The Grizzlies are the prototypical example of a team that got a rebuild done the right way. Memphis was woeful for years until it drafted Ja Morant second overall in 2019. Morant would become the star the franchise desperately needed, but it took a few years of development and a strong supporting cast around him to get there. While it might feel like the Grizzlies became contenders overnight, it was a real gradual process over this multi-year rebuild.

Ja Morant

Memphis is now on everyone’s map — including bettors and bookies. With a high-flying team like they have, the Grizz sure aren’t a bad watch while gambling. For those in the market to bet on Memphis Grizzlies, you’ve come to the right place. This Memphis Grizzlies betting guide was expertly crafted to help you out. We’ve got odds, schedule, standings, and betting advice to help you along the way so stick with us here.

Memphis Grizzlies Next Regular Season Game

The soonest Grizzlies game is listed below. All the top NBA betting sites will offer the usual assortment of bets for it — over/under, spreads, moneylines, etc. We suggest “shopping lines” between bookies to make sure you’re getting the most value.

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Memphis Grizzlies Game Schedule

You can find the Grizzlies’ schedule in its entirety below. Having a look at all 82 games on the season allows you to circle potential betting opportunities. With so many bets available, we really urge you to only go after games and bets that are MOST worthwhile. Time is indeed money, and not everything is truly worth throwing money on. Pick your spots wisely.

Results / FixturesMemphis Grizzlies

What Are The Current Memphis Grizzlies Standings

Continue to keep tabs on the Memphis Grizzlies’ betting potential by looking at their place in their standings. This is especially useful for futures on whether they win the NBA title, Western Conference, or own division. There’s no shortage of contenders out West to battle the Grizz so the standings will show you who’s winning the arms race at the moment.

StandingsMemphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies Online Betting Tips

Memphis 2023 roster

The difference between a good team and a great team in the NBA is razor-thin. We feel it’s safe to say the Grizzlies are, at a bare minimum, in the former category. Of course, the organization has aspirations to be in the other category. Look for signs it’s reaching that status throughout the season. There are many tells but a few hypothetical ones could be Morant being in MVP consideration, a second star joining the fold to be a No. 2 “sidekick”, or elite bench play. One or two of those signs and Memphis will reach the “next level” per se.

That leads us to our biggest piece of advice when you bet on Memphis Grizzlies: be aware. You really have to get to know this team to see those subtle signs of progress. It won’t come from listening to TV analysts or reading the box score. No, no, it’ll come from your own two eyes from tracking this team over the season. Over time, you’ll develop a specialized knowledge on the Grizz that separates you from everyday bettors. This advanced knowledge will help make better betting decisions and with that, win more.

Memphis Grizzlies Betting Odds

It sounds crazy to say out loud but the Memphis Grizzlies betting odds to win championship are worth looking into. We say that because it was only a few short years ago that Memphis was playing for lottery picks, not rings. Of course, a bet on Memphis Grizzlies winning championship is also a bet on another team not winning it. So really measure the caliber of the Grizz against other NBA stalwarts like Golden State or Milwaukee, for example.

NBA title futures is just one of many Memphis Grizzlies betting odds available. As the team’s profile has risen so has the volume of its betting options, particularly in the prop market. There are dozens upon dozens of props available in every single Memphis matchup. That number will only continue to rise if the Grizzlies continue ascending.

How To Bet on the Memphis Grizzlies

You’re more than ready to start laying Memphis Grizzlies bets if you’ve read through everything on this page. At this point, you’re not missing any more information, all that’s left is for you to take action at a sportsbook. To take the plunge, visit one of the bookmakers we’ve featured in the underneath table. All five of these ranked high in our latest sportsbook review section, and anyone would be ideal for putting down a Memphis Grizzlies bet. The more action you take at this betting thing, the more you’ll learn through trial and error. Hit one of the “play now” buttons on the table to get started.