Sports bettors should keep their eyes peeled for teams on the upswing, especially in the NBA. Getting the inside track on an up-and-comers gives you an edge, as it lets you place bets in favor of a team that isn’t yet respected by the public at large and, therefore, the sportsbooks. The Milwaukee Bucks are that team in the Eastern Conference. [+]

Milwaukee’s offense is still bogged down by spacing issues, a problem in today’s NBA. Their low-post scorer who doesn’t do anything to push the needle defensively, has no business being on this team.

But head coach Budenholzer has been willing to experiment with quirky lineups, most recently moving a seven-foot wing, to point guard. The offense still isn’t great, but Antetokounmpo seems to have found his niche, while the Bucks’ defense appears to have regained some of its lost mojo from last season.

The Bucks are one player away from being a truly special team. They might get said player in this year’s lottery or perhaps in free agency. They could even use Monroe as trade bait to land someone who is a better fit for the roster.

Either way, for the rest of this season, and for the foreseeable future, the Bucks are a team you want to make a part of your daily betting repertoire. Futures are an iffy situation with them until they prove they’re a real Eastern Conference contender. Win total plays are fine, though. Your sweet spot, however, is on single games—most notably spreads and over/under wagers, as Milwaukee’s defense tends to trigger under success stories.


Milwaukee Bucks Next Regular Season Game


Everything you need to keep up with your Bucks single game plays is right here, with a look at their next regular season opponent. Do your homework and reap the rewards.  [+]

Determine if the spread, moneyline and over/under is worth your attention, and then look into how the Bucks match up with this specific foe before deciding which way to swing your bet.


My Team's Next MatchMilwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Game Schedule

Here’s a view of the Bucks’ regular season game schedule in its entirety. Use it to plan ahead on potential wagers and to look back on Milwaukee’s past performances against certain teams and in certain situations (on the road, at home, against winning teams, against losing teams, etc.).

Results / FixturesMilwaukee Bucks

What Are The Current Milwaukee Bucks Standings

This is where the Bucks currently stand relative to the rest of the Eastern Conference. Take a look at these standings whenever you want an idea of where they sit compared to an opponent or if you’re trying to keep track of their playoff hopes.

StandingsMilwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Online Betting Tips

Give special consideration to moneyline and spread plays in favor of the Bucks when they’re playing feebly built perimeter teams. They have a lot of length on the outside and depend on that lankiness to prevent having to pick up last-minute rotations on dribble drives. Talented perimeter teams put pressure on Milwaukee to stop that penetration, which can often be disastrous, as it prevents the Bucks from running traps and leaves them susceptible to finishes at the rim.

Teams that don’t employ a ton of outside shooters are, from an offensive perspective, mostly toast against the Bucks. Those matchups allow Kidd to call for excessive double-teams and invite guys like Antetokounmpo to jump passing lanes. And that’s when the Bucks are at their stingiest, driving down the score by controlling the pace and wreaking havoc defensively.

It’s during these games you’ll want to invest the most confidence in Milwaukee. Spotting favorable moneylines and spreads is the more preferable option, as the Bucks’ offense can be a little unpredictable, almost in a good way, to play the over/under game. But if a team both lacks shooters and is already weak on the offensive end, then yes, the under becomes a viable wager.

Keep Bucks Futures in Your Back Pocket

The time to bet on Bucks futures is near. It’s not here just yet, outside of the win totals games. But the Eastern Conference remains wide open and the Bucks are one offseason coup away from really entering the championship and conference odds picture.

You’ll know it’s the right time to invest in the Bucks’ future when two of three things happen. First, they need to parlay into a different type of player. That, or they have to wait out his next foray into free agency, which will likely be in 2022, when he can opt out of the last year of his deal and hit the open market.

Next, they have to find a shooter in the draft this year. They’re going to have a mid-end lottery pick, leaving them outside the running for one of the premier prospects, but if they can find someone who can help capitalize on the dribble penetration of Antetokounmpo, their offense will be prepared for a long-awaited leap.

Lastly, they need to make a splash in free agency during one of the next two summers, when the salary cap explodes. Adding shooters is preferable. They’ll want another rim-protecting center to split time at the 5.

If they do all that, they’re worth a look when it comes to conference and championship odds. They won’t be favorites by any stretch, but if you’re looking for actual value on long-shot gambles, they would be a team to seriously consider.