NCAAB National Championship Betting Odds

After running the 68-team gauntlet that is March Madness, the two left-standing teams clash in the NCAA Tournament final. With everything at stake, fireworks are almost a given in this college basketball game — both for players and bettors, alike. This guide is geared for the later crowd looking to cash in on NCAAB National Championship odds. We have a complete crash course on betting on the national title game including best sportsbooks, how exactly to wager on it, and even, advice to win big. 

In the lead-up to the tournament final, here are the current college basketball odds to win the national championship. These odds are recent as of October 27, 2020:

NCAA Basketball Odds To Win National Championship bovada mybookie betonline


+800 +1000 +750


+800 +900 +700


+1100 +900 +900


+1100 +1000 +1200

Top Sportsbooks For NCAA Basketball National Championship Odds

In all of sports betting, the March Madness tournament is the second-biggest spectacle after the NFL Super Bowl. Everyone and their mother is seemingly wagering on the competition. The tournament finale itself is every bettor's last chance at raking in money from NCAA basketball national championship odds

We'll show you how to do so later on, but first, we need to show you where to do so. That'll be through an online sportsbook, of course.  But which one? After all, there are hundreds that offer college basketball national championship odds

We've cut through the noise and hand-picked the very best online bookmakers. These next three suggestions excel at NCAA betting odds year-round, but especially during the national title game:

NCAAB National Championship at 5Dimes

Few online bookies have the longevity AND reputation of 5Dimes. This betting site has been in business since 1996, which should tell you plenty about its quality. You don't survive in this always-evolving industry for 25 years or so without doing things the right way.

Believe us, 5Dimes does in-fact do it right, particularly when it comes to its betting prices. 5Dimes is especially known for its reduced juice line. The "juice" is the hidden fee bookmakers charge, usually 10 percent. It's why most basketball betting lines are -110. However, at 5Dimes, it's -105 due to the program.

This means you're getting more bang for your buck at 5Dimes. The 50-percent reduction in juice pays off the more you wager, which in the NCAA Tournament, is usually a lot. College basketball bettors can get a lot of long-term value from using 5Dimes.'s Lines for the College Basketball National Championship

If you prefer your betting value up-front rather than over the long haul, bettors should have their sights set on That's because this sportsbook offers a killer sign-up bonus for first-time players. 

Here's how the deal at works: create an account, then fund said account with money, and the site will match your deposit by 50 percent in free play. The bonus is capped at $1000 in free play, but hey, that's still a boatload.

The above promo applies to cash-based deposits. However, if the initial funding is done via cryptocurrency, the match suddenly shoots up to 100 percent ($1000 award remains the max, though). It pays to play with crypto, we suppose. 

Either way, a free $1000 can go a long way when NCAA national championship gambling. The possibilities are almost endless — throw it all on one bet, spread it out into multiple wagers (our recommendation), or parlay it. The choice is up to you, but regardless, there's a lot of value to earn from bonus. 

NCAAB National Championship betting odds

BetDSI's Odds for NCAAB's Final

The college basketball catalog runs deep at BetDSI. From preseason to the NCAA national championship game, there is a bevy of odds at bettor's disposal. 

Moreover, BetDSI offers one of the industry's top rewards programs. Every wager made on BetDSI, no matter if it's college title game or another sport, earns players "BetPoints." The amount of BetPoints a bettor earns over 12-month period slots them in one of three rewards levels (Gold, Diamond, or Platinum). 

At each reward tier, there are different perks. Obviously, the more you rank up, the better the benefits. But best of all, BetPoints can be traded in for cashback. So in theory, BetDSI pays you to bet at its platform, and what's not to like about that?  

For additional sportsbook recommendations, plus detailed site reviews and bonus information, take a glance at the table below. It may even be worth your time to "price check" NCAA basketball odds national championship and ensure you're getting the most betting value.  

    How To Bet On NCAA Basketball Championship Odds

    There's no one way to gamble on NCAA Basketball championship odds. Matter of fact, there are several. Here are all the ways to get some action come championship time:  

    Results / FixturesNCAAB

    Futures NCAA Championship Bet

    Let's start with the most common way to bet on the title game — a futures bet. Remember those championship odds we listed at the get-go? Welp, those are futures odds. 

    Almost every bookmaker offer Vegas odds to win NCAA basketball national championship. Moreover, dozens — if not hundreds — of schools will have a betting line listed for it. That's because, conceivably, anyone can enter the bracket, run the table, and cut down the nets. 

    But picking the exact champion, out of 350-plus D1 programs or 68 tournaments teams, is a longshot. And the future odds reflect that. Heck, the favorite for the 2021 title game is currently sitting at +800 odds. But alas, the possibility for such a hefty payout is what draws bettors to futures wagering in the first place. 

    As soon as the national title game ends, odds for next year's champion go live online. And they remain bettable year-round. Of course, they fluctuate throughout the year — shifting with every recruit signing, win, loss, injury, and everything in between. 

    If betting on futures, don't be afraid to spread your money around on a number of teams. This acts as a safeguard. Plus, if you do predict the eventual champion, the lofty payout makes up for the other losing tickets.  

    NCAAB National Championship

    NCAA Championship Game Bets

    We don't blame you if you prefer to bet on the NCAA basketball championship until the bracket is down to two teams. If that's the case, you have a multitude of options: 

    • Moneyline: this is a bet on which team will win the game outright. Expect these odds to be razor-close since, in theory, the top two teams in the country survived the bracket to end up in the final. If someone says, "what is the line on the NCAA basketball national championship" it's either a reference to the moneyline or the spread.  
    • Spread: Typically, bookies will designate one team as the favorite and the other as an underdog. To "even the playing field" per se, they'll put a handicap on each team expressed in points. This means the favorite must win by that point figure at minimum, while the underdog has to keep it within that score, if not, win straight up. The point spread is always equal both ways (e.g -3.5 and +3.5 points). 
    • Over/under: Forget who wins and by how much points, over/unders are wagers on how many total points both teams will combine for. A point total will be pre-set by bookmakers and bettors must simply pick over or under that figure. 
    • Props: Props are side bets on different events within a game. You'll find an array of these in the NCAA championship matchup. Examples of props include which player will cut down the final piece of the net or which team will shoot more three-pointers by end's game. 

    NCAA Championship Betting Advice

    No two NCAA championship games are alike. Teams and players change. The sport evolves. We could go on and on. 

    That's what makes doling out betting tips so hard. You really have to evaluate each matchup on an individual level. However, when doing so, pay close attention to the following:

    Know The Strengths & Weakness Of Each Team

    This one's a biggie — you must identify both competing team's strong suits and shortcomings, respectively. Both will become clear by looking at the game tape and advanced stats. This late in the season, neither will lie to you. 

    After this, compare and contrast those strengths and weaknesses against one another and ask yourself, "what will be the game's biggest mismatch?" For example, is one team heavily undersized compared to the other? That could point at a huge disparity in rebounding, especially if the other team has proven they can excel in that department.  

    Find The Game-Changing Player

    With only ten players on the court at a single time, star players can have a pronounced effect on a basketball game. This is even more so in college hoops, where the parity in talent is wider.

    When evaluating a national title game, it's imperative to scope out any potential game-changing players. NBA-bound talent fits the bill here, but more than anything else, the player needs to have a history of stepping up during crunch time. As the famous saying goes, "big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games." And welp, there's no bigger stage than the NCAA final. 

    That does it for us, folks. If you paid close attention, you should now be primed to not only gamble on NCAA Championship final odds, but win at doing so.