Three Best Bets To Take On European Union's Future

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By , Updated on: Apr 9, 2024 08:00 PM
Three Best Bets To Take On European Union's Future

The 27-member European Union has had a grip on the continent since the 1950s. But like anything else, it feels like change could be on the horizon. These changes are actually betable at top betting sites for politics. If you stick with us reading, we’ll give you three free bets to make regarding the European Union’s future!

When Will Ukraine Join The EU Bet

The war-torn country of Ukraine will likely join the Union at some point. The country’s brass put in an application shortly after Russia’s invasion in 2022. However, when that officially goes through is a wide — and we mean wide — open betting affair. Just take a look at the range of betting options:

2030 or later+425+425+425

Ukraine’s Prime Minister is on record saying they want the process to be sped up and become members within two years. But that could be wishful thinking if we’re judging by history. You see, the last country to be admitted was Croatia in 2013 — and that was a 10-year process in itself. Ukraine’s neighboring country, Poland, also needed 20 years to get in. Countries like Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Montenegro, and North Macedonia have been waiting for a number of years to join too. Heck, France’s polarizing President Emmanuel Macron publicly said Ukraine might have to wait decades to join.

Under normal conditions, we’d bet against Ukraine joining the EU in five years or less timeframe of applying. However, these aren’t normal circumstances with the ongoing war. The optics — which is seemingly what most politicians care about these days — would not be kind to countries creating friction for Ukraine. Our money says an expedited process happens and the country is admitted in 2024.

2024 to be year Ukraine joins European Union

Any Country To Leave EU Before 2025 Bet

Here’s a simple yes-or-not bet on whether any current European Union country decides to leave the group in 2023 and 2024. Here are the current odds in each direction:


The United Kingdom made history in 2016 when it decided to exit the Union, or “Brexit” as it was dubbed. That’s because, before the UK, no nation had ever left the EU dating back to its start as the European Steel and Coal Community in 1950. That’s likely why the “no” is such a strong betting favorite — this is mostly unprecedented.

We hate to be caption obvious, but the bet to make her is indeed no. Two years is an awfully short time to make such a far-reaching decision. Throw in the threat of a global recession stemming from the pandemic, and it seems even less likely to happen.

No country to leave European Union before 2025

Next Country To Leave EU Bet

Alright, we didn’t say no country would join the UK in its EU exit, we just said it won’t happen before 2025. There’s an entirely separate bet on who will be the next EU “defector” regardless of when. There’s a slew of betting choices here, but the following countries are favored the most right now:

Czech Republic+1000+1000+1000

Italy is squarely the betting favorite to depart next. These odds have shortened since Giorgia Meloni won the prime minister position in late 2022. The right-winger in the past sympathized with the UK’s “Brexit” and called out Brussels for trying to humiliate the British people for their choice.

Not far behind Italy are Greece and aforementioned Poland. Rumors of Greece’s “Grexit” have been swirling for a decade now, with zero coming out of it. That’s why we’re not buying Greece in this bet. Poland has also come under a new right-wing government. In the past, it’s feuded with the EU over LGBTQ+ rights, which has opened a rift.

To us, Italy makes a whole lot of betting sense right now. We mean, the country hasn’t been this far right since World War 2 and we all know how that turned out. No, we’re not calling for another war, but an EU goodbye is within reason for the Italians.

Italy next country to leave the European Union

How To Bet On European Politics?

There’s a host of Europe-based political bets you can make right now. The majority don’t even have to do with the EU. Most bets available center on individual countries' elections for the presidency or prime minister. Any one of the bookmakers listed in the table below will offer all those types of bets on their platform so we’d start here if you want to get in on it.

If you need some extra spending money to attack these political bets, then check out the promotional bonuses these sites have going on. Via these bonuses, you could cash out hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play! That money can be had by just creating an account and depositing money into it. The underneath table also lists promo deals available right now so look into these BEFORE you bet on the EU’s future — if you want to gamble for free, that is.

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