Betting On NBA Playoffs Online

The NBA Playoffs are a wonderful time of year—especially for sportsbettors. The best teams are squaring off against one another, the championship picture has narrowed and there are scores of different wagers you’ll be able to make—bets that you wouldn’t be able to typically encounter during the regular season. Normal betting practices are still in effect. You can still bet on individual games using the moneyline, spread and over/under. [+]

And you can still parlay your heart out. Some sportsbooks will even still allow you to bet on which teams will win the NBA title at the end of it all.

The odds typically aren’t as attractive as they would be during the regular season, but your chances of picking the real winner increase exponentionally when there are only 16 or fewer teams from which to choose. 

Prop bets will be the same for the most part as well. Where the betting really starts to diverge from the norm is with round-by-round winners. Certain sportsbooks will allow you bet on the outcome of a given series. Hypothetically speaking: Will the Golden State Warriors beat the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals? You could bet on the winner of that matchup before the series even starts. This puts your wager at the risk of falling victim to sudden injuries, but the odds are usually pretty good. At the very least, it’s another option to consider. And successfull sportsbetting is all about considering your options.

What Are The Current NBA Playoff Standings

These are your official NBA playoff standings. They help give you a picture of the competition outside the round on which you’re betting. Refer to it as frequently as you can.  [+]

Has Team X been playing phenomenal basketball since the playoffs began? Is Team Y struggling entering the Conference Finals? All that, and more, can be gleaned simply by looking at these postseason standings.


Betting On The Playoffs Online

When betting on the NBA playoffs, it can be tempting to predict how long a particular series is going to last. Will it go six or more games? Less than six games? Will it be a sweep? Not every sportsbook offers this type of wager, but many do. The odds are typically awesome, which can seduce bettors into making impulsively expensive decisions.

Do not fall in love with these wagers. They are fool’s gold. Any given NBA playoff team can push another to the brink. And almost any given NBA playoff team can dole out a sweep over their opponent. You might think you have a hold on how long a series is going to last, but you don’t. The postseason is a time when the unexpected reigns supreme. Even if you consider a team, such as the Warriors, a lock to win a series, it may take them longer than you project. Or it may not take them as many games as you project. The risk in these scenarios just isn’t worth the reward.

If you’re looking to satisfy a big-picture betting fix at a time when the window of opportunity to do so is smaller, stick with championship futures. The odds won’t be as crazy during the postseason itself, but you’ll have a better handle on which team deserves your bet.

Betting on the outcome of an entire round isn’t a bad idea, either. The NBA is a league where the best team usually wins. But if you see an underdog you strongly believe is primed for an upset, or if you’re high on the favorite, then by all means, pick a series winner. Parlay multiple series winners. Just don’t get caught up in picking specific outcomes—like betting that the Warriors beat the Spurs in five games, for instance.

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