The Final Four is the finale of the March Madness tournament. As the name implies, it’s a four-team field from the 68 that started. Each of these schools won their respective side of the bracket — East, Midwest, South, and West regions — and now stand two wins away from hoisting the national championship. With the spotlight so bright at this stage, NCAAB Final Four betting odds are hard to miss online.

Come this round, bettors are either trying to stretch every last dollar they have remaining (after 64 games to bet on before this) or increase their winnings before the tournament draws to a close. Whatever crowd you fall into, we’re here to assist. We’ve packed this guide with the best tips regarding NCAA basketball Final Four odds — the who, what, where of getting them.

The last team standing at the Final Four is the title winner. Therefore, the odds to win NCAA basketball Final Four are readily available and they’re listed below. These are current as of November 24, 2022:

NCAAM To Make Final Four BetUS
Purdue +340
Duke +375
Arizona +450
UConn +400
Marquette +400
Michigan State +550
Tennessee +600
Creighton +600
North Carolina +650
Alabama +650
Arkansas +650
Texas +700
UCLA +800
Villanova +800
Kentucky +400
Kansas +350
Houston +600
Gonzaga +650
USC +900
Baylor +900
Texas A&M +900
Miami Florida +1000
Florida Atlantic +1000
Maryland +1000
Kansas State +1200
Xavier +1200
TCU +1200
Illinois +1200
St. John's +1400
Saint Marys +1400
Oregon +1400
Indiana +1400
Virginia +1600
Florida +1600
Michigan +1600
Texas Tech +1800
Memphis +1800
West Virginia +2000

Some of you might be asking yourself, “what the heck do these numbers even mean?” Welp, these lines offer insight into how much money you stand to win if you correctly pick the Final Four victor.

Say you’re in Duke and have a $100 to stake. If you were to gamble that entire sum on BetUS, where Duke are +375 to win, then you’d net $375 in profit.

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Top Sportsbooks For Final Four Betting Odds

To get an idea of how grand the Final Four stage is, the games are contested inside a football-sized stadium — not a standard basketball arena. With that, the crowd size swells to upwards of 70,000 people per game.

Whether you have a ticket to the spectacle or at-home watching with millions of others, having a go-to online sportsbook to gamble on the games is a must. We have three bookmakers that should be atop your to-join list. Each of these next suggestions excels when it comes to Final Four betting and college basketball odds as a whole.

BetOnline’ March Madness’ Odds

What immediately stands out about BetOnline is its betting catalog. To call it deep would be an understatement. You name a sport or pro league and there’s probably betting lines available for it at this bookie.

College hoops is a prominent fixture at the site, especially during the NCAA Tournament. Every single March Madness contest — all 67 of them — have a host of odds available for gambling on BetOnline. Once in the Final Four round, the sportsbook really ups its prop selection, too (more on these later).

BetOnline’s betting selection is a key reason why it’s one of the most-used bookmakers in North America. Since its inception in 2004, the betting site has consistently grown its market share across the industry.

Bovada’ March Madness’ Lines

With one of the biggest communities in the world, Bovada continues to set the standards for many other sportsbooks in North America and beyond. With a wealth of experience working to provide some of the most competitive odds around.

Every year when college sport comes around Bovada frequently offers promotions and bonuses for the community. Bovada covers every single one of the 67 games that take place over the March Madness tournament.

Bovada’s reputation doesn’t just come from its betting services, but also from an elite level customer service department and an excellent mobile app service to support an excellent desktop site. Bovada continues to shine in the industry.

BetUS’ March Madness’ Odds

BetUS offers an eclectic range of betting lines in its sportsbook. There is much to be said about the quality of the service that supports it. The NCAA Basketball is one of the most popular betting markets throughout the sports calendar – especially when March Madness comes around.

BetUS provides an excellent welcome bonus, which is a 100% Sign-up Bonus up to a staggering $2500 on first-time deposits! A very good deal for newcomers, something that will certainly set players off on the right foot!

March Madness always offers an excellent range of betting lines, so be sure to check out the wealth of wagering options BetUS customers have at their disposal!

MyBookie’s March Madness’ Lines

MyBookie rivals BetOnline in its sportsbook menu. However, what really separates MyBookie from its competitors is its sign-up bonus. Dollar-for-dollar, it’s one of the best promotions across the industry.

Here’s how the deal works: sign up for an account at MyBookie, fund your account, and whatever you deposit will be matched 100 percent in free play by the betting site. 100 percent! Talk about bang for your buck.

Though, there is a cap to the bonus award. At most, MyBookie will dole out $1000 in free play. Then again, that’s no small chunk of change.

