One of the biggest what-ifs remains with the Thunder — that being if they would’ve kept prime Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook together. We’ll never know what could’ve been, but you can at least credit this franchise for having an eye for young talent. Now they’re attempting to strike lightning twice because Oklahoma City has accumulated a batch of young players and future first-round picks.

This whole predicament has made Oklahoma City Thunder betting all the more interesting — and unpredictable at that. But we’ll attempt to sort through the madness and give you expert advice to bet on Oklahoma City Thunder. Up-to-date odds, schedule, standings, tips — we got it all in this handy guide. Stick with us if you want to make money off this team during the NBA season.

Thunder 2023 roster

Oklahoma Thunder Next Regular Season Game

Dying to make a Thunders wager at a respected NBA betting site? Welp, you won’t have to wait for much longer because the game below is the next time Oklahoma City is in action. This is your soonest chance to drop money on the Thunder.

My Team's Next MatchOklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder Game Schedule

Below you’ll find the complete Oklahoma City schedule — all 82 games! Betting lines typically aren’t posted until before the next game is up but that doesn’t mean you can’t look ahead. You’ll want to pinpoint possibly good or bad stretches in the season that can affect your Thunder bets (e.g. a homestand or road trip). Mark them now and make sure you fund betting funds by the time the game rolls around.

Results / FixturesOklahoma City Thunder

What Are The Current Oklahoma City Thunder Standings

The Western Conference — where the Thunder play — is no walk in the park. The conference has dominated the NBA title picture as of late and doesn’t appear to be on the decline. You can see how Oklahoma City stacks up to other conference teams with the standings below. The Thunder must finish in one of the top 10 spots to qualify for the playoffs so keep an eye on that closely.


StandingsOklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder Online Betting Tips

Yes, the Thunder have been bad as of late, but there’s no guarantee that continues. With how many young players they’ve stocked up on, this team’s fate can change rather quickly. So before you bet on Oklahoma City game next up, take a hard look at how those players are developing, particularly guys like Josh Giddey and Chet Holmgren, both of whom have a lot of hype and potential with them. All it takes is for one of them to turn into a superstar to change the course of the franchise. 

Chet Holmgren Thunder

How do you track these players and the team's development at large? Welp, you actually watch the games with your own two eyes rather than rely on hear-say to inform your next Oklahoma City bet. It’s when you’re closely watching that you’ll see signs of improvement or heck, regression if this youth movement doesn’t pan out. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in betting so don’t get lazy on us — not if you want to be successful at this. 

Oklahoma City Thunder Betting Odds

For now, you should be sticking to daily Thunder bets. You know, spreads, moneylines, and over/unders. Consequently, you want to avoid futures such as Oklahoma City Thunder betting odds to win championship. Futures should be reserved for teams that show a measure of consistency — which spoiler alert, isn’t going to be the Thunder with this many moving parts in the near-term. Playing consistency and a roster rebuild just don’t go together. 

How to bet on the Oklahoma City Thunder

Last thing before we let you go, one of the bookmakers featured below will have you covered for all things Oklahoma City Thunder bets. There won’t be any Oklahoma City Thunder betting odds you can’t find here. From preseason to the postseason, any and all Thunder lines are there for the taking at these bookies. To get a glimpse at what awaits you at certain sites, read our latest sportsbook reviews. After doing so, you’ll have a good idea of which bookmaker is best for you!