Next Celebrity Franchise Owners? Take This Bet

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Next Celebrity Franchise Owners? Take This Bet

Sports franchise ownership in the United States remains an elite company of billionaires. Not many celebrities have been allowed in yet (nor can most afford it). But that might be changing. There’s actually a bet on which celebrity buys a team next and it’s worth taking a stab at. Allow us to help you with expert betting advice!

Celebrities Want To Own Teams Now

The only real “celebrity” that has owned an American sports franchise in the “big four” leagues — the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL (the MLS does not count yet) — had been Michael Jordan. We put celebrity in quotation marks because, obviously, Jordan was quite the basketballer and cultural figure during his Bulls playing days. However, Jordan just sold off the Charlotte Hornets for a billion dollars, leaving sports teams without a majority owner who's a celebrity.

However, many famous athletes have made their intentions of sports ownership clear. LeBron James has been the most vocal, and technically he’s already an owner. James has a stake in Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Red Sox, Penguins, and even Arsenal overseas. Other basketballers like Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo similarly have stakes in MLS teams.

MLS seems to attract these celebrities in droves — partially because it’s more affordable. Most club teams are under $1 billion in worth at the moment. David Beckham, of course, is the owner and face of Inter Miami, which just landed Leo Messi. Defending champions LAFC have an ownership group that includes Magic Johnson, Will Ferrell, Tony Robbins, Mia Hamm, and Nomar Garciaparra.

The interest is there, but who will actually do it? Welp, entertainment-based betting sites actually offer a futures bet on this. The wager is for the four major sports only, and as it stands, here are the betting frontrunners:

Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenny+600+600+600
Tom Brady+700+700+700
Any Kardashian+800+800+800
Tom Cruise+900+900+900
Elon Musk+1000+1000+1000
Ben Affleck+1200+1200+1200
Jeff Bezos+1400+1400+1400

Best Bets To Be Next Celebrity Sports Owner

With a wager like this, you should probably be betting multiple ways on the next sports owner. You just have to. We mean, we have hunches but no one really knows what’s going to happen — such as what teams will even become available or how much these athletes are truly worth (the Google net worth numbers aren’t real, folks). We have two bets in mind and here they are:

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

This ownership duo are betting favorites, and for good reason. There are really two main reasons why they’re deserving of your money here, which we’ll get into.

For one, McElhenney and Reynolds are already sports team owners, unlike everyone on this list. The two bought up a random, low-level soccer team in Wales, Wrexham AFC, and already turned them into champions. Along the way, the two put on a marketing masterclass — a Hulu documentary series, TikTok jersey sponsorship, and all sorts of other mainstream buzz. Not bad for a team in freakin’ Wales.

Reason two is Reynolds has made no secret about his interest in acquiring an NHL team. He went after the Ottawa Senators of the NHL, though was denied for reasons not completely made public. The interest is there nonetheless, and honestly, mayabe the dollars are too.

You see, many of these celebrities are mega-millionaires, but not billionaires. To get a major American sports team, you’ll need to be close to that billy mark — unless you’re part of a group. The issue is many of these billionaires have egos and rather be sole (or majority) owners rather than share. Reynolds might be getting close to billionaire status after selling two different companies recently — Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin. These factors make putting money on Reynolds and sports partner McElhenney worth it.

Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenny to own a major American sports team next

Jeff Bezos

Getting Bezos’ at this price, +1400, screams value to us. He too has said he wants to join the team owner club. Bezos went after the Commanders and probably would’ve got the team had then-owner Dan Snyder not absolutely despised him (the Bezos-owned Washington Post routinely smeared Snyder in media coverage). We also know Bezos has the pockets for it as he’s estimated to be the second-richest person alive.

But here’s the wildcard reason to throw money on Bezos here: the man is having a midlife crisis. How else do you explain the spaceship hobby, new girlfriend (with a fake rack), jacked physique (likely with the help of steroids)? It’s obvious Bezos is in having-fun mode after building Amazon and buying a sports team would fit that fun category. Take his betting line here!

Jeff Bezos to own a major American sports team next

How To Bet On Entertainment Outcomes?

Most bettors are flabbergasted to find out betting on entertainment is actually a thing. Right now, there’s a range of bets such as who will win what awards (the Oscars or Grammys), box-office results, and even WWE outcomes (even if it’s scripted). Don’t believe us? Then hit one of the underneath bookmakers to see all the types of bets available.

Not only do these sites offer a gamut of entertainment odds, but they’re also giving out free play by the hundreds to thousands of dollars. That money comes in the form of big-money promotional bonuses. The table below lists our favorite offers available. Pick one and this celebrity sports owner bet could be on the house!

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