Vote This World Leader To Get Booted Out Next

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Vote This World Leader To Get Booted Out Next

Which world leader will leave office next? It’s a question that not only matters to citizens of certain countries, but to bettors too. You see, there’s actually money to be made off this situation in betting markets. Keep on reading and we’ll tell you how.

World Leader Betting Odds

With how heated politics has gotten this past decade, sportsbooks have rushed to offer betting on politics like they do sports. Here’s one bet that’s especially intriguing — odds on the next world leader to leave their post. This is available at many top political betting sites right now. Have a look-see at who the favorites are to leave next:

World LeaderBovadaBetUSMyBookie
Benjamin Netanyahu+120+120+120
Rishi Sunak+250+250+250
Justin Trudeau+600+600+600
Joe Biden+700+700+700
Volodymyr Zelenskyy+1000+1000+1000
Vladamir Putin+1200+1200+1200

All right, this is a complicated bet with a lot of moving parts. Therefore, it’s worth taking a look at each leading candidate and examining their situation. Through a process of elimination, we’ll make our betting pick on who’s done next.

Benjamin Netanyahu (also known as Bibi)

The odds-on favorite to depart next is Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. You can probably guess why huh? Of course, Israel has been embattled in a bitter war with the neighboring Gaza region “owned” by Palestine. We don’t need to remind you it’s gotten ugly — for both sides. Critics of Israel’s conduct are quick to say they are committing a “genocide” or “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinian people. Not our words, just the narrative that’s floating around with political opponents of Israel.

This conflict began with a sneak attack by Hamas terrorists in Israel on October 7. Bibi was largely blamed for security failures which led to the surprise attack that resulted in over 1,000 Israeli deaths. Netanyahu’s reputation will likely always be smeared by allowing it to happen — no matter what happens from here on out.

No Israel election is legally required until October 26, 2026 so Netanyahu has some breathing room here. However, Bibi could be ousted earlier. One path to an early exit, and the most likely one, is a civil protest. While opposition to Palestine is popular in Israel, Netanyahu is still facing potential civil unrest in this tense time. How Netanyahu ends the war and what is done to solve the Palestine problem are what he’ll be judged on. If Israelis don’t like the outcomes, it might be bye-bye for Bibi way before the 2026 election.

Rishi Sunak

The next three names on the betting list — Sunak, Trudeau, and Biden are soon entering elections. Biden and the United States are slotted for November 2024, Trudeau and Canada is before October 2025, and the United Kingdom’s Sunak before January 2025. Time-wise, Trudeau has the most cushion so we’re automatically eliminating him from our picks.

Sunak, though, could be next. Technically, he’ll decide when exactly. In January of this year, Sunak said a second half of 2024 election is most likely. He’s expected to run for re-election, but his prospects don’t look good — not if polls are to be trusted at least. Get this, Sunak was the poll leader in only four seats. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is the most popular leader in 390 seats in England, Wales, and Scotland.

That’s a staggering difference, and one that makes Sunak more likely to depart than the aforementioned Bibi. It all just depends on when the general election is. Will it be before or after the American election in early November? Speaking of which, that leads us to our next betting candidate.

Joe Biden

Biden finds himself behind in the polls too. There are many we could point to, but here’s one startling one: Donald Trump has a five-point lead over Biden in an NBC News poll. That’s the largest gap they’ve had in 16 different polls between the two candidates. Mind you, NBC is a left-leaning organization and even they paint a dire picture for Biden.

Biden’s cognitive decline is obvious to most Americans, and with him turning 82 the month of the 2024 election, it can’t get any better. We’re bearish on Biden’s chances of winning re-election, however, he’s not our pick in this world leader bet. The United Kingdom will likely go to the polls before the United States so Sunak is actually getting our money. Bank on his defeat before anyone else on this world leader list!

Rishi Sunak to be next world leader to leave office

How To Bet On World Politics?

Betting on world politics isn’t just limited to the above bet. No, no, no, it’s only the tip of the iceberg actually. If you want a full list of every type of bet, hit one of the bookmakers below. At this very moment, you can bet on upcoming elections in countries like Finland, Ireland, and yes, the United States, among many others.

The best part? You could bet on these elections for free if you leverage a sportsbook promo bonus. Take a look at the table below for a list of the very best offers available at this moment. Pick one and voila, free betting money to spend as you wish!

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