Minnesota Timberwolves fans have gone through a rough few years, with no playoff appearances since 2004. Before that, in the peak Kevin Garnett years, Minnesota made eight consecutive post-season stops, including  a journey to the Western Conference Finals. The future is be bright for Minnesota, as back-to-back No. 1 picks Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns should develop into reliable NBA regulars. Add Zach Lavine, and the T-Wolves have a tremendous foundation. [+]

Patience is all that’s left for these Timberwolves. Head coach Tom Thibodeau will no doubt look for a present-day superstar to round out the core on both the trade market and in free agency, but more than anything, this promising foundation of Kris Dunn, Gorgui Dieng, LaVine, Towns and Wiggins needs time to marinate before entering the NBA’s elite-most ranks. 

Minnesota Timberwolves Next Regular Season Game


Circle back here whenever you want to check out odds for the Minnesota Timberwolves’ next game. Make sure you’re checking these odds against those listed at your primal sportsbook though, as odds can vary across different websites. [+]

These differences, to be sure, are typically minor. But any changes can impact a bet, so it’s always better to be exact than render bets using estimations.


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Minnesota Timberwolves Game Schedule


The Minnesota Timberwolves’ entire schedule, as shown below, is a great tool for those looking to get a jump start on future bets before sportsbooks release lines for them.

Using the results from past games, you’re able to spot trends and find out which opponents are most and least favorable for Minnesota.

Consider the following scenario: The Timberwolves are gearing up for a game with the Golden State Warriors in about two weeks.

You can help yourself out by taking stock of their record when squaring off against Western Conference playoff squads who place in the top 10 on both the offensive and defensive end. Use their record and point differential in those situations to prep moneyline and spread bets.


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What Are The Current Minnesota Timberwolves Standings


Pay close attention to the Minnesota Timberwolves’ place in the standings so you know which teams are inferior and superior to them. This is also a great way to keep tabs on their futures potential. [+]

While the Timberwolves continue to slog away in the draft lottery, well outside the Western Conference’s playoff bubble, you know not to view them as Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals plays at the sportsbooks. But once they start contending for playoff berths again and rivaling the West’s elite outfits, you’ll know to reconsider them as viable big-picture dice rolls—all because you were smart enough to remain in tune with their record. 


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Minnesota Timberwolves Online Betting Tips

Once head coach Tom Thibodeau took control of the Minnesota Timberwolves, it was assumed they would immediately become one of the NBA’s most promising defensive units. That hasn’t happened, though—far from it.

Despite Thibodeau’s arrival, the Timberwolves remain a offense-first aggregate, and you should treat them as such as the sportsbooks—particularly when you know it’s not wise to invest in their conference finals and championship futures.

In the event the Timberwolves are able to add a top-tier defensive wing via free agency, the draft or a trade, it’ll make sense to avoid investing so heavily in the over. For now, however, this isn’t issue.

And it bears repeating: Don’t get caught up in their futures. This holds true for both their title odds and win projections.

At least with their title odds, though, you’re dealing with long-shot returns. On the win-projection front, too many sportsbooks overrate them, in large part because their core is so promising. But potential seldom translates to immediate success. And rather than deal with sportsbooks setting the Timberwolves’ win total at 45 wins or more over the next few years, you’re better off sticking to their single-game odds.

If and when they eclipse that 45-win mark, you’ll then be free to contemplate all of their futures once again.