parlays can be just as lucrative as future bets, while giving you a better opportunity to remain successful.

Then, once you get to the Sweet 16 or Elite Eight, and you’ve had some time to digest the displays of every team remaining, you can work the futures.

The odds won’t be as lucrative as they were before March, but you’ll have the unique advantage of having watched half of the tournament or more, increasing the chances of a victorious bet. And winning bets are far better than losing long-shot wagers just because you were seduced by the amount of a return you’re never going to see. 

playoff - Matchday 3
Match day
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
Away Score Home
Tuesday 13 March
LBB 18:40 Radford
SBB 21:10 UCLA Bruins
Wednesday 14 March
TST 18:40 NCC
Syracuse 21:10 ARI
Thursday 15 March
Oklahoma 12:15 RHO
WSR 12:40 Tennessee
NCG 13:30 Gonzaga
PSQ 14:00 Kansas
Iona Gaels 14:45 Duke
LCR 15:10 MIA
SDS 16:00 Ohio State
NC State 16:30 Seton Hall
Davidson 19:10 Kentucky
SDA 19:20 Houston
SFA 19:27 Texas Tech
Alabama 21:20 VIR
Buffalo 21:40 Arizona
Montana 21:50 MIC
Friday 16 March
Providence 12:15 Texas A&M
CAL 12:40 Purdue
Marshall 13:30 WSS
GSP 14:00 Cincinnati
Lipscomb 14:45 NCT
Butler 15:10 Arkansas
MUR 16:00 WVM
Texas 16:30 Nevada
KSW 18:50 Creighton
Bucknell 19:10 MSS
CHA 19:27 Auburn
UMB 21:20 Virginia
FLO 21:50 Missouri
NEW 21:57 Clemson