Bet This Wrestler To Be First To Pin Roman Reigns

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Bet This Wrestler To Be First To Pin Roman Reigns

In less than two weeks, Roman Reigns will hit 1,000 days as WWE Universal champion — extending one of the longest reigns in modern-day history. If and when he gets pinned will be a historic moment, for wrestling lore AND the bettors that pick it right. Ya see, there’s a lot of money to be made betting on who pins Roman Reigns next. We think we know who that wrestler is and we’re giving it to you if you keep reading on!

First things first, let’s take a hard look at the current betting odds. Entertainment-based betting sites have given the following wrestlers the best odds at pinning Reigns next:

Cody Rhodes+165+165+165
Seth Rollins+300+300+300
Bobby Lashley+500+500+500
Jey Uso+500+500+500
Bron Breakker+1000+1000+1000
The Rock+1200+1200+1200

Technically speaking, this bet pays out to who gets a pinfall victory over Reigns next, not necessarily who takes the belt off of him. Still, WWE isn’t going to squander this with a non-title loss of their most guarded wrestler. No way, you don’t come this far (1,000 days and then some) to end it in a non-epic way like that.

Romain Reigns Historic Title Reign Explained

As you saw by the betting lines, it’s a wide-open affair this bet. That’s largely due to just how historic this Reigns title reign has been. It’s unprecedented in many ways. Only four wrestlers have held the main WWE (or the WWF) title longer than Reigns has. Four! That includes all company championships, not just the current iteration too. So we’re talking 60 years of history because the first-ever champion was Buddy Rogers in 1963.

The wrestlers ahead of Reigns include Pedro Morales (1,027 days), Hulk Hogan (1,474 days), Bob Backlund (2,135 days), and the all-time leader Bruno Sammartino (2,803). Reigns will no doubt surpass Morales and catching Hogan is plausible. But here’s the thing all four of those names did so before the 1990s. So what’s unprecedented is Reigns has stayed atop in an era where the wrestlers are on TV every week, and there’s a higher chance of fan complacency.

To WWE and Reigns' credit, there’s been no such complacency after almost three years. If anything, Reigns is barely hitting his stride as champion after two epic defenses back-to-back against Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes. Whoever does end this streak will be a “made man” for ending an all-time run. Below we’ll offer our thoughts on will get that career bump with a Reigns win.

Romain Reigns Next Pinfall Loss Betting Pick

You almost HAVE to make multiple bets on who pins Reigns next. For one, the odds are begging for it since everyone is plus-money. That gives you a cushion to “spread the wealth” per se. But two, you just never know in this company. WWE has swerved fans multiple times already this run (most thought Rhodes had him beat at WrestleMania) so you can’t be too sure about any one wrestler. We have two names top of mind to bet on:

Jey Uso

Reigns started his historic title run with a feud with his cousin, Jey. And there’s reason to believe these two might come full circle. Bread crumbs are been left that the Usos could soon be kicked out of The Bloodline after failing to beats Kevin Owens and Sammy Zayn on two different occasions now.

Jimmy Uso is also part of the equation, but let’s face it, Jey has more solo potential of the two (based on his charisma mainly). During the entire rift with Zayn, Jey’s allegiance was the one being questioned in the storyline. For a moment, it felt like Jey was leaving the group but then came back. But still, those are the breadcrumbs we’re talking about in this plot. This Jey babyface turn has been building and building so when it happens, it’ll be huge.

And there’s something to be said about great teams. More times than not, they crumble from within — not from the outside. With Reigns haven beaten most of the WWE’s other stars — the aforementioned Rhodes, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, hell, even Logan Paul — the only way we see the Bloodline falling is from the inner nucleus. That’s Jey Uso more than Solo Sikoa (too green) or Jimmy (not charismatic enough). That’s why we’re so bullish on this bet at Jey's long +500 odds.

Jey Uso to pin Roman Reigns next


If a non-Bloodline member is going to topple Reigns, then it almost has to be someone he’s never feuded with before. There are not many that fit in that category, sans Gunther. He’s approaching his first year as intercontinental champion — and would need about 100 more days after that to eclipse Honky Tonk Man’s all-time mark. It’s obvious WWE has its sights on making him a star, and what better way than pinning Reigns 1-2-3?

We could see a future Universal champion vs. Intercontinental champion match — a la WrestleMania 6 with Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. That’s the night Hogan “passed the torch” to Warrior, and it’s not unthinkable to see that play out here. Gunther is a perfect alternate bet to take here in case Jey falls short.

Gunther to pin Roman Reigns next

How To Bet On WWE?

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