MotoGP Top Bets Pick Quartararo For Netherlands?

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MotoGP Top Bets Pick Quartararo For Netherlands?

Hello MotoGP fans, this week we peek at the Netherlands GP from TT Assen this week. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting's MotoGP Top Bets for the Sunday race.

Moto GP Top Bets Netherlands - Some Dutch Numbers

The MotoGP Grand Prix season heads off to the Assen for the Netherlands Grand Prix. Let's plunge into MotoGP betting mode in this "get-away" race.

This year's big twist may have been the return to Europe. We are quite fascinated with race number 11 of the series and whether Fabio Quartararo can keep expanding on his point lead (34 points). First things first, let us look at the latest 2022 MotoGP odds for some of the top riders heading into this weekend's race.

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Another rule of thumb when betting on MotoGP races? Watch to see how qualifying goes. Finally, do not forget to check out the weather every so often. Weather can be changeable in Europe and especially in the Netherland this weekend. Early forecasts are calling for rain on Raceday.

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MotoGP Top Bets - What Happened In Germany?

There is a reason why racing has so many unforeseen occurrences. Who are we kidding? Sometimes, everything goes haywire. Despite qualifying going well, the race features lots of headaches, crashes, and mechanicals. Now, MotoGP Top Bets tries to figure out what occurred in Germany. Could that have any impact at all when it comes to the race in the Netherlands this Sunday? On the surface, it might.

So, Fabio Quartararo managed to win again last week by nearly five seconds over Johann Zarco. By the end of the race, the Yamaha rider was on cruise control as he had time to celebrate with the crowd. After all, it was his second straight win and third since the circuit returned to Europe. The Ducati bikes showed some unexpected promise two weeks ago as Jorge Martin and Johann Zarco finished on the podium again. Zarco was one of our long shots and Quartararo won as expected for a second straight week. However, Bastiani struggled to a tenth place result and Bagnaia DNF'd once more.

Germany was a huge victory for Quartararo, the Frenchman had the need for speed, and no one kept up during the final laps. The Yamaha engine easily pulled away from the Ducati bikes.

MotoGP Top Bets - Take Fabio Quartararo Sunday

If it is not broke, why try to fix it? Fabio Quartararo at +150 is still plus-money enough to bet a fractional wager as "The Favorite". Why? Quartararo looks great in Europe with his third win in the last six races. Add in the second and a fourth-place finish to the mix and the points leader is on quite a run. His Yamaha qualified well in Germany. The pit makes all the right moves with his Yamaha and even the prospect for rain is not too scary here.

Quartararo gained 0.5-1 seconds per lap and had the quick speed loops. Two weeks ago at Catalunya, the Frenchman left no doubt who was at the top of the heap. Last week, he carried the fastest lap again and the Ducati bikes lagged behind. Third-place Jack Miller was more than eight seconds back by the way.

His second consecutive triumph gives Quartararo seven podiums in his last ten races overall. After the dominating win last week, it was a bit of a surprise to see him at plus-money still this week. Usually, this is May type of wagering. Our first choice is to stick with Fabio Quartararo in the MotoGP Top Bets.

Fabio Quartararo To win the Netherlands GP

The Italians Look For A Big Result In The Netherlands

This will be a tell-tale part of the weekend. MotoGP Picks focuses on Francesco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini placing at least somewhere in the top five. Germany and Catalunya were almost disasters for both bikers. Bagnaia had two DNF's in a row while Bastianini finished tenth last week after a DNF.

Weather could be an issue, which might level the playing field a little. Bagnaia's positioning caused him partially to DNF two weeks ago. More than anything, the Italians have to be a bit more careful when taking risks. Both racers find themselves a good ways down the standings. Bastianini, despite three wins, is down 72 points in fourth overall while Bagnaia is out 91 points in sixth now.

Bastianini probably has the better shot this week at the Dutch. He carries his bike a bit faster and the rainy conditions may suit him. He is a longer shot as well.

Enea Bastianini To win the Netherlands GP

What About the Ducati Bikes for this Race?

One of the more pleasant surprises was the performance of the Ducati bikes in Catalunya and Germany. That second was by Johann Zarco and was his fourth time on the podium this season. Jack Martin finished third and that was his third podium.

Now, what about the Netherlands? If anyone is going to match the speed of Quartararo, it may just be these Ducati bikes. Race number 11 features this duo as a better choice over the Italians. Martin and Zarco are medium MotoGP Picks for this race. Zarco is more consistent for our wagering purposes. The Frenchman has improved every race. Is this the time he finishes in first?

Johann Zarco To win the Netherlands GP

Our Sunday Top Bets

For Online Sports Betting, our MotoGP Top Bets for the Sunday race in the Netherlands is Fabio Quartararo and Joan Mir. Good luck, all!

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