Regardless, MyBookie’s sign-up bonus is perfect for cashing in when the NCAA Tournament begins. With so much betting opportunities available, bettors can get a lot of mileage out of the bonus. That way, you still have leftover coin once the Final Four begins.

March Madness Odds at GTBets

Another good option for the Final Four wagering is GTBets. Like the aforementioned two bookies, GTBets wins with its selection and sign-up bonus.

But here’s what GTBets offers that others don’t — a full-fledged rewards program. Ah, yes, it’s dubbed “GameTimeRewards” at the site. A loyalty program like this is especially valuable to players that bet plenty and often.

That’s because every wager made on GTBets — no matter if it’s on a Final Four game or an entirely different sport — nets you reward points. These points can earn you incentives like sweepstake entries, merchandise, and above all, cashback. What you do with that cashback, whether withdraw as winnings or re-use in the sportsbook, is entirely up to the player as there are no strings attached.

For a complete list of sportsbook suggestions, take a peek at the table below. In addition, we’ve included betting site reviews and details on each’s sign-up bonus.

How To Bet The Final Four

If you’re looking for some action come Final Four time, you have options. Lots of options, in fact. Here’s what’s at your disposal:

Final Four Moneyline

This wager is as simple as picking which school will win the game straight up. Nothing more, nothing less — a 50-50 chance both ways.

Final Four Point Spread

Point spreads effectively add a "handicap" to both the favorite and underdog team. This means the favored team must win by the pre-set point total, whereas the underdog can "cover" with an outright win or lose by less than the point spread. Being as late in the tournament as it is, the point spread for Final Four NCAA basketball is typically close.

Final Four Over/Under

Point totals, more commonly referred to as "over/under", concerns itself with the score only. Not necessarily what side wins or by how much, but instead, on how many points were scored by both teams in total. Bookies pre-set a sum and bettors simply pick whether the point tally will be over or under that number. Over/unders are set to smaller numbers in the Final Four because typically, the defense is ramped up and scoring is at a premium.

Final Four Props

The later in the tournament it gets, the more props you'll see offered online. Essentially, these are "side bets" within a Final Four game. Prop examples can range from ordinary (e.g. which team will score the game's first basket) to the downright strange (will a player shoot a three from the half-court logo). Betting props is a great way to spice up Final Four gambling.

Final Four Futures

Ah, yes, futures are more long-term bets on distant outcomes. As an example, you'll see futures offered for who will win the NCAA tournament and which player will be named Most Outstanding Player. If you wait to bet on these futures right before the Final Four begins, odds will be a lot less lopsided than during the regular season or preseason since fewer possible outcomes remain.

Final Four History & Stats To Consider

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Earlier we mentioned that the Final Four bids are reserved for the respective region winners. Of course, if you're familiar with the NCAA Tournament, you know each region features 16 teams seeded in order (one is highest, 16 is the lowest).

By and large, bettors have a strong penchant for number-one seeds. In theory, they should run the table. However, does that assumption actually hold up? Well, yes and no.

The NCAA didn't start seeding tournament teams until 1979. Therefore, we now have forty-plus-years worth of history to see which seeds advance to the Final Four. Here's the latest tally:

  • #1 seeds — 66 total appearances (40 percent of the time)
  • #2 seeds — 34 appearances (21 percent)
  • #3 seeds — 19 appearances (12 percent)
  • #4 seeds — 14 appearances (9 percent)
  • #5 seeds — 8 appearances (5 percent)
  • #6 seeds — 6 appearances (4 percent)

As you can see, one-seeded schools do win their region more often than any other seed. However, at only 40-percent, that's still below a 50-50 winning shot by a significant margin. So perhaps think twice about automatically taking one-seed odds to not only advance to the Final Four, but to win the whole thing.

In the same token as one-seeded teams, bettors also seem to love the Final Four odds of "prestigious" programs that have a decorated history in college basketball. While there's some merit to it, not unlike the one-seed bias, there are more misses than makes with this ideology. Check the data on most Final Four appearances by program followed by wins:

  • Most Final Four appearances — North Carolina (20; only 6 turned into national title wins)
  • Second — UCLA (18; 11 championships)
  • Third — Kentucky (17; 8 titles)
  • Fourth — Duke (16; 5 championships)
  • Fifth — Kansas (15; 3 titles)

Moral of the story? Don't fall in love with favorites, whether that's by its seeding or prized past. Once you get into the NCAA Tournament, none of that matters. Letting hype drive your Final Four betting picks is a recipe for disaster.

Final Four Futures Dates & Sites

  • April 1, 2023: NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas
  • April 6, 2024: State Farm Stadium, Glendale
  • April 5, 2025: Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas
  • April 2, 2026: Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana

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