Bet This Person To Win 2023 Time Person Of The Year

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Bet This Person To Win 2023 Time Person Of The Year

One of the most prestigious awards in American history might be Time’s Person of the Year. It’s so prestigious that many entertainment-based betting sites are offering odds on who will be named the 2023 winner at year’s end. After looking at the list, we think it’s a worthy bet to make right now. You’ll want to keep reading to get our expert pick on the 2023 Person of the Year will be!

When Is Time’s Person Of The Year Named?

If you’re going to make this bet, then you’ll have to wait until December to get paid out. Early December is typically when Time Magazine announces its Person of the Year, as it did in 2022 when Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and "the spirit of Ukraine" shared the award.

Times has been handing out this award since 1927 when Charles Lindbergh won the first-ever honor. His solo transatlantic flight from New York City to Paris earned him the win. Sure, Times’ influence has waned since then (as has the entire magazine industry), but its historical significance still gives the Person of the Year award a certain mystique that’s unrivaled in the media.

Just to be clear, Time gives the award to the most influential person of the year — whether that’s for good or ill. Typically, the award is for a positive contribution, but not always. Controversial winners in the past include Adolf Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin (1938 and 1942), and Stalin’s Communist successor Nikita Khrushchev (1979).

As you’d probably expect, Times does have a liberal slant. However, they have awarded conservative voices in recent memory too. Donald Trump took the 2016 honor, for example. Speaking of Trump, he’s one of the betting favorites for 2023. Here are the top betting contenders as of early March:

Elon Musk+150+150+150
Joe Biden+350+350+350
Volodymyr Zelensky+475+475+475
Iran Protesters+850+850+850
Janet Yellen+1000+1000+1000
Merrick Garland+1200+1200+1200
XI Jinping+1400+1400+1400
Luiz Ignacio Lula de Silva+1800+1800+1800
Donald Trump+2200+2200+2200

Betting Pick To Win 2023 Person of the Year

The betting odds across the board are plus-money, giving us enough cushion to make two picks to win 2023 Person of the Year. One will be a “safer” betting choice, while the other will be more of a darkhorse. Here’s who we got winning:

Safe Betting Pick

Elon Musk is the odds-on favorite to win Person of the Year. We should mention Musk took the 2021 honor during a time period when he became the richest person alive (according to Forbes). Multiple-time winners are not common, but it has been done. Most recently, Barrack Obama was a two-time recipient. We think it’s worth betting Musk to join him on that shortlist.

Look, there’s no disputing Musk’s personal image has taken a hit since 2021. His acquisition of Twitter in late 2022 and subsequent moves — releasing Twitter Files on previous leadership censorship, banning journalists, etc. — have made him public enemy number one of the mainstream news. But there lies his influence that’s almost unrivaled on the global stage.

Musk is not only overseeing Twitter, which drives public conversation, but he’s still running Tesla and SpaceX too. Can any other person lay claim to having so many fingerprints on culture, information, politics, and technology? We doubt it, which is why we’re backing him with a bet. And knowing Elon, he likely has more surprises up his sleeve for the rest of 2023 that’ll have the world on notice.

Elon Musk to be named Times' 2023 Person of the Year

Darkhorse Betting Pick

The title “Person of the Year” is slightly misleading. While a single person is typically named the winner, that’s not always the case. Earlier, we mentioned the “spirit of Ukraine” was named a 2022 recipient. Other groups of people that’ve won in the past include American women (1975), you (2006), and #MeToo silence breakers (2017), among many others.

That’s why we’re inclined to bet Iranian protesters as our semi-longshot. For those unaware, demonstrations have broken out in Iran over the past few months. The issue? Women’s rights. One detractor was killed for refusing to wear a hijab, which sparked the uproar that’s been brewing for decades over the systematic oppression of women in the Arab country.

Since protests began, more than 529 people have been killed in demonstrations and some 19,700 others arrested. We expect those numbers to rise, as well as attention on this story. Arab nations’ treatment of women and minorities came under fire during the World Cup in Qatar, which puts the Iran issue under a bigger spotlight. It’s a solid bet to make given the current odds.

Iran Protesters to be named Times' 2023 Person of the Year

How To Bet 2023 Person of the Year

You’re not going to find betting for 2023’s Person of the Year just anywhere. No, no, this market is only available at offshore betting sites like the ones featured below. Start here if you want to place your futures bets. All sites listed are rated high in our newest sportsbook review section too so you can wager with peace of mind at any one of 'em.

Not only will you find bets on this award, but many others too such as Academy Awards or even the Nobel Peace Prize. To see all the different types of bets available, click one of the “play now” buttons in the table.

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