Khabib UFC Odds: Next Fight

Since he was unable to fight at UFC 249 versus Ferguson, and then UFC 249 being canceled, it’s looking like we may have a sixth Ferguson vs. Khabib fight scheduled. With the Coronavirus pandemic going on, it’s unlikely we will see him fighting anytime soon – likely he won’t see the inside of an octagon before September.

Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib UFC Odds

As the most likely option for Khabib’s next opponent, this fight should and will be hyped up on a huge scale. For five years, this fight has been canceled time and time again, and we may finally closeout 2020 with a Ferguson vs. Khabib fight on pay-per-view.

Ferguson will be competing for a chance at the lightweight belt, and technically, he hasn’t lost since 2012 – so this should be an interesting bout. Many are questioning if Ferguson will wait until September – as Nurmagomedov is practicing Ramadan, and will not be in fighting shape until late August or September.

Khabib betting

However, the coronavirus pandemic is still in its peak, so we may not see a fight until then anyways – the best-case scenario. While we don’t have a confirmed fight just yet, we can look at how the odds looked for UFC 249 to get a good idea of how sportsbooks are predicting this fight to pan out.

Khabib’s UFC odds opened up at -220, making him an easy favorite to win the fight. Ferguson’s odds were in the +220 range, which is fairly standard when a fighter is coming after a title.

Oddsmakers predicted a five-round fight between the two, with Khabib most likely to win by points for a method of victory at +195 odds. As for a Ferguson win, it’s looking like the most likely result would be Ferguson winning by submission at +460 – which is how he’s won his last 10 fights.

Until this fight is officially announced, we can only speculate, so keep an eye on this page for more updated Ferguson vs. Khabib UFC odds.

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