It is not a good time to be a Phoenix Suns fan. The team continues to try toeing that line between rebuilding and competing, and they’re failing, miserably so, without a clear path toward favoring one direction in the near future. It helps the optics that the Suns employ Devin Booker, one of the brightest up-and-comers in the league. They also own all of their first-round picks, so their bad record will translate into top prospects. [+]

But they need to trade off many of their veterans—Tyson Chandler, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Jared Dudley, etc.—before they have a chance at building a legitimate contender.

Until they commit to a direction, they’ll remain near the bottom of the league’s standings, soldiering on without a clear identity—an obstacle us sportsbettors must figure out how to overcome.



Phoenix Suns Next Regular Season Game


Find all the necessary lines for the Phoenix Suns’ next regular-season tilt right here. Like always, compare these odds to those listed at your favorite, just to make sure they match up, before investing money in a particular wager. [+]

Be wary of changing game odds as well. Sportsbooks shift lines as the day goes on and they have the opportunity to account for confirmed injuries, rest days and, most notably, unexpected action on one particular play.


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Phoenix Suns Game Schedule


When betting on a team that doesn’t play well on either end of the floor, it’s imperative to glean information from their schedule. The Phoenix Suns fall into this category, and you’ll be able to help yourself a great deal by checking out some of their past games. [+]

For example, if the Suns are a couple weeks away from a date with the Golden State Warriors, you want to know how they play against Western Conference playoff squads who rank in the top 10 of both offensive and defensive efficiency. Look back at their records and point differentials against such teams to date, and you’ll have an idea how to bet on said Warriors matchup as soon as the odds go public.


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What Are The Current Phoenix Suns Standings


Keep track of the Suns placement in the standing by referencing the league tables below. They have a long way to climb before the rest of the league takes them seriously once again, so it’s a good idea to monitor their progress or back slides. This way, you’ll know what type of betting option to color them. [+]

As soon as the Suns begin to keep pace with the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs of the world, you’ll know to also view them as potential future bets. In the meantime, don’t bother with their championship and conference odds. They’re never going to yield a return on your investment.


StandingsPhoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns Betting Tips

There will be those who don’t want to lay money down on the Phoenix Suns until they’re good again, and that’s fine. But you can still cull value froom their play style.

The term “play style” should not be confused with “identity.” The Suns, again, are a below-average squad on both ends of the floor and should be treated as such. But they play so fast, and their defense is so bad, that it makes sense to work their over. All the possessions they generate and allow can and will translate to bloated final scores—a boon for the over/under bettor in you.

Be up to manipulating your approach whenever they square off against top defenses—such as the San Antonio Spurs’ fortress, for instance. And you should definitely consider betting against their spreads when they play contenders on the road. But, overall, leaning heavily on over bets should help you make some cash off the Suns until they become real single-game or big-picture moneymakers.