The Phoenix Suns are seemingly on the brink of greatness, but they’re missing the little extra to get them over the hump. Nonetheless, due to the team’s recent success, many bettors have become familiar with the team at top-rated NBA online bookmakers. If you haven’t already, then you need to also because Phoenix Suns betting is ripe with opportunities.

We’ve created this custom-made guide to cover all things Phoenix Suns bets. Latest odds, upcoming games, standings, and our own expert tips are all included in this handy guide. In fact, we’d say this is mandatory reading if you’re planning to make a habit of laying a Phoenix Suns bet — which you should because they are proven NBA title contenders right now.

Suns 2023 roster

Phoenix Suns Next Regular Season Game

Find the Phoenix Suns’ next regular-season tilt right here. We’ve also listed the game’s current odds, which can change in the lead-up to the matchup based on injuries or how much money is being wagered.

My Team's Next MatchPhoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns Game Schedule

The entire Suns’ schedule is earmarked below. We don’t encourage you to bet on all 82 games, but you can use the schedule to start circling possible opportunities. For instance, Phoenix might have a multiple-game homestand in the season. These could signal a chance for the team to get hot — and cash your bets in the process. That’s one hypothetical but more scenarios can be sorted out with the whole schedule.

Results / FixturesPhoenix Suns

What Are The Current Phoenix Suns Standings

The Suns certainly have title aspirations, but so do a number of other Western Conference foes. You can see how the entire conference stacks up against each other with the standings below. We keep this up to date at all times so you can always have your finger on Phoenix’s title chances.

StandingsPhoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns Online Betting Tips

What we will say about the Suns is its window of opportunity is closing — and quickly. That’s because Chris Paul is no spring chicken. He changed the course of the franchise upon arriving, but he’s approaching 40 years of age. Sure, he’s still elite, but diminishing skills should be expected, as with anyone fighting Father Time. 

So our advice to you BEFORE you bet on Phoenix Suns game is to look for any signs of fall-off — not only from Paul, but the team at large. Yes, the Suns have been successful as of late, but that’s no guarantee things will continue. We urge you to really pay attention to where the team is trending as of late, and not just rely on past results from a year ago. 

Chris Paul

Phoenix Suns Betting Odds

Until the “wheels fall off” on Paul’s playing caliber, we’d expect the Phoenix Suns betting odds to win championship to remain top-5 in the NBA. If you can wait until the end of the season, that’s a bet worth looking into because it has a high payoff.

However, if you’re less patient, then Phoenix Suns betting odds can be had in every game they play — whether its preseason, regular season, or the playoffs. You’ll have your choice at spreads, over/unders, and money lines on any of these matchups. Given the length of the NBA season, that’s plenty of betting opportunities to cash out. 

How To Bet On The Phoenix Suns

If you’ve closely read this entire page, then you have all that you need to bet on Phoenix Suns — no ifs, adds, or buts about it. All that’s left is for you to take action and actually put money down. Welp, you can easily do so at one of the online bookmakers listed underneath. NBA gambling doesn’t get much better than these bookmakers, as we’ve pointed out in our unbiased sportsbook review section. You can read those same reviews to compare-and-contrast sites, but believe us, your money is in good AND safe hands at any one of the bookmakers.