Let’s not sugarcoat, the Kings have been a laughing-stock organization in the NBA for most of this century — the franchise has been all downhill since it’s loss in the 2002 Western Conference Finals to the Kobe-and-Shaq Lakers. But being consistently bad has actually made Sacramento Kings betting all the more easier. See, a measure of predictability is the perfect recipe for success and with Sacramento, you at least know what you’re getting, and that’s a lack of cohesion on the basketball floor.

Kings 2023 roster


All this is why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to bet on Sacramento Kings. By the end of reading this, you’ll be locked and loaded on all things Sacrament Kings bets — latest odds, upcoming games, and yes, our own expert tips on making money off this team. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get into it ALL below.


Sacramento Kings Next Regular Season Game

Your next opportunity to bet on the Kings is listed below. “Take it one game at a time” is a popular phrase, and it also applies to gambling. We update this widget regularly so it’ll always be current with the team’s next opponent. We’ve also featured the betting lines of the game so no need to run to a popular NBA online betting site quite yet.

NBA - League 2023-2024
Friday, Dec 08, 202309:00 PM
Sacramento Kings@Phoenix Suns
NBA - League 2023-2024
Monday, Dec 11, 202310:00 PM
Brooklyn Nets@Sacramento Kings
NBA - League 2023-2024
Tuesday, Dec 12, 202310:30 PM
Sacramento Kings@Los Angeles Clippers
Last update on Dec 10, 2023 06:45 PM

Sacramento Kings Game Schedule

This is where you can find the entire Sacramento Kings’ game schedule. It’s particularly useful when looking to plan ahead on some of your bets, even though you won’t have access to the official lines until the day of the contest.

Past results are your best friend. They tell you how the Kings play against certain teams and play styles. You can single out records and point differentials from specific situations that give you a marked edge when game lines are finally released.

Results / FixturesSacramento Kings

What Are The Current Sacramento Kings Standings

Playing in the loaded Western Conference hasn’t been kind to the Kings, but if anything is to change, it’ll be reflected in the standings below. This is also up-to-date at all times so you’ll be able to track Sacramento’s progress within the conference and its own division too. The standings will tell you if the Kings are fighting for a playoff spot or another NBA Draft lottery choice.

StandingsSacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings Online Betting Tips

Mike Brown Kings

We said it earlier and we’ll say it again: the Kings have been a joke for almost two decades now. However, you can’t COMPLETELY bank on that to remain the case. Things can change quickly in the NBA. At times, one lucky draft pick or one player acquisition can flip the fortune of a franchise at the drop of a dime. So here’s our biggest piece of advice when placing a bet on Sacramento Kings game: be ready to update your opinions.

Maybe the Kings string together a long winning streak, then perhaps it’s time to start giving ‘em credit. Or vice-versa, if the team is amid a cold streak, it would be fair to question if the coach has “lost” the players. Any of these scenarios can and likely will pop up over the course of a season. As a bettor, it’s on you to identify them early and use that to inform your next Sacramento Kings bet. Don’t just be on reputation alone is what we’re trying to get at.

Sacramento Kings Betting Odds

Betting odds for the most forthcoming Sacramento Kings game typically became available a day before it is to take place. Bookies wait it out that long in case an injury happens, which could tilt the betting line. But any given game will have the usual assortment of odds on the moneyline, over/under, spread, and props.

If you’re feeling extra risky, you could always throw money on Sacramento Kings betting odds to win championship or another futures like that. The payout could be huge, but let’s face it, the likelihood of actually hitting on that is slim to none given the state of the franchise.

How to bet on the Sacramento Kings

Your “best bet” for putting money down on the Kings is one of the betting sites listed below this paragraph. You’ll be hard-pressed to NOT find the Sacramento betting odds you’re looking for because these sites carry it ALL over the year. What’s great is the sign-up process is quick and easy at the listed bookmakers. Give it a few minutes and some clicks, and voila, you’ll be dropping money on the Kings in no time. If you want to get started now, just hit one of the “play now” buttons to get started! We’ve also featured up-to-date sportsbook reviews in case you’re wanting to learn more about respective bookies.