For most of the 21st century, the Spurs have been the model NBA franchise — multiple NBA titles, almost annual playoff appearances, and developing talent from within rather than acquiring it. Welp, times have changed. San Antonio has become afterthoughts in the league and if recent moves are any indication, it might be rebuild time down south.

Regardless, the Spurs’ recent reputation still makes them an attractive bet at many NBA betting sites. For those interested in San Antonio Spurs betting, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to give you the full low down on throwing money on or against this team. Keep reading for key insights to bet on San Antonio Spurs.

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San Antonio Spurs Next Regular Season Game

The San Antonio Spurs’ next game can be found right below. We update this as the season goes on so it’s always current with the most upcoming matchup. You’ll see betting lines for the game, as well, so start here if you’re ready to bet on San Antonio.

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San Antonio Spurs Game Schedule

The entire 82-game regular-season schedule of the Spurs is listed below. Unless you have a massive bankroll, it might be hard for you to bet on every single game. And that’s completely fine, but by having the schedule, you can start circling good opportunities on the horizon — perhaps when San Antonio is the middle of a multiple-game homestand, for instance.


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What Are The Current San Antonio Spurs Standings

Stay on top of the San Antonio Spurs’ place in the NBA standings right here. Though you shouldn’t use records alone to determine single-game wagers, this helps a great deal when evaluating opponents and how the Spurs stack up to ’em. Playing in the stacked Western Conference, there’s very few gimme games within the conference for San Antonio.

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San Antonio Spurs Online Betting Tips

Gregg Popovich

When the team traded its top player, Dejounte Murray, for three first-round picks in the 2022 offseason, it sent one clear message: the Spurs are rebuilding. Big time. That’s a completely new direction for a Gregg Popovich-coached team. And we’ll be honest, as a bettor, it’s tough to pinpoint how this will go — mostly because it’s unfamiliar territory.

In the short term, we’d say betting against San Antonio is probably the way to go. But long-term, who’s to say Popovich can’t shortcut the rebuild through great coaching? He has a stellar reputation for coaching up talents, after all.

So when it comes to San Antonio bets, it might be a smart idea to wait until the “dust settles” before forming a concrete betting strategy. We’ll need a larger sample size of games to really asses how the Spurs are faring in this new franchise direction.

San Antonio Spurs Betting Odds

Perhaps in-play is the way to bet on San Antonio games. For those unaware, in-play is betting on the game in real time — whether it’s midway through the first quarter or late in the fourth. Bookmakers will updated lines live as the game is ongoing. In-play might be ideal because of the unfamiliar territory aspect the Spurs are currently in.

One thing is also for fire: stay far, far away from San Antonio Spurs betting odds to win championship, or any other futures in the same realm. Near term, this franchise will be competing for NBA Draft lottery picks, not titles.

How To Bet On The San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs betting odds come in all forms, but rest assured, you’ll find them ALL at one of the bookmakers we’ve outlined below. Forget having to use multiple books to make a San Antonio bet. No, no, any one of these betting sites will have every line you need under one roof. Read our latest sportsbook reviews to learn about other complementary features offered by the bookies. That way, you can choose the site that matches your wants the most.