Injuries have once again been the story for the Los Angeles Clippers. They rank among the best teams in the NBA when healthy, but for some reason, it seems as if Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are always trading places on the injured list. That can make betting on the Clippers infuriating. Luckily, though, they’re still one of the most promising options at the sportsbooks. [+]

It’s all about juggling expectations for them. They are a good team, borderline great. Getting to 50 wins every season is nothing when the current core is intact.

You just cannot bank on them competing with the likes of the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs or, at this stage, the Houston Rockets.


LA Clippers Next Regular Season Game


Have a look below at the Los Angeles’ Clippers next game so you’re on the right track to betting success. Pay close attention to the game odds and make sure you don’t miss the best line. [+]

Are the Clippers traveling or are they in the midst of a long home stand? Do they have injuries to key players or are they likely to rest players to save energy for a potential playoff run. These are all questions you should be asking yourself before placing your next Clippers wager. 

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LA Clippers Game Schedule


Keep track of all the Clippers’ upcoming games right here. Doing so will let you plan ahead on some wagers, even though you won’t be making decisions based off tangible betting lines.

You don’t need official game odds to see how the Clippers fared against certain teams in previous games. Do they have a winning record against opponents above .500 when playing at home? What about on the road? Do they struggle more against great offenses or really good defenses?

These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself, and you can find all the answers right here. Once you have those, it’s merely a matter of combining your findings and applying them to future contests.


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What Are The Current LA Clippers Standings


Track the Los Angeles Clippers’ place in the NBA standings to see how serious you should take them on the futures front.

If their record compares to those of the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs and other known contenders, you know to use them as solid favorite or dark horse plays when betting on the bigger picture. If their record doesn’t hold up to those from accepted powerhouses, it’s best to just move on.


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LA Clippers Online Betting Tips

Any team that has three All-Star caliber players on its roster must be taken seriously as a title contender, and the Los Angeles Clippers are no different. Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul give them one of the most feared nucleuses in the NBA.

There are just a few things to keep in mind when betting on them—all of which are related to the bigger picture that will impact your betting direction down the line.

Be Wary Of The Clippers’ Health

It’s crazy that the Clippers haven’t made it out of the second round of the playoffs with their current Big Three. All of them are top-20 players, and you can count the number of teams that deploy a trio of top-20 stars on one hand.

Injuries have crippled the Clippers in recent years—with the exception of their second-round playoff letdown against the Houston Rockets in 2015, when they blew a 3-1 series lead and failed to make the Western Conference Finals.

If either of Paul, Griffin or Jordan misses extensive time that impacts the Clippers’ postseason placement, it’s obviously in your best benefit to steer clear of them. Even if the injured star returns in time for the playoffs, you have to account for rust, and that grace period doesn’t bode well for the Clippers when going up any of the West’s top squads.

Keep Track Of Free Agency

The Clippers can only be treated like championship contenders at the sportsbooks so long as their foundation remains in place. And there’s a chance it gets rattled in the very near future.

Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and J.J. Redick will all be free agents during the summer of 2017. If any of them leave, it’ll be a blow to the Clippers—especially if that player in question is Griffin or Paul. Should the Clippers lose one—or, worse, both—of them over the offseason, remove them from all betting fronts immediately and indefinitely. They’ll be in the midst of a rebuild, and you’ll have no clue how to view them relative to other teams.

If the Big Three remains intact, though, it’s all systems go like usual for the foreseeable future.