With Kobe Bryant now good and retired, the Los Angeles Lakers are officially able to move forward, into the next era, as a rebuilding team. It’s been a long time coming, but they are finally there. And now that they are there, plenty of losses are going to follow in the foreseeable future. You might be wondering: What’s the difference? They were losing long before Kobe Bryant retired. What’s changed? You are right to ask these questions. But there is a difference. [+]

The Lakers are putting a young foundation in place. Controlling owner Jeanie Buss fired her Brother, Jim Buss, and general manager Mitch Kupchak in a front-office overhaul. Lakers legend Magic Johnson is in as team president; former powerhouse sports agent Rob Pelinka is the general manager.

Only time will tell if the Lakers’ new direction will pay off, but they do seem to be putting the right people on the floor. Rookie head coach Luke Walton is a breath of fresh air, and the team has a host of promising kiddies in Brandon Ingram, D’Angelo Russell, Larry Nance Jr. and Julius Randle. By the start of 2017-18, they should have even added another top-three prospect to the fold.

It will take time before all these factors coalesce into a contender, and the Lakers do have to work around Luol Deng’s and Timofey Mozgov’s cap-clogging deals. This side of the Kobe Bryant era, though, they have at the very least given us sportsbettors a reason to monitor their long-term potential.


LA Lakers Next Regular Season Game


Return here whenever you want to check out the betting lines on the Los Angeles Lakers’ next game. Take special note of the spread and over/under, so that you can compare these numbers against what your own sportsbook is offering. [+]

Game lines are usually the same or semi-consistent acrossing the sportsbetting plane, but there can be tiny discrepancies from website to website. Though they are almost always inconsequential, any shift in the odds can change how you bet, so it’s important you confirm what you find here and anywhere else.


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LA Lakers Game Schedule


Those who like to plan some of their bets in advance, well before the official game lines are released, will get special use out of this look at the Los Angeles Lakers’ schedule.  [+]

Past results are your best friend here. Jump ahead to future matchups, see what type of team the Lakers are playing and then assess their record and point margin against similar teams in the past.

As an example, let’s assume they have an upcoming game against the Golden State Warriors, who are known for both their offense and defense. By adding up the Lakers’ record and point differential against squads who rank in the top 10 of both offense and defense, you’ll get a sense of what types of spreads they can or cannot cover versus Golden State.

This same logic can be applied to just about every game. So study up!


Results / FixturesL.A. Lakers

What Are The Current LA Lakers Standings


Stay on top of the Los Angeles Lakers’ place in the NBA standings, if only so you can track their futures potential. [+]

If and when their winning percentage starts to rival known playoff contenders and championship hopefuls, this is when you can strike on their Conference Finals and NBA Finals odds, as a dark horse. Until then, as long as they continue to post one of the five worst records in the league, you will want to find better, more deserving dark-horse investments.


StandingsL.A. Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Betting Tips

There are still plenty of ways for you to make money off the Los Angeles Lakers at the sportsbooks.

Part of that is knowing what not to do. For now, you don’t want to get mixed up in conference or championship odds. You don’t want to be tackling their win projections, either. They are too much of a wild card. Until they land a superstar or one of their prospects makes the jump into a superstar, they will be one of the five worst squads in the league. 

Your goal, then, is to play overs and unders, with some spreads.

Spreads specifically can be a risky play, because of how inconsistent the Lakers are—particularly when facing good teams. But if you catch them on a night when oddsmakers have them at +12, +15 or higher, don’t be a afraid to roll the dice on them covering—provided they are at full strength.

Betting the over is your most lucrative option in the meantime. 

No, the Lakers aren’t a super-efficient scoring team. But they don’t need to be. They play at lightning speeds and shoot a ton of threes. That drums up the total of their final score, even when they aren’t hitting a high percentage of their shots. This fast-paced style only creates more possessions for their opponent, who will in turn score more and help you in your over bets.

The Lakers’ crummy defense takes care of the rest. They don’t have the personnel on that side of the floor to be even average, and it will be years before Brandon Ingram or D’Angelo Russell morph into anything spectacular on this end—assuming they do at all.

For as long as the Lakers remain that high-octane squad who cannot defend, you will want to work their overs. It’s your best chance of making serious cash off their rebuilding period without taking any other unnecessary risks.