Will Donald Trump Be Charged? Here’s How To Bet The Cases

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By , Updated on: Feb 27, 2024 07:00 PM
Will Donald Trump Be Charged? Here’s How To Bet The Cases

Everyone knows Donald Trump is being charged and possibly imprisoned. But did you know you can make money betting on Trump's legal drama? You can and we’re going to tell you EXACTLY how to do so if you stick around for this free betting advice.

Donald Trump Will Be 2024 Republican Nominee

Trump is now up to 91 charges. 91! However, that’s done almost nothing to hurt him in the Republican primaries. Recent results have all but guaranteed Trump will represent the red party in the 2024 U.S. election. The latest result includes a 41-percent win in Michigan over the only remaining Republican candidate, Nikki Haley.

But could these pending charges do more damage to Trump in a general election? It appears that’s what Democrats are banking on, who will most likely keep Joe Biden on the ticket. Hell, the blue party has even suggested jail time for the charges could stop Trump dead in his tracks for a presidential election rematch. Is it? We have some thoughts on it all, plus money-making betting advice too!

Donald Trump Charges Explained

There is not one criminal case against Trump. Not even two or three. There are actually four separate cases against Trump — in different states and for different charges. We’ll explain each Trump charge, as well as our betting picks as it pertains to those cases.

Stormy Daniels Case

Here’s a case where Trump is facing 34 charges. If you remember, Stormy Daniels is the porn star that Trump had sexual relations with. That’s not the issue though, it’s the hush money payment made to her to silence her from talking about it. Hush money, to the tune of $130,000 in this case, is not illegal. But how that payment was made possibly is.

The accusation is Trump, more specifically, his lawyers, used campaign funds to pay off Daniels. That lawyer then falsified business records by saying the payment was for legal fees. This all amounts to fraud charges under campaign finance laws.

This trial begins in March, the first of all the cases. As you’ll see in the below odds, the best political betting sites overwhelmingly think Trump will be convinced in most of the charges:

Guilty CountsBovadaBetUSMyBookie
Under 5 counts+150+150+150
Between 5-24 counts+300+300+300
25+ counts-110-110-110

Click here for more Donald Trump betting odds.

We would have to agree with the oddsmakers on this one as this is a pretty open-and-shut case. Trump’s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, has already been found guilty and even served jail time for this incident. Most legal experts believe Trump won’t be jailed for this though, but will get hit with probation of some sort.

25+ counts Trump will be charged in Stormy Daniels case

Georgia Election

During the 2020 presidential election, Biden defeated Trump by the slimmest of votes in Georgia — a mere 11,779 votes separated the two. Turning Georgia, a red state in recent decades, was instrumental in Biden’s 2020 victory. Of course, Trump tried to overturn these Georgia results and swing the whole general election his way, which led to this case.

"Find 11,780 votes" is the Trump quote that leaked out in what was supposed to be a private telephone conversation about overturning Georgia. State prosecutor Fani Willis has 13 criminal counts for racketeering against Trump. Here again, the odds are high Trump will be found guilt for most of ‘em:

Guilty CountsBovadaBetUSMyBookie
0-2 counts+300+300+300
3-10 counts+225+225+225
11-13 counts-165-165-165

There is no trial set in this case, and if anything, Willis has become the political story. Her sexual relationship with someone hired to work the case has become another distraction, for which Trump is famous for.

Anyway, we’re betting on the middle option, 3-10 convictions. It’s one thing to get caught on the telephone saying to overturn the election, but another thing to prove Trump and his co-defendants actually did everything they’re being accused of. There’s a lot of hearsay in this case so going with the middle choice makes sense.

3-10 counts Trump will be charged in Georgia case

Classified Documents

When Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was raided, the FBI allegedly found classified documents that belonged in the White House. Based on this, Trunp got a bunch more counts for wilful retention of national defense information, which is an Espionage Act policy. As you can see here, the betting odds are more spread out:

Guilty CountsBovadaBetUSMyBookie
Under 10 counts+110+110+110
Between 10-33 counts+400+400+400
34+ counts+110+110+110

We have to remember Biden just faced a similar case. He was let go scotch-free, not necessarily because of a lack of evidence, but because he was deemed “too old” to be charged. Yes, seriously!

The establishment might hate Trump (they do), but it’s too hypocritical to charge Trump and not Biden. If anything, doing so would just make Trump seem stronger since his age wasn’t a detriment to the case like Biden. We’re firmly betting on the under 10 counts option here.

Under 10 counts Trump will be charged in classified docs case

How To Bet On Politics?

This is a banner year for betting on politics thanks to the looming 2024 US election. The only place you can lock in wagers for it is at offshore betting sites (regulated bookies aren’t allowed to offer lines). See the table below for our list of recommendations to bet on the election and other US political affairs like the Trump trials.

If you’re not sure where to park your money, reference the table closely. We have unbiased sportsbook reviews right there, plus details on the best promotional bonuses. Those bonuses could equal free bets so don’t overlook them!

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