The Timberwolves pulled off one of the most shocking moves in recent memory — shocking because no one’s quite sure if this “experiment” will work. And that’s what this is, an experiment that runs counter to traditional thinking.

Alright, so Minnesota has been anchored by Karl Anthony-Towns for several years now. The big man is an unquestioned star. But rather than let him be the lone big on the court, the T-Wolves traded for Rudy Gobert — a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, who’s a seven-footer himself. When most of the league is going small ball, Minnesota will be playing “tall ball” reminiscent of the NBA of old.

The Gobert move has made Minnesota Timberwolves betting rather difficult to put a finger on. As we said, it’s an experiment and the hypothesis on it won’t be out for a while. But hey, we’re here to help in the meantime. We’ve created this guide to bet on Minnesota Timberwolves. It’s a one-stop shop on this team that includes odds, schedule, standings, and our own betting advice. Scroll down to see what we mean!

Betting On Minnesota Timberwolves Online

Minnesota Timberwolves Next Regular Season Game

You don’t have to wait much longer to put money down at NBA online betting sites. We’ve listed the next Timberlwoves game below, which is your soonest shot to make money off the team. Reference this widget all season long because we always update it to show Minnesota’s next game and betting odds.

My Team's Next MatchMinnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves Game Schedule

Here is the Timberwolves’ 82-game schedule. It’s probably best you don’t bet on every single Minnesota game. Instead, you should be sticking to games that offer the most opportunity. Having the full schedule will allow you to get ahead and start marking potential opportunities worthy of your money.

Results / FixturesMinnesota Timberwolves

What Are The Current Minnesota Timberwolves Standings

Pay close attention to the Minnesota Timberwolves place in the standings underneath so you know which teams are inferior and superior to them. This is also a great way to keep tabs on their futures betting potential. The Western Conference is historically stacked so Minnesota won’t have an “easy” path. Still, you can see their place in the conference pecking order via the standings below, which are always up to date.


StandingsMinnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves Online Betting Tips

Honestly, we wouldn’t rush to put a bet on Minnesota Timberwolves game. Not until we have a large sample size of games to really evaluate its zig-zag roster move. Let other bettors be the “Guinea pigs” in the meantime, but keep bets low or heck, just don’t wager at all.

Regardless if you have a Minnesota Timberwolves bet or not, you should keep your eyes on the squad. When you make a radical change like the T-Wolves did, everyone’s going to have an opinion on it. But we’d urge you to tune that out and really be the judge for yourself — not Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless, who are entertainers, not analysts. Once you get a feel for the team, then by all means get comfortable with Minnesota Timberwolves betting. In fact, this is when you’ll be most dangerous since you have accumulated knowledge about the team that few other bettors would have.

Timberwolves roster

Minnesota Timberwolves Betting Odds

Many bettors are writing off the organization’s pivot to “tall ball” — and that’s reflected in the Minnesota Timberwolves betting odds to win championship. Taking a futures bet like that is definitely low-risk, high-reward though — and that’s rarely ever a bad position to be in as a bettor.

Futures are big-money one-time bets, but traditional game wagers — spreads, moneylines, over/unders — is where consistent money can be made. That’s really where you have to succeed as a bettor based on the sheer amount of wagers available in those categories all season long.

How to bet on the Minnesota Timberwolves

You have zero excuses to not make Minnesota Timberwolves bets — that is, if you’ve read this entire betting guide. You’re armed with all the must-know information if you have read it all. Now it’s just time to use a trusty sportsbook and take some risks. We’d urge you to look into the five bookmakers we’ve featured in the underneath table. NBA betting is top-tier at all of them, which is a big reason they grade out high in our up-to-date sportsbook reviews. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a T-wolves betting line NOT offered on these sites.