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Labour set to win an overall majority in UK General Election

Labour set to win an overall majority in UK General Election

Article posted on Thursday 23 May - 13:10 EDT

The next UK General Election is taking place on July 4th. The announcement came from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak outside his Downing Street residence on Wednesday. So with the bookmakers […]

Is heavily favored Sadiq Khan a safe bet to win the 2024 London Mayoral Election? 

Article posted on Thursday 11 April - 13:01 EDT

2024 London Mayoral Election Betting Picks
The 2024 London Mayoral Elections are taking place on May 2nd, 2024. Current Mayor Sadiq Khan is a heavy favorite. But Khan is perceived to be deeply unpopular with plenty, […]

Electoral College Predictions That Will Pay Out 

Article posted on Friday 08 March - 05:17 EST

US Electoral Betting
We’re eight months away from the U.S. Presidential election. One of the best ways to get action on it isn’t even picking who wins between Donald Trump or Joe Biden. […]

Will Donald Trump Be Charged? Here’s How To Bet The Cases 

Article posted on Wednesday 28 February - 15:16 EST

Best Bets Trump Charges
Everyone knows Donald Trump is being charged and possibly imprisoned. But did you know you can make money betting on Trump's legal drama? You can and we’re going to tell […]

Vote This World Leader To Get Booted Out Next 

Article posted on Thursday 08 February - 07:11 EST

World Leader betting
Which world leader will leave office next? It’s a question that not only matters to citizens of certain countries, but to bettors too. You see, there’s actually money to be […]

How To Bet A Possible Mark Cuban Presidential Run 

Article posted on Sunday 28 January - 17:06 EST

Cuban Politics Betting
Mark Cuban could soon be stepping away from the basketball arena to the political arena. The famous NBA owner has left a paper trail to the White House — and […]

How Much Popular Vote Will Donald Trump Win In 2024? 

Article posted on Friday 05 January - 06:21 EST

Trump 2024 Bets
Donald Trump, the cult of personality, is almost a lay-up to win the Republican nominee for President. So much that top-used betting sites for politics have odds out on how […]

How To Make Money Off 2024 Iowa Caucus 

Article posted on Saturday 09 December - 15:10 EST

Iowa Betting Picks
The 2024 U.S. Election officially begins in Iowa with the first Republican vote of the season. Here’s an in-depth look at the upcoming 2024 Iowa Caucus, including our best pick […]

How To Make Money On Robert Kennedy Jr. Presidential Run 

Article posted on Monday 04 December - 06:54 EST

Kennedy Jr Betting
It feels like a foregone conclusion that Joe Biden and Donald Trump will meet in the 2024 U.S. Presidential election — however, Robert Kennedy Jr. will also be in the […]

Predicting The Net Worth Of 2024 U.S. Election Winner 

Article posted on Friday 17 November - 04:36 EST

Trump Net Worth Betting
Forget betting about who wins the 2024 U.S. election — whether it’s Donald Trump, Joe Biden, a Republican, or Democrat. No, there’s a more fun and lucrative way to bet […]



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