March Madness tops online betting boards every spring as basketball wagering hits a high feverish pitch. Even though regular season basketball games are exciting, they cannot match the rush that comes with NCAA Maarch Madness. From the First Four to the National Championship game, excitement abounds no matter the seeding match-ups. With the prospect of a No. 16 seed defeating a No. 1 seed on any given day, bettors will experience thrills throughout the entire tourney.

Basketball wagering volumes kick up substantially when March Madness roll around. It's because of this that you'll want to make quick decisions, as soon as lines are dropped. Waiting on injury or lineup information matters, particularly if there was a crucial development the day or the game before, but you also want to submit your wagers before sportsbooks move the lines based off an uneven amount of action on one specific team or bet.

Recommended Websites Taking March Madness Bets

When it comes to placing bets on the NCAA March Madness tournament, hoop bettors are advised to perform proper research prior to making their picks. Doing your homework is particularly key to uncovering the always present Cinderella teams. Check out our table of Top Five sportsbooks today to find a sportsbook for you. 

Like always, confirm whatever odds you see on the sportbook's site itself. Our information is typically accurate, but since information is updated so fluidly during the frenetic time of year, the chance for discrepancies exist. Again, it's unlikely, but before you roll with a one of these sportsbooks, be sure to chem them out yourself. In other words, think of this chart as more of a guide, rather than the final deciding factor in your March Madness betting journey.