MLS Futures 2024: Avoid Inter Miami, Trust in Seattle

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MLS Futures 2024: Avoid Inter Miami, Trust in Seattle

As the MLS season kicks off this spring, 29 teams are vying for the prestigious MLS Cup. The campaign stretches into the early weeks of December, with domestic and continental competitions interspersed throughout the summer months. Inter Miami has assembled an impressive array of top-tier global talent, but can they sustain their form throughout the demanding MLS season? Stay tuned for expert MLS futures predictions for 2024 and a comprehensive preview of both the Eastern and Western Conference for the upcoming season.

  • Major League Soccer
  • 2024 season
  • Trophies: Supporters’ Shield, MLS Cup, Eastern Conference, Western Conference
  • 29 teams across the United States and Canada
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MLS Futures Betting Odds

Inter Miami emerges as substantial favorites to clinch the MLS Cup at the end of the year, with odds set at (+225). However, these odds pose a significant challenge, considering the lengthy bracket-style postseason tournament they must navigate to emerge victorious. Following closely, Columbus appears poised to potentially repeat their 2023 MLS Cup triumph. On the other hand, clubs like Chicago, Toronto, New England, Colorado, and San Jose face daunting odds and seem unlikely to contend for the trophy this year.

MLS CupXbetBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Inter Miami+250+225+240+250
NY Red Bulls+1275+1200+1200+1275
LA Galaxy+1650+1200+1200+1650
Seattle Sounders+1700+2000+1800+1700
Atlanta United+2700+2200+3300+2700
Houston Dynamo+2800+3300+2800+2800
St. Louis+2800+2500+2800+2800
Sporting KC+2900+4000+4000+2900
Orlando City+3000+3300+2500+3000
DC United+4000+4000+5000+4000
Real Salt Lake+4100+5000+5000+4100
New York City+4700+6500+2800+4700
FC Dallas+6200+6500+6600+6200
New England+8500+10000+6600+8500
San Jose+11000+12500+10000+11000

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Outlook for Inter Miami's Season

Despite being nine months away from the MLS Cup final, bettors are enthusiastic about Inter Miami's prospects of clinching their inaugural MLS Cup. This excitement stems from their recent signings of global superstars Lionel Messi, along with his companions Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, and Luis Suarez. These players collectively represent some of the greatest talents to ever grace the MLS, all converging at once.

However, there are several reasons to exercise caution regarding the club's long-term success. Firstly, it's essential to recognize that the MLS season differs significantly from those in other major leagues. It spans almost the entire calendar year and peaks during the hot summer months. With competitions like the CONCACAF Champions League, the Leagues Cup, and the regular season, navigating Major League Soccer demands enduring a grueling, physically demanding battle for months on end.

Reasons to Delay Betting on Inter Miami

Can Messi and his teammates not only endure the challenges ahead but also emerge victorious? I highly doubt it. This squad is aging and appears lacking in motivation. By the time the playoffs roll around, Messi and Suarez will be 37, Busquets 36, and Alba 35. Winning an MLS trophy wouldn't significantly enhance Messi's legacy.

It seems that most of the new Inter Miami recruits came seeking a more relaxed environment where they could play fewer games and bask in the South Florida sunshine while still earning handsome salaries. Messi and Busquets struggled with injuries last season and didn't feature frequently, even with their abbreviated schedule. Messi's aversion to playing on turf further complicates matters, as many MLS stadiums have such surfaces. Suarez, meanwhile, contends with chronic knee issues, necessitating careful management of his playing time.

Inter Miami also had to make concessions to accommodate these new signings while adhering to MLS salary regulations. Trading Kamal Miller to Portland further weakens their already suspect defensive line, and reliable midfielder Gregore was sent back to Brazil. I anticipate Inter Miami will face an uphill battle to secure a playoff spot, and even if they do, their physical condition after a grueling season is a cause for concern.

Betting on Inter Miami to win the MLS Cup at this juncture might be one of the worst wagers in sports. If you're inclined to bet on them, it's advisable to wait until later in the regular season when you'll have more information and likely receive more favorable odds.

MLS Futures: Atlanta United Formidable in Playoff Format?

Although not among the top contenders to win the MLS Cup, Atlanta United still ranks within the top 8. The team displayed resilience in a hard-fought battle against the eventual champions, the Columbus Crew, narrowly missing out in the deciding match of their best-of-3 series. Supported by their fervent home crowd, Atlanta boasts one of the most lively atmospheres in the MLS, especially within their domed Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Atlanta United stands out among MLS clubs for its well-rounded combination of goalkeeping, striking prowess, and coaching. The partnership of Thiago Almada and Giorgios Giakomakis is hailed as the league's premier creative and finishing duo.

Although the coaching situation under Gonzalo Pineda remains somewhat uncertain, the team's strong finish in the previous season suggests promise. If they can replicate that form with their bolstered squad, a deep playoff run is within reach. Betting on Atlanta United to clinch the postseason cup could prove worthwhile, as they are better than (+3300). I’d sprinkle a bit on that number.

Atlanta United To Win MLS Cup

Seattle Sounders: Straightforward Road to the Final

Recommendations for the Seattle Sounders to reach the final are straightforward. This season, the MLS heavily favors the Eastern Conference, leaving only a handful of elite Western clubs in contention. Despite a rocky start, , I believe this is an overreaction, particularly considering Portland's fortunate results granting them the top spot in the Western Conference have increased the odds.

The Seattle Sounders emerge as the most well-rounded team in the Western Conference, boasting a solid roster even after Nicolas Lodeiro's departure.

With the guidance of top-tier coach Brian Schmetzer, the Sounders undoubtedly lead the pack as the best team in the West. I'm confident in backing them to reach the final with a significant wager for a future. In my assessment, the Western Conference battle will likely boil down to Seattle and LAFC, providing us with a substantial advantage over the market.

Seattle Sounders To Reach Final

Cincinnati to Repeat Eastern Conference Title?

FC Cincinnati is poised to be the favorite to win the Eastern Conference title this season. Following their triumph in securing the Supporters' Shield last year, they are primed to replicate their success. With a perfect blend of depth, star power, and exceptional coaching, Cincy stands out as a formidable contender.

Despite the disappointment of Brandon Vazquez's departure and his replacement with Corey Baird, the team has entrusted Aaron Boupendza with a significant goal-scoring role, and he appears ready to excel. Additionally, the addition of Miles Robinson to bolster the defensive line alongside Matt Miazga further solidifies the team's strength.

Considering the inflated odds for Inter Miami, there's notable value in betting on the defending Eastern Conference champions. It's prudent to wager just a quarter unit on them to clinch the East, given the formidable competition within the conference.

FC Cincinnati To Win Eastern Conference

Odds are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change.

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