Before 2015-2016, the Portland Trail Blazers were counted out, especially with the departure of long-time offensive leader LaMarcus Aldridge. But with Damian Lilliard and CJ McCollum both averaging more than 20 points per game, the Blazers unexpectedly made the playoffs. This, in turn, created high expectations for the 2016-17 season, which the Blazers have thus far failed to meet. [+]

Unlike other teams who doubled down on a surprisingly effective core, the Blazers aren’t stuck. They have a ton of money on their payroll, but there isn’t an immovable contract in the bunch—not even Evan Turner’s four-year, $70 million albatross.

So you’ll need to keep a vigilant eye on this team moving forward. The types of plays you should be making on them at sportsbooks are very fluid, and they’ll likely change in appeal from year to year more than most other squads. 


Portland Trail Blazers Next Regular Season Game


Have a look at the Portland Trail Blazers next game to identify potential wagers. It’s the first step in formulating a sound sports betting strategy and you’ll be happy you took the time. [+]

Try to get yourself in the habit of double-checking these odds at your preferred oddsmaker. Game lines can be different from sportsbooks to sportsbook, and you want to make sure you are working the most accurate odds possible, even if the discrepancy is only slight. 


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Portland Trail Blazers Game Schedule


Check out the Portland Trail Blazers’ entire schedule right here—a tool that is infinitely useful when trying to plan bets in advance. Most oddsmakers won’t release game lines until the day of, but that’s what make this so great: You don’t need any official betting lines. [+]

Past scores are your goldmine. Simply see how the Blazers fared against certain types of opponents, then apply those results to upcoming matchups based off the kind of team they’re meeting.

Here’s an example scenario: The Blazers have a date with the Golden State Warriors in two weeks time, a team that routinely ranks in the top 10 of both offensive and defensive efficiency. Look back at the results of other games in which the Blazers faced squads that rank in the top 10 of both categories, take stock of the point differential in those contests, and then take that information and use it to make decisions on both the spread and moneyline for the Warriors game.

This is both simple and effective, so you’ll in no way regret taking the time to do it.


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What Are The Current Portland Trail Blazers Standings


Take a look below to see where the Portland Trail Blazers are in proximity to other teams. It will give you some valuable insight to forecasting future betting opportunities. [+]

Once the Blazers’ record looks comparable to those of the Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors and other known NBA contenders, you’ll be able to view them as big-time future plays. So long as they remain stuck in the middle of the Western Conference, though, you’ll want to keep your scope limited to win-projection and single-game bets.


StandingsPortland Trailblazers

Portland Trail Blazers Online Betting Tips

Ask yourself some important questions like whether the Portland Trail Blazers are playing at home or on the road before placing a bet.

They have a poor on the road and have trouble defending quality squads. It’s no surprise they play well-under .500 ball while away from Portland’s friendly confines.

As you’d probably guessed, the contrast is true when Portland plays on home court. They play confident basketball at home and are bound, on most cases, to come out with a favorable result. 

Until their defense gets its act together for more than 10 games at a time, you’ll also want to consider the Blazers consistent over plays.

Not only are they typically a high-scoring machine, but they usually profile as one of the league’s 10 fastest teams in terms of possessions used per 48 minutes.

And the more possessions a squad uses, the more points both they and their opponent are going to score, driving up the final score by default.

For the futures bettors out there, it’s best to stay away from the Blazers as anything more than win-total options—and even that’s tenuous territory.

They have two bona fide stars in Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, but both are considered one-way players. It’s hard to build a championship powerhouse around two highly paid studs—McCollum, like Lillard, will be making max money as of 2017-18—when neither is an accomplished defender.

Trades figure to play a huge role in the Blazers’ eventual reinvention. They need to field a more balanced product and no longer have the flexibility to spend in free agency.

Their roster will change a lot between 2017 and 2019, so it’s imperative to keep an eye on their development, monitoring whether they ever make that leap into NBA Finals and Western Conference Finals territory or are forced into a full-scale rebuild once again.