Possibly best known by the fact their part-owner is Justin Timberlake, the Memphis Grizzlies fly under the radar, despite a good system and recent pedigree of success. Memphis always finishes around the middle of the pack, at least in the past five years, but they have not found a way to breakthrough and pass the league’s elite teams. Three years ago, they made it to the Western Conference Finals, but ultimately lost to the San Antonio Spurs. [+]

Though they’ll be battling in the middle of the Western conference, Memphis has a chance to knock off a higher seed, as they often play spoiler in playoffs. Their style is conducive to such upsets—as are the career-year versions of Marc Gasol and Mike Conley they’re currently enjoying.


Memphis Grizzlies Next Regular Season Game


All the betting information you need on the Grizzlies’ next game is right here. Check these odds with those that are listed at your sportsbooks, as there is always the chance they might vary. And while these hiccups are normally small, any difference can impact how you bet. [+]

When betting on the Grizzlies, it’s also important to keep track of potential rest days. Head coach David Fizdale isn’t like San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich in this area, but he does have a core comprising mostly older players and is aware of the value rest days carry.

So keep up with injury and rest-day reports; you don’t want to bet on the Grizzlies only to find out Mike Conley and/or Marc Gasol won’t be suiting up.


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Memphis Grizzlies Game Schedule


The Grizzlies are definitely a team to watch and keeping track of their schedule is a great way to forecast which bets should be made at what time. [+]

By seeing how they fared against different types of opponents in the past, you can gain insight into how they’ll perform during future matchups.

Let’s assume they’re playing the Golden State Warriors in the next few weeks, a squad feared because it always ranks near the top of both offensive and defensive efficiency. If you want to know how the Grizzlies play against teams in the top 10 of both categories, simply check out their record and point differential against opponents who fit this bill. That’ll give you a leg up on the sportsbooks once they release moneylines and spreads.


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What Are The Current Memphis Grizzlies Standings


Continue to keep tabs on the Memphis Grizzlies’ betting potential by looking at their place in their standings. This will tell you which teams they are better and worse than in a particular season, while also giving you a hint as to whether they are viable futures options. [+]

Deciding whether they’re good championship or conference plays is simple. Just see if their record stacks up to those of known contenders such as the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers. If it does, great; you know to further investigate their odds. If it doesn’t, though, it’s time to find a better option elsewhere.


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Memphis Grizzlies Online Betting Tips

Since the Memphis Grizzlies continue to be identified with their grit-and-grind roots, it’s safe to still view them as consistent under plays. Better still, this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Though the Grizzlies’ roster will start to look different as they deal with the free agencies of Tony Allen, Zach Randolph and even Vince Carter, they will never be built to play especially fast so long as Marc Gasol is a centerpiece.

Instead, head coach David Fizdale will emphasize a slow-paced, half-court offensive style that leans noticeably on the defense and seeks to be opponents by driving down the number of possessions both sides soak up. This will make for continuously low scores, and you’ll find that they’re a great under option as a result.

As a bonus offering, don’t be afraid to ditch the Grizzlies when it comes to championship futures. A lot of people in the past have liked to use them dark-horse plays, but the Chandler Parsons contract they got themselves into before the 2016-17 campaign limits their flexibility to improve. And if he doesn’t start living up to his deal, there’s a chance the Grizzlies start slipping down the Western Conference’s ladder rather than remaining in place.

The moment they fall, you’ll want to use them as single-game ventures exclusively, waiting until they are playing like a 55-win team again before getting in to bed with their championship futures.