Trailing only the Warriors in the entire league standings, the San Antonio Spurs model of consistency under head coach Gregg Popovich is the envy of every team. Year after year with an aging lineup, they continue to rack up wins. And while you’d think would miss a beat with Tim Duncan retiring and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili inching deeper into the back end of their primes, they simply haven’t. That’s the luxury of employing one of the NBA’s most valuable present-day superstars in Kawhi Leonard, plus the seasoned stylings of LaMarcus Aldridge. [+]

Leonard is one of the top defenders in the league and can keep up with a player at any position, from Lebron James to Russell Westbrook. The Spurs have such a deep lineup and do not rely on one scorer to get the job down, which is why they’re so successful.  

San Antonio Spurs Next Regular Season Game


Any odds you need for the San Antonio Spurs’ next game can be found right here. They will be favored in most regular-season contests, because they’re that dominant, even when head coach Gregg Popovich rests a ton of players. [+]

As always, cross check these odds here with those listed on your favorite sportsbooks. Chances are they will match up with what we have here, but lines are constantly changing after they’re officially released, and then there are some oddsmakers who just flat-out provide different odds. 


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San Antonio Spurs Game Schedule


Look ahead to see San Antonio Spurs big matchups, or find out when they play teams they’re expected to beat. It’s the best way to ensure you’re making the smartest possible wagers. [+]

Sifting through their past games allows you to plan some wagers in advance without ever knowing the lines. If, for instance, they are facing the Golden State Warriors or another top-five Western Conference squad, it behooves you to check out their record and point differentials against fellow top-five units. Combine all these results, and then apply them to the spreads and moneyline for the upcoming tilt with Golden State.

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What Are The Current San Antonio Spurs Standings


Stay on top of the San Antonio Spurs’ place in the NBA standings right here. Though you shouldn’t use records alone to determine single-game wagers, this helps a great deal when trying to grade out potential futures options. [+]

Right now, you know the Spurs are one of the best teams in the league. And so long as their record ranks among the top five or seven in the Association, you can treat them like you would most other championship and conference finals options. 

As the Spurs continue to transition into their next era of basketball, though, it’s important to make sure they aren’t dipping outside that elite pool. If they are, you’ll notice, at which time you can direct your futures investments toward a more deserving team.


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San Antonio Spurs Betting Tips

The San Antonio Spurs are so reliable, it’s hard not to pick them in most matchups. Among the league leaders in field goal percentage and three-point percentage and combined with their stout defense, San Antonio is an inspiring team.

Coach Gregg Popovich Popovich does wonders instilling his system, and all new players buy in. Think he’d want to run for President?

There are only three areas in which things get iffy for the Spurs.

First, you’re probably better off avoiding over/under bets on most nights. They are an incredibly efficient offensive squad, but they play at a super low pace that’s paired with perhaps the best fortress in the league.

There’s a good chance they’ll meet most under-centric criteria, and yet that same efficient nature of their offense suggests they’re prone to detonations. It’s hard to predict which nights those will come, so bounce over/under wagers from your arsenal unless they’re playing truly terrible opponents.

You must also take rest days into consideration. Coach Pop doesn’t like to play many of his players on both ends of back-to-backs—a propensity that extends even to his younger guns.

Though the Spurs are strong spread options no matter who they have suiting up, you’ll want to adjust your approach to huge lines that favor them on nights when multiple key players are watching from the sidelines.

On the flip side, if the Spurs are viewed as heavy underdogs because, say, Kawhi Leonard and LaMarucs Aldridge aren’t playing, don’t be afraid to take a flyer in their favor. They are astoundingly deep, with enough talent in the chamber to remain within striking distance even when their best talent isn’t in the fold.

Finally, it’s better to get most of your Spurs investments out of the way during the regular season. While they aren’t necessarily an inferior playoff team, they aren’t built to beat more athletic sqauds over the course of a seven-game series.

Make no mistake, the Spurs are more than capable of upending the Houston Rockets or Los Angeles Clippers in best-of-seven sets, but they’re by no means sure things. They’re more valuable in one-off matchups that take place during the regular-season schedule.