MotoGP Top Bets - Catalunya GP - Quartararo, Bagnaia Tops?

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MotoGP Top Bets - Catalunya GP - Quartararo, Bagnaia Tops?

Hello MotoGP fans, this week we look at the Catalunya GP from Barcelona this week. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the Sunday race.

Moto GP Best Bets Catalunya Grand Prix - Quartararo, Bagnaia Tops?

The MotoGP Grand Prix season heads off to Barcelona, Spain this week for the Catalunya Grand Prix from Barcelona. Let's get into MotoGP betting mode once more.

Though this year's schedule has twisted and turned all over the place, we're quite interested in MotoGP Catalunya Grand Prix and whether Fabio Quartararo can continue to build his lead. But before we do anything else, let us first have a peek at the latest 2022 MotoGP Matchup odds for some of the top riders heading into this weekend's race.

In the meantime, also check out our NBA Finals betting options. To sum it up: Betting futures is just like betting on money lines. In this case, let us try and get back to the MotoGP race at hand.

Another rule of thumb when betting on MotoGP races? Watch to see how qualifying goes. Finally, do not forget to check out the weather every so often. Weather can be changeable in Europe and especially the Barcelona area this weekend.

And last but not least, do take some time to browse through our in-depth reviews of the best online sportsbooks. They will get you ready along with your best MotoGP betting sites in 2022.

MotoGP - Getting Back To Traditional Betting

There is a reason why we head back to the well. Sometimes, betting the race has proven to be more challenging lately than positional matchup betting. Now, MotoGP Top Bets gets back to traditional betting this weekend to looking at racers and their numbers to win. For example, it is simply about who can win this week. Position does not matter. The top spot is king.

Also, there will be a few more candidates to look at to wager against the co-favorites. This week's race co-favorites are Fabio Quartararo and Francesco Bagnaia (both at +150). It does not hurt that the circuit heads to Catalunya and a track near and dear to several racer's hearts. This figures to be a contentious race with several contenders battling for the top spot. Look at the Italian GP where Bagnaia edged Quartararo by a fraction of a second.

MotoGP Top Bets - Fabio Quartararo One Co-Favorite

Alas, this is probably one of the bigger risks taken, but Fabio Quartararo at +150 is enticing enough to bet a small wager as "The Co-Favorite". Why? He has been close over the last several races. Since coming back to Europe, from the United States, Quaratararo won Portugal, has two other podiums, and a fourth-place result.

Also, consider that Quartararo has hit the podium five times in eight races this year. He only has one win but he keeps putting his bike in position to win. There is truthfully one racer, maybe two, that could thwart his hopes for a second win in 2022. However, plus-money is still a bit odd going into June like this. Usually, this is April and May money. Our pick is to risk it with Fabio Quartararo in the MotoGP Top Bets.

Fabio Quartararo To win at Catalunya

Francesco Bagnaia In MotoGP Top Bets The Other Co-Favorite

This will be the intriguing part of the weekend. MotoGP Top Bets focuses on Francesco Bagnaia placing at least on the podium at a minimum. With Marc Marquez out due to surgery, racers like Bagnaia do not have to look over their shoulder. Now, Bagnaia can focus on trying to make up for lost time. He had bike issues in the early going and some struggles with speed and conditions.

Whether it rains or not this weekend, Bagnaia expects to finish near the top barring bike issues. After all, the Italian and World Champion contender has climbed up to fourth in the points standings. This is on the strength of two wins in his last three races. He bested Quartararo in Italy by a whisker and we do mean a whisker. Bagnaia was able to hold off the field when it counted. Can the Italian do it once more this week to draw closer yet?

Francesco Bagnaia To win at Catalunya

Is Enea Bastiani The Truest Of Wildcards For This Race?

Enea Bastiani has rode his bike to glory a circuit leading three times this year in eight races. That has placed him within eight points of Quartararo for the MotoGP points lead. The problem is DNF's with Bastiani. He has two including in Italy of all places. That cannot happen at this level. Bastiani has top-racing world-level talent. However, losing points like last time out could bode poorly as the season goes on.

Now, what could happen this week at Catalunya? If anyone is going to come back and win the race this weekend, it may just be Bastiani. He is honestly an all or nothing biker. Besides those three wins, the Italian again has no other top-five results. At the very least, the 2020 MotoGP2 winner makes racing a little bit more fun and spices things up. Quartararo and Bagnaia have to watch out. He is our medium shot MotoGP Top Bet for this race.

Francesco Bagnaia To win at Catalunya

Johann Zarco Is Our Long Shot

Johann Zarco is our long shot pick at +1800 to win at Catalunya. So, Zarco has four podiums in his last six races finished. Yes, the French biker has two DNF's but he has been close. Zarco needs to get results and he is getting faster each week.

Our Sunday Top Bet

For Online Sports Betting, our MotoGP Top Bets pics for the Sunday race at Catalunya is Francesco Bagnaia at +150. Good luck, everyone!

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