It’s the dawn of a new era for the Sacramento Kings. We just don’t know if this era will be better than the last one—a terrifying notion knowing that the last slice of Kings history wasn’t good to begin with. Bettors, as usual, must be beware. Things took a turn for the weird, and starkly different, when the Kings abruptly traded DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans. And not only did they move him, after saying they wouldn’t, but they dealt him for what amounts to Buddy Hield and filler. [+]

Loosely translated: The Kings are going to be terrible for a while. Shocking, we know.

You will need to plan your betting tendencies around them accordingly. They already weren’t good; they were borderline horrible. So, in a way, this should be an easy transition to make, since it won’t be much of an about-face at all. But the Kings will explore new levels of awful for a foreseeable future.

At minimum, then, Cousins’ departure takes away from whatever upset underdog appeal they might have previously had (or thought they had, but didn’t).

Sacramento Kings Next Regular Season Game


Do you know who the Sacramento Kinds play next? Well, you should if you have intentions of placing a wager on them. It’s crucial to know all the Kings movements to be a succesfful bettor. [+]

Check any lines you see here against those listed at your favorite sportsbook. Our odds are typically accurate to the decimal point, but lines can vary from website to website.

Sportsbooks also have the tendency to move odds after releasing them. Player injury updates, sudden rest days and an unanticipated amount of action toward one team or bet forces these pivots. The earlier you make your bet, the less you have to worry about this. But the sheer possibility of potential changes should be enough to get you in the habit of double checking and triple checking every line before placing a wager. 

My Team's Next MatchSacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings Game Schedule


This is where you can find the entire Sacramento Kings’ game schedule. It’s particularly useful when looking to plan ahead on some of your bets, even though you won’t have access to the official lines until the day of the contest. [+]

Past results are your best friend. They tell you how the Pistons play against certain teams and play styles. You can single out records and point differentials from specific situations that give you a marked edge when game lines are finally released.

For example’s sake, let’s say the Kings will be hosting the San Antonio Spurs in two weeks. Your preliminary betting prep should start with checking out Sacramento’s record against teams above .500, in addition to their point differential in those situations. If you see that they are 2-14 in such contests with an average point differential of minus-11.5, you know you should be rolling with the Spurs’ moneyline and spread (if it’s near -11.5).

It’s not a bad idea to get super specific in these cases, either. Instead of just looking at the Kings’ record against winning teams, try finding the same information for above-.500 squads with top-10 defenses. The more exact you can be, the more precise your projections will be. And the more precise those projections are, the better chance you have of being successful at the sportsbook.


Results / FixturesSacramento Kings

What Are The Current Sacramento Kings Standings


Bettors who want to play the midseason futures game will especially love this look at the Sacramento Kings’ place in the standings.  [+]

If you see that the Kings’ record effectively compares to those of known championship contenders, such as the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, you have the green light to investigate their conference and NBA Finals odds, or even straight out invest in them. 

On the flip side, for as long as the Kings remain in the league’s basement, well behind all the most relevant squads, you will want steer clear of any big-picture bets.


StandingsSacramento Kings

San Antonio Spurs Betting Tips

It’s going to take some time before you can start betting on the Sacramento Kings in even a semi-serious capacity. For the time being, just avoid them altogether.

Indeed, this is extreme, but it’s a necessary one. We don’t know enough about the Kings’ direction or their current core to determine what their identity is. They look like good overplays because their defense is crappy and the offense, on some nights, might be good. But there are too many pending free agents and developing youngsters to get a long-term hold on their performance. Any trends you spot will likely be fleeting. 

Now, in the event you catch a line where they are a small underdog, it’s a good idea to bet against them more fervently than you typically would. Conversely, if they are something like a +15, it’s not bad form to throw some money in their favor, just because spreads that big is so tough for the alphas to cover.

Everything else, from win projections to moneylines to championship futures, should be out of your mind. The Kings first need to lay a foundation of talent, both through free agency and the draft, before they can be anything more than the infrequent single-game mega dice roll.