Latest MLS Betting Odds and Predictions

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Latest MLS Betting Odds and Predictions

Was there ever any doubt MLS would close out the month of July and begin August with a bang? Ten soccer matches are on the upcoming weekend's slate, and all of them have varying levels of implications on the standings. Our latest MLS betting odds and predictions aim to help you navigate this minefield of possibilities.

Before we get to our MLS picks, let's first take a look at the freshest MLS betting lines, courtesy of BetOnline:

July 31Seattle Sounders-150+435San Jose Earthquakes
July 31New York RB+125+210New England
July 31FC Cincinnati+140+185DC United
July 31Inter Miami+115+225Montreal
July 31Houston Dynamo+105+250Real Salt Lake
July 31Sporting Kansas City-190+525Dallas
July 31Austin FC+125+235Colorado Rapids
July 31Minnesota United-110+295Vancouver Whitecaps
August 1Philadelphia Union-130+360Chicago Fire
August 1Toronto+140+200Nashville SC

While there isn't much time between now and the opening whistle, you'll still want to double-check these MLS odds prior to deciding on any wagers. BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks will adjust moneylines right up until the last minute.

MLS Betting Breakdown

Saturday's dance card is the fullest, with eight matches on tap. We'll begin with those and then move on to Sunday's pair of battles.

Please note that we are only including odds for outright victories. We will insert odds for a draw wherever necessary, but right now, we don't project any ties for this weekend. Also bear in mind that soccer moneylines are high-variance, to the point that even the favorites pay out better than 1-to-1. That's great for your potential winnings, but it also means you should proceed with caution.

On to our MLS picks!

July 31 - Seattle Sounders (-150) vs. San Jose Earthquakes (+435)

There aren't many no-brainers at play for this slate of MLS games. The Seattle Sounders are an exception.

Their dominance over the rest of the league persists. They have the best goal differential, whereas the San Jose Earthquakes cannot figure out how to score consistently.

OSB Prediction: Sounders (-150)

Sounders To beat the Earthquakes

July 31 - New York Red Bulls (+125) vs. New England (+210)

It's interesting that the New York Red Bulls are favored in this one. New England is tied for MLS' second-largest goal differential. New York, meanwhile, has barely played its opponents to even.

Sure, the Red Bulls have played fairly well of late. That's not enough for us, though.

New York Red Bulls odds

OSB Prediction: New England (+210

New England To beat the Red Bulls

July 31 - FC Cincinnati (+140) vs. DC United (+185)

This is another wild line to us. 

FC Cincinnati is one of the worst teams this season. Though DC United isn't a powerhouse, per se, they have a stingy defensive attack led by Julian Gressel. Count us in for the upset.

OSB Prediction: DC United (+185)

DC United To beat FC Cincinnati

July 31 - Inter Miami (+115) vs. Montreal (+225)

Imagine trusting Inter Miami this season. They have mustered just 10 goals through 13 matches.

Yes, Montreal has proven to be a shaky bet this year. But this feels like an extreme misvaluation on the oddsmakers' end.

OSB Prediction: Montreal (+225)

Montreal To beat Inter Miami

July 31 - Houston Dynamo (+105) vs. Real Salt Lake (+250)

It'd be easier to invest in Real Salt Lake if their defense to this point didn't seem like a paper.

Beyond that, the Houston Dynamo's offense has perked up quite a bit. It wouldn't surprise us if they pitched a shutout.

OSB Prediction: Dynamo (+105)

Dynamo To beat Real Salt Lake

July 31 - Sporting Kansas City (-190) vs. Dallas (+625)

Only two teams have tallied more total points this season than Sporting Kansas City: New England and Seattle.

Dallas, on the other hand, is wallowing away toward the bottom of the standings with a defense that has proven flimsy at the point of attack.

Sporting Kansas City odds

OSB Prediction: Sporting Kansas City (-190)

Sporting Kansas City To beat Dallas

July 31 - Austin FC (+125) vs. Colorado Rapids (+235)

Austin FC has struggled to field a powerful offense while up against a void of star power. Passing and scoring by committee is intriguing, but they need top-end talent to help steer the ship.

Maybe their defense leads them to a W. But we like the Colorado Rapids' playmaking potential from the weak side too much to pass on their payout.

OSB Prediction: Rapids (+235)

Rapids To beat Austin FC

July 31 - Minnesota United (-110) vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (+295)

You only need to know one thing about this matchup: The Minnesota United have underachieved relative to their offensive talent, but they're going up against a Vancouver Whitecaps defense that's allowing nearly two goals per game.

Pencil the former in for a bounce-back outing.

OSB Prediction: Minnesota United (-110)

Minnesota United To beat the Whitecaps

August 1 - Philadelphia Union (-110) vs. Chicago Fire (+360)

Aside from penalty kicks and total appearances, Philadelphia Union doesn't have any player who ranks in the top three of a major category. That is at once concerning but also a testament to the balance they've used to achieve a winning record. 

Seeing as the Chicago Fire presently have the fourth-worst goal differential, this is an easy decision.

OSB Prediction: Philadelphia Union (-110)

Philadelphia Union To beat the Fire

August 1 - Toronto (+140) vs. Nashville FC (+200)

This is shocking. 

Toronto has defensive concerns galore after allowing 32 goals through 15 games. With Nashville FC sporting one of MLS' most lethal offenses, thanks in large part to midfielder Hany Mukhtar, we'll be floored if they pull out a victory.

OSB Prediction: Nashville FC (+200)

Nashville FC To beat Toronto

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