2022 English Premier League Picks: Is Manchester United Overrated?

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2022 English Premier League Picks: Is Manchester United Overrated?

The online soccer betting community is currently in its utmost glory. Why you ask? Because betting odds for the Premier League are reaching their regular season crescendo. 

Every team now has more than 20 matches under their belt, which means it's high past time we start accepting what we've seen this year as matters of fact, even if they lead to buying into uncomfortable truths. And one of these awkward realizations headlines our latest round of 2022 English Premier League picks: Is Manchester United officially overrated?

Prior to answering this question, among many others, let's have a look at the latest English Premier League betting odds for all the matches taking place on Saturday, February 19, and Sunday, February 20:

Match DateFavoriteBetOnlineBetOnlineUnderdog
2/19/22West Ham-140+430Newcastle
2/19/22Astona Villa-165+475Watford
2/19/22Chelsea-155+475Crystal Palace
2/19/22Liverpool-900+2500Norwich City
2/19/22Machester City-375+1100Tottenham
2/20/22Manchester United-110+310Leeds

Please note that these betting odds on the English Premier League are accurate entering Wednesday, February 16. If you're making your 2022 English Premier League picks anytime thereafter, you should double-check all English Premier League betting lines for accuracy.

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Could Manchester United be a Paper Tiger?

Manchester United has turned in a relatively disappointing season to date. Though they entered as one of the English Premier League's most popular championship bets, they've since churned out an uninspiring 12 victories in 25 matches, to go along with seven draws and six losses. Their goal differential of plus-eight, meanwhile, is that of a mediocre team while their defense has verged on disastrous.

Most won't give Leeds a second thought in this matchup. They don't have the same brand cachet. But their defense has shown more signs of life in recent outings—so much so that FiveThirtyEight's projection system gives them roughly a 33 percent chance of winning this head-to-head.

That admittedly isn't enough of a shot for us to tilt toward Leeds for the victory. But the fact that Manchester United isn't a foregone conclusion kind of says it all. While they should take this one, it would be foolish to view them as a genuine English Premier League contender.

OSB Prediction: Manchester United (-110)

Manchester United To beat Leeds

Liverpool Keeps Rolling Against Norwich City

What happens when you pit Liverpool's English Premier League-best offense against Norwich City's English Premier League-worst defense? Nothing good...for Norwich City.

The latter is allowing more than two goals per contest on the season, all while also sporting the English Premier League's rock-bottom offense, with a total of 14 scores themselves.

We could try to outline a roadmap to victory for Norwich City, but it's not worth our time. They don't have a top-20 player to which to speak, and they've consistently been lifeless through most of their schedule.

OSB Prediction: Liverpool (-900)

Liverpool To beat Norwich City

Manchester City is Undervalued Favorite vs. Tottenham

Consider this -375 on Manchester City a gift. They enter their match vs. Tottenham with a 61 goals scored against 14 allowed, the latter of which is the stingiest mark in the league.

Not surprisingly, no other team has a larger goal differential, at plus-47. Good luck to anyone trying to steal more than a draw against an offense that fields both Joao Cancelo and Bernardo Silva, not to mention Ruben Dias. 

Our recommendation is to jump on these odds before they become something more wild, like -600 or worse.

OSB Prediction: Manchester City (-375)

Manchester City To beat Tottenham

Can Everton Upset Southampton?

The state of this matchup between Southampton and Everton is weird. Neither team enters with an especially encouraging offense, and it shows in the odds. Both Southampton and Everton are paying out better than even money.

Yet, the discrepancy in how they're viewed is lopsided. Southampton struggles more to move the ball around the center of the field and doesn't have many players who can effectively play-make from the weak side of the pitch. They should not be a +110 to a +255 for Everton, who despite scoring fewer goals on the season has a more dynamic striking attack.

Bigger-time upsets are rare this time of year. But we're going with one here.

OSB Prediction: Everton (+255)

Everton To beat Southampton

Chelsea Offers Great Opportunity Against Crystal Palace

Chelsea would be better than a 1.5-to-1 favorite over Crystal Palace if they could get more consistent pressure on goal from their offense. They have struggled this season to limit penalties and move the ball close enough to net in search of higher-quality opportunities.

Still, their defense has been out of this world. They swarm dribblers with enviable acceleration, and their plus-30 goal differential on the season is owed in large part to goalkeeper Edouard Osoque Mendy, who authors shutouts between the posts like they're nothing.

OSB Prediction: Chelsea (-155)

Chelsea To beat Crystal Palace

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