What Oscars Will “Barbenheimer” Win In 2024?

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What Oscars Will “Barbenheimer” Win In 2024?

Barbenheimer — the mashup of Barbie and Oppenheimer — hit pop culture unlike any other movie released in recent times. We’d expect a similar hit during the Oscar season in 2024. In this article, we’ll give out our 2024 Oscar predictions specifically on the “Barbenheimer” phenomenon.

Why Barbenheimer Have A Real Shot At The 2024 Oscars?

A movie about a doll and a Christopher Nolan flick typically isn’t Oscar fare, but this year is unlike any before it. You see, the movie industry is at a real inflection point for more reasons than one. First of all, the theater model is hanging by a thread. Streaming and the pandemic have hurt the movie business' former No. 1 profit creator — and that hasn’t been good for anyone. Movies and actors are all making less money on streaming, which leads to the second issue plaguing the industry.

Both screenwriters and actors remain on strike. A core issue is the lack of transparency and back payments from streamers. The strike has been going on since July and there appears no end in sight. If it continues, more movies might get delayed since actors can’t promote during the strike. If so, that means less competition at the Oscars.

Amid these industry-changing problems, Barbenheimer was the perfect storm. First, it was the last major movies to feature full-scale promotions before the strike. Two, it became a “cultural moment.” The online memes, the heated reactions (both positive and negative), all of it led to both critical and commercial success. Barbie became Warner Bros highest-grossing global release EVER — a real accomplishment for a 100-year-old studio. Then Oppenheimer became the second-highest-grossing Rated R movie in history.

There’s no way the Oscars can overlook that out-of-world success. No chance, not when the movie industry is between a rock and a hard place. Barbenheimer proved the theater experience still has a place — when done right. With that said, here’s how to bet this Academy Award future both flicks have in store.

Barbie Oscars Predictions

The best betting sites for entertainment have a simple bet — how many Oscars will Barbie end up with? You just have to pick the total number, not individual wins (which is more of a crapshoot). The betting options are as follows:

Total AwardsMyBookieBetUSBovada

The way we look at it, Barbie has a real shot at four awards. Two go without saying, and that’s costume design and production design. These awards don’t get the attention, but they exist and Barbie’s world-building puts them as real threats.

Then there’s Best Original Song. C’mon, are you not giving the award to Ryan Gosling for his rendition of “I’m Just Ken”? Seriously, how can you not? That song might outdo others from the soundtrack featuring real-life superstar artists like Sam Smith, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo.

Lastly, Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach could steal the best screenplay honors. Comedies don’t usually contend in this category, but Barbie is everything “woke” Hollywood loves — feminism, criticism of the patriarchy, and more. Oh, and did we mention Greta and Noah (it’s a girl by the way) are a real-life couple? The LGBTQ angle only strengthens their hopes.

Conservatively, we’re betting two Oscars wins is super do-able for Barbie. Three might be a solid play for bettors with a little more appetite for risk. Anything under two wins and we’d be shocked.

Barbie to win two Oscars

Oppenheimer Oscars Predictions

Alright, Oppenheimer is a tad more up Hollywood’s alley when it comes to awards. It is, after all, a three-hour biopic that’s partly black-and-white with a who’s-who ensemble cast. That’s why Oppenheimer’s Oscar betting odds on the number of wins are a bit more scattered:

Total AwardsMyBookieBetUSBovada

Oppenheimer is expected to be nominated for all the top categories — Best Picture, Best Direction (Nolan), Best Actor (Collins Murphy), Supporting Actor (BOTH Robert Downey Jr. and Matt Damon), and we could go on. A sweep is highly unlikely, but one win minimum here seems incredibly likely. Murphy for Best Actor is our best bet.

Beyond the big awards, we expect Oppenheimer to clean up on the technical category side. Think Best Sound (for the Trinity Test sequence), Beat Visual Effects (it didn’t use CGI once!), Best Original Score, and several others.

We’re betting big on a massive performance out of Oppenheimer during awards season. For that reason, our betting choice is four or more. Only the forthcoming movie Killers of the Flower Moon has a shot at stopping it from a tsunami wave on the red carpet.

Oppenheimer to win four plus Oscars

How To Bet On 2024 Oscar Results?

The Oscars are not scheduled until March 10, 2024. However, 2024 Oscars betting is fully available online right now. The sites listed underneath in the table have betting lines up. Per our unbiased sportsbook reviews, these five sites are true industry leaders.

We only covered two futures bets on the Oscars, but there are way more bets available. You can wager on single-category winners such as Best Actor (again, our money is on Murphy there) or Best Director. For all types of bets on the Oscars, visit one of the sites now.

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