The LeBron James era of the LA Lakers has been nothing short of hot and cold. Since it started in 2018, the Lakers have raised another NBA championship (the pandemic-affected 2020 season) but also missed the playoffs on more than one occasion. This type of consistency has been rare in James’ brilliant career, which is inching closer and closer to the end with LeBron nearing 40 years of age.

Regardless if they’re winning or not, the Lakers remain an ever-popular choice at top NBA online betting sites. This is one of the most historic franchises — not just in the NBA, but in all sports. That’s why it would behoove you to learn about Los Angeles Lakers betting so you can develop a betting sense for them.

This Lakers betting guide is where you start. We’ve packed with wall-to-wall information — latest odds, schedule, tips, and tricks, etc. — to help you bet on Los Angeles Lakers. It’s worth bookmarking this page and returning every time you’re in the LA betting mood cause we’re confident it’ll help you out.

Betting On LA Lakers Online

LA Lakers Next Regular Season Game

Return here whenever you want to check out the betting lines on the upcoming Los Angeles Lakers game. This will be your next opportunity to bet on Los Angeles Lakers game. Lines might change in the lead-up of the game, but it’s minuscule unless there’s a significant injury.


NBA - League 2023-2024
Saturday, Dec 02, 202310:30 PM
Houston Rockets@Los Angeles Lakers
NBA - League 2023-2024
Tuesday, Dec 12, 202307:30 PM
Los Angeles Lakers@Dallas Mavericks
NBA - League 2023-2024
Wednesday, Dec 13, 202308:00 PM
Los Angeles Lakers@San Antonio Spurs
Last update on Dec 10, 2023 12:45 AM

LA Lakers Game Schedule

It’s a long — and we mean long — NBA season with 82 games. Fatigue can definitely steep into a team when they’re playing back-to-backs or just on a long road trip. You can pin those moments by seeing the full Los Angeles Lakers schedule below. We’ve listed every single game this season for you, all of which will have ample Los Angeles Lakers bets available.

Moreover, use the schedule to notice if Los Angeles has played its next opponent this season or not. Evaluating how previous meetings went between two teams is a solid way to begin your betting analysis — it’s not the “holy grail”, but it sure does matter.

Results / FixturesL.A. Lakers

What Are The Current LA Lakers Standings

You can keep tabs on the Los Angeles Lakers standings below. Of course, LA plays in the Western Conference, which will have 10 playoff spots — but the last four are only guaranteed for the play-in game. Knowing that, pay attention to how the Lakers stack up to other conference foes since they’ll be jockeying for postseason positions.


StandingsL.A. Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Online Betting Tips

Lakers betting tips

When placing a Los Angeles Lakers bet, you NEED to follow this handy tip: don't bet on reputation alone. Sure, the Lakers are the most successful NBA franchise in history — but that means diddly squat when betting on their next game. The same goes for James himself. He's either the No. 1 or No. 2 all-time player, but it doesn't mean the Lakers are always going to be good betting picks because of his presence.

Don't be lazy and take Los Angeles betting odds because of how flashy its history or current roster is. That means little compared to individual matchups, fatigue, road-or-home setting, and so forth. Focus on the latter if you want to make educated Lakers betting choices.

Los Angeles Lakers Betting Odds

Los Angeles Lakers odds will come in all shapes and sizes — spreads, moneylines, over/unders, props, and futures. In fact, given this team's popularity, you'll see online sportsbooks release a staggering amount of wagers related to the team (more so than other teams). That's great and all, but you also want to be careful. It's better to narrow your focus on a few select bets rather than put money on anything and everything.

If you're a long-term betting, look into the futures market. Here, you'll find things like Los Angeles Lakers betting odds to win championship. If you're less optimistic on the franchise's title hopes, then consider something like Los Angeles make playoffs bet.

How To Bet On Los Angeles Lakers

Betting on the LA Lakers starts with picking an online sportsbook to do so. While there are many bookmakers out there, we think you should begin with the ones listed below. As outlined in our in-depth sportsbook reviews, these sites are leaders — especially when it comes to Lakers betting. Not only will you find Lakers odds here, but you'll find them at value-rich odds. Maximizing value is an important ingredient for successful betting so getting elite prices on bets is no small thing.