The Houston Rockets are back. They caught sportsbettor’s attentions with a Western Conference Finals run in 2014-15, but then trailed off considerably in 2015-16, prompting Dwight Howard to leave in free agency this past summer. No matter, though. In came head coach Mike D’Antoni, who installed James Harden as the team’s official point guard. General manager Daryl Morey surrounded him with a bunch of shooters, and here the Rockets are—one of the five best teams in the NBA. [+]

Elite squads are supposed to be a part of your NBA-betting arsenal. That’s just the rule. They have the highest ceilings in the standings and on the championship scale, so it’s thus important to understand their strengths and weaknesses and everything in between.

The Rockets’ strength is clear: Offense. Then more offense. And then more offense after that. They are going to score a ton of points by shooting a ton of threes. It’s not a perfect model, but it’s enough to prop up one of the league’s best records and most serious set of championship hopes.


Houston Rockets Next Regular Season Game

All the lines and odds you need on the Houston Rockets’ next game are just below. As always, make sure to check this information against what your preferred sportsbook is listing. Any differences will be minimal, but lines and odds can vary across different websites.

My Team's Next MatchHouston Rockets

Houston Rockets Game Schedule


This is the Houston Rockets’ schedule in its entirety. View it as a regular tool that, more than anything else, helps you plan wagers in advance. [+]

Here’s the jist of it: If you see the Rockets are playing a top-five offense in a few days, simply sift through all of their previous matchups and tally what their record is in past tilts versus outfits with a similar offensive standing.

From there, take stock of the point differential. If you see that the Rockets are, say, 10-6 with an average point margin of plus-six, this is what you use for guidance when betting on spreads and moneylines.


Results / FixturesHouston Rockets

What Are The Current Houston Rockets Standings


Follow the Houston Rockets’ place in the NBA standings right here. Above all else, you should use this to keep tabs on their big-picture betting appeal. [+]

If and when the Rockets’ record successfully compares to those of the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers, this is your cue to do further research on their conference and championship odds while viewing them as a genuine option.

If they are noticeably behind in the standings, though, you will want to look for dark-horse betting candidates in another place. 


StandingsHouston Rockets

Houston Rockets Betting Tips

Two things must be kept in mind when betting on the Houston Rockets.

First and foremost, they need to be a part of your over-betting rapport. By their own admission, they are trying to win games in which the final scores from both teams total 250 or more points. That’s absurd.

On most nights, when they are on, they will usually clear the over. This of course depends on who they will be playing. If they’re facing off against a slower-paced team, such as the Utah Jazz, that likes to beat the opposition into submission via half-court fever and strong defense, you’ll want to check the line before making any decisions.

Typically, though, squads like the Rockets, who champion blazing offense with so-so defense, are going to help you make money off the over.

The second thing to remember is that the Rockets must not be viewed as a championship favorite. They are noticeably behind the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors in the food chain. The San Antonio Spurs, too. You shouldn’t be investing in their Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals odds while burning through large chunks of your betting purse. That’s bad form even when you’re gambling on perceived juggernauts; it’s just plain foolish when dealing with fringe contenders.

That being said, the Rockets are absolutely a fringe contender. This matters.

It can be hard to find legitimate championship plays outside Cleveland, Oakland and San Antonio these days. Long shots, by nature, are mostly sunk costs, but whenever you invest in them, you want to feel like you have a chance at being successful.

The Rockets give you that chance. Their identity is almost identical to that of the Warriors, only they shoot more threes and play less effective defense. This, again, won’t be enough to make them favorites in a seven-game series, but it’s more than enough for you to use them as a second-tier future options without feeling like you are completely wasting your money.