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Football is life in Wisconsin. Whether it’s the Green Bay Packers or the Wisconsin Badgers, there’s a huge demand for sports gambling in the state. However, because federal law heavily restricts wagering on pro of college games, residents in the state have been searching for other betting alternatives. There is one easy — and legal — way of betting on sports in Wisconsin and we break it down in our latest state-by-state review.

Wisconsin Online Sports Betting

Sports gambling in America is frowned upon in all but four states — Nevada, Delware, Montana and Oregon. The rest of the country have had to find other ways of legally placing bets on sporting events. We are breaking down the sports betting rules and regulations for all 50 states and in this instalment, we look at the laws in Wisconsin.

      When you think of Wisconsin, two things come to mind: cheese heads and the Green Bay Packers. Football is a passion in Wisconsin, which means betting on the beloved Packers is important for many residents within the state.

      Wisconsin offers a wide range of betting options, but sports gambling is not among them. That is because under strict federal laws, it is illegal in the state to place wagers on professional or college games.

      Casino gambling is a form of betting that is accepted in the state. In fact, there are 22 tribal casinos based on Indian reservation lands in Wisconsin. The state reels in $1 billion annually from gambling revenue and $24 annually from gambling taxes.

      Horse and dog racing is also legal, but only off-track betting is acceptable. Wisconsin also offers a state-run lottery and even charitable gaming is allowed. However, poker gambling is not an accepted form of betting in Wisconsin, along with social and online gambling.

      What does this mean for Wisconsinites that want to place wagers on sporting events? While it is prohibited to do so through live brick and mortar bookmakers within the state, residents can use offshore, Internet-based sportsbooks. These websites are operated strictly online and are fully licensed within their respective countries, leaving them open even for U.S. customers to use.

      Federal laws may restrict in-state sports gambling, but there is no language within those rules that state American are not able to use offshore sportsbooks.

      Legal Wisconsin Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks

      The National Football League is extremely popular among Wisconsin residents, mainly because of the hometown Green Bay Packers.

      A contender in the NFC North Division each season, the Packers are considered to be Super Bowl favorites as long as star QB Aaron Rodgers is healthy and taking snaps.

      Betting on the Packers is important for residents in the state and because federal laws prevent gamblers from placing wagers through unlicensed bookmakers in Wisconsin, there are other ways to legally lay down money on Green Bay or other sports teams. While the Packers are Wisconsin’s team, let’s not forget the state also has other pro franchises such as the Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks.

      Bovada.lv and BetOnline.com are two of the leaders in the online sports betting industry. Whether it is a money line wager on a Major League Baseball game or more complex point spread odds on the National Football League, online sportsbooks have something for every bettor.

      The signup process is seamless, as all that is required is basic personal information as well as a legitimate email to log in with.

      Horse racing is a popular sport in Wisconsin, which has several tracks within the state. However, consider using full-fledged horse books at Bovada or BetOnline, which also offer daily odds from tracks around the world.

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