The Oklahoma City Thunder’s betting potential took a turn for the worse in July 2016, when Kevin Durant, a top-three player, agreed to join the Golden State Warriors. Just like that, one of the NBA’s most promising and reliable championship contenders came undone. You’ll need to adjust your betting parameters for the Thunder accordingly. [+]

Of course, while most teams would be absolutely, positively screwed in this situation, the Thunder are lucky to have another top-five superstar in Russell Westbrook. He alone cannot make the Thunder a juggernaut, but he’s enough to keep them in play for 50-win seasons and second-round playoff exits.

It helps, too, that Steven Adams has really come into his own on offense while maintaining his usual stingy defense. If the Thunder end up hitting on the futures of Andre Roberson, Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis and/or Doug McDermott, they could find themselves back in the championship conversation before you know it.


Oklahoma Thunder Next Regular Season Game

Make sure you reference the Oklahoma City Thunder’s next regular season game so you can pull apart all key matchups in preparation for your wager. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the odds too, as they can shift throughout the day. Check them early and often, and always confirm them with the lines listed at your sportbook of choice.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Game Schedule


Find out who the Oklahoma CityThunder play next to plan subsequent wagers. It’s the first step to ensuring you’re well prepared when tip-off nears.  [+]

Granted, you won’t have access to unpublished lines, and odds aren’t released for NBA games until the day of the meeting in most cases. But you can use the Thunder’s past results to give yourself a fighting chance.

Consider this: Say the Thunder are slated to play the Los Angeles Clippers in a few weeks, a team that’s known for its offense. If you look back at the Thunder’s record, along with their point differential, in games that pit them against above-average offensive contingents, you’ll arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to make quick and efficient decisions on impending moneylines and spreads once they’re released.

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What Are The Current Oklahoma City Thunder Standings


Reference the Oklahoma City Thunder’s place in the standings regularly to find optimum betting opportunities. Dissect matchups and compare stats with those in near proximity to best plan your forthcoming wagers.  [+]

Additionally, by staying on top of the Thunder’s record, you’ll be able to tell whether they’re worthy futures options. Whenever their record aligns with those of the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and other widely accepted contenders, that’s your cue to work their big-picture odds.



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Oklahoma City Thunder Online Betting Tips

In the aftermath of Kevin Durant’s exit, you shouldn’t be using the Oklahoma City Thunder as Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals betting options.

Their odds won’t be that appealing in those categories to begin with, because Russell Westbrook is viewed in such high esteem, and their chances of making it past squads like the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs are slim to none.

Thanks in large part to Westbrook, though, you are still able to view the Thunder as win-projection options. It’s weird because of how we know the sportsbooks view them in the championship conversation, but oddsmakers will tend to underrate their potential in the win column.

With their current core, they should be locks to rack up between 48 and 50 victories. Anything more than 52, then, run with the under; anything lower than 46, however, should compel you to chase the over.

As another frame of reference, don’t be fooled into using the Thunder as general under plays. Their defense is good, while the offense isn’t quite as potent or efficient without Durant. But they play too fast to really drag down the final scores of their games, and they’re risks to go off for a bunch of points on any given night, once again because of Westbrook.