The Nuggets lack star power this side of the Carmelo Anthony era, which ended more than a half-decade ago, but they are still one of the most exciting betting plays. They have a ton of young talent and can definitely be considered one of the most promising up-and-comers. Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Emmanuel Mudiay, Malik Beasley, Juan Hernangomez—all these youngsters are years away from turning 25. And they’re complemented by solid vets in Kenneth Faried, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and, more recently, Mason Plumlee. [+]

When on, this team can give even the best teams in the NBA, including the Golden State Warriors, some real problems. You don’t want to view them as favorites in a potential playoff series; they aren’t there yet. But they are ready for your single-game attention.


Denver Nuggets Next Regular Season Game

All the betting information you need on the Denver Nuggets’ next game can be found right here. Just make sure to cross-check these game odds with those provided at your sportsbook of choice. They can often vary from website to website.

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Denver Nuggets Game Schedule


Have a look at the Denver Nuggets schedule to see when they play rivals, Western Conference foes or venture on the road to the hostile confines of the Eastern Conference. You can also use this glance to plan in advance for potential wagers. [+]

Though you won’t have access to game lines days and weeks before opening tips, you don’t need them. All you need is the results of previous games, which we have for you right here.

Scroll back and keep track of how the Nuggets play against certain types of opponents, and you’ll have the information necessary to make accurate predictions on upcoming matchups.

Let’s say Denver has a date with the Utah Jazz, a team that prides itself on playing slow and locking down on defense, in a few weeks. If you look up the Nuggets’ record against squads with top-10 defenses who also play at a bottom-10 or -15 pace, you’ll know how much better or worse they are than Utah. So when the day of the game comes and the lines are released, you won’t have to hesitate before placing a wager.


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What Are The Current Denver Nuggets Standings


Keep a watchful eye on the Denver Nuggets’ place in the NBA standings. It helps you determine whether they have become betting options on a macro scale, in the futures game. [+]

Once you notice that the Nuggets’ winning percentage ranks near the top of the Western Conference, you’ll know to investigate their conference championship and NBA Finals odds. So long as their record relegates them to fringe-playoff status, though, you will be advised to get your futures fix elsewhere.


StandingsDenver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets Betting Tips

It’s all about expectations when betting on the Denver Nuggets. Keep everything in perspective, and you’ll know the best ways to make money off their performance.

While they remain in this rebuilding phase, you should avoid conference and championship futures. They are worthless to you—a complete waste of money. But there is a lot of value in win projections and single-game plays.

Given the current core, the Nuggets will always be in play for at least 40 wins. Their ceiling will only rise as the kiddies develop into polished talents. If you can find sportsbooks still setting the over/under at 35 to 39 wins in the coming years, work the over fast and hard.

On the game-by-game front, the Nuggets make things easy with a clear identity. They are a hyper-efficient offensive squad that plays fast, and nothing more just yet. That renders them big-time over plays. They generate more possessions for both themselves and their opponents by playing at warped speeds, and their defense isn’t good enough to consistently prevent their rivals from sniffing their own point totals.

Finally, the most important aspect of betting on the Nuggets consists of monitoring their roster’s fluidity from season to season. They have a ton of cap space and trade assets, and are thus ripe for a superstar acquisition. 

This is great news, regardless of whether you root for them.

Trades and free-agency acquisitions sometimes go sideways. But they’re less likely to do so when you have the means to make a superstar splash. If the Nuggets add a superstar, they are only going to become more promising conference championship and NBA Finals options. Just be sure you’re waiting for those changes to take effect before investing heavily in their futures.