Reno is self-billed as “The Biggest Little City in the World.” It is the original home of the world’s largest gambling corporation, Harrah’s Entertainment. Reno experienced its first boom in the 1930s, after gambling became legal in Nevada. Liberalization of local divorce laws also assisted in this endeavor. It’s also a popular place to end a marriage. When first developed, the Reno area was the largest gambling center in the US.

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While a trip to the Reno/Tahoe area should be on the “bucket list” of every sports and entertainment betting fan, it’s not a trip that can be made on a daily basis by most people. When outside the Reno region, bettors can enjoy the convenience of the Top 5 OSB recommended online sportsbooks listed below.


Reno Sports Betting Sites

Most seasoned veterans will agree. The wagering scene in Reno is regaining its balance. Considered more down to earth than the slick corporate look of Las Vegas, it is back to business as usual in one of the most exciting gambling resort destinations on the planet. Unlike Vegas, which is all about shiny and new, Reno respects and embraces its history. Maybe that’s why visitors are happily returning and the betting buzz is back in Reno.

Atlantis Casino Resort Sports Betting

The Atlantis Casino originally opened in 1972. The hotel features over 1,000 guest rooms and is the city’s only concierge tower. Nearly all the rooms were renovated recently and additional expansions are in the works. The rooms, especially those in the concierge tower, are among the finest in Reno. Reasonable pricing for accommodations and cheap gaming is makes the Atlantis Casino a must-see gaming venue in Reno.

Peppermill Hotel Casino Sports Betting

Regarded by many, as the best hotel and casino in Reno, the Peppermill Hotel Casino is a premier betting destination. The property has undergone several expansions since opening in 1971 with the most recent completed in 2010. The hotel features over 1,600 rooms, with 600 of them being suites. The best rooms can be found in the Tuscany Tower. The casino is large, but offers affordable gaming options 24 hours a day.

Harrah’s Reno Sports Betting

Harrah’s is considered by many to be another one of the nicest hotels in Reno. Harrah’s originally opened in 1937, but was renovated in 1999. The hotel has 950 rooms that are small, but nice. For those willing to fork over cash for a luxurious suite, Harrah’s has some of the best suites in Reno. Harrah’s Casino is one of the pricier casinos in Reno, but the opulent and exciting gaming options make it all worthwhile.

Silver Legacy Resort Casino Sports Betting

The Silver Legacy Casino is large, featuring over 1,700 rooms. The casino opened in 1995, and is one of the newest gambling establishments in Reno. This casino was the city’s largest casino construction project. Although this resort is large, it isn’t really a luxury resort. The hotels rooms are small and bargain-rated. The Silver Legacy has 85,000 feet of floor space for gaming and around 75 table games in operation.

Eldorado Hotel Casino Sports Betting

The Eldorado is one of the higher end hotel/casinos in Reno. However, higher end is a relative term in Reno. Compared to most resort destinations in other areas, it is still extremely affordable. The standard rooms are a little small for the price, but there are deluxe rooms available. Minimum bets are slightly higher than other Reno casinos, but this is still on the low end in comparison to other betting destinations.