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Every division in the National Hockey League has heated matchups and rivalries, but possibly none like in the Atlantic Division, where there are four Original Six clubs. Eight teams make up the Atlantic Division: Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Lightning, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers and Buffalo Sabres. The division has gone through several facelifts but the current roster has remained intact since 2013, when the league realigned to four conferences. [+]

The Atlantic Division has produced several Stanley Cup champions over the last decade, the last coming in 2011 when the Bruins captured the title in a best-of-seven thriller against the Vancouver Canucks.

Among the most heated rivalries within the division, the Canadiens and Maple Leafs matchup is one that’s spanned for generations. Regardless of where either team sits in the standings, usually when these two Original Six foes lock horns, it is an entertaining contest. The Leafs have a longstanding rivalry with the Ottawa Senators — also known as the Battle of Ontario. In the early-to-mid 2000s, the two Canadian sides met in the playoffs, with the Maple Leafs prevailing each time.

The Canadiens have the most Stanley Cup within the division, with 24, followed by the Maple Leafs with 13 and the Red Wings at 11.


What Are The Current Atlantic Division Standings

Here you will find the Atlantic Division standings and what’s wonderful about this group is the number of rivalries, both of the traditional and geographic variety. [+]

There’s no greater showdown than when the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs clash on the ice. No matter where the teams are in the standings, the games are always electric. It’s similar when the Leafs and Detroit Red Wings meet. Detroit’s proximity to the Canadian border ensures that games at Joe Louis Arena will be heavily populated with Leafs supporters. It’s the same thing when the Leafs travel to Buffalo. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which team is the home team. Montreal and the Boston Bruins have been bitter rivals since the 1920s.

The battle of Ontario between the Leafs and Ottawa Senators is always an intense one, and lately, there’s more than just geographic proximity that’s driving the passionate competition between the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning, two of the hottest young teams in the NHL.


Atlantic Division Online Betting Tips

Since the league’s realignment in 2013, the Atlantic Division has not had a back-to-back champion.

The Bruins won the division crown during the 2013-14 season, finishing the season with 117 points. The following year the Canadiens topped the division with 110 points and in 2016, the Florida Panthers shocked the hockey world by winning the Atlantic with 103 points.

The parity in the Atlantic Division has made it tougher for bettors to gain a grasp on which team can come on top on a yearly basis. For instance, following the Panthers’ shocking division win in 2016, the team went into somewhat of a tailspin before firing head coach Gerrard Gallant the next season. Even the Ottawa Senators, who missed the playoffs two of the last three seasons, challenged for the Atlantic Division championship in 2017.

When betting on a team in the Atlantic Division, keep track of their progress from the start of the season right to the final whistle. Whether a specific team is embarking on a tough Western road trip or is coming off three games in four nights, it’s crucial to follow a team’s schedule on a weekly basis.

Atlantic Divsion History

When you talk hockey tradition, you’re talking about the NHL’s Atlantic Division. Four of the NHL’s so-called Original Six teams reside in the Atlantic Division. The Montreal Canadiens have been around so long, they won a Stanley Cup in 1915-16, a year before the NHL was born.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, born as the Toronto Arenas, were an original NHL franchise in 1917 and won the first Stanley Cup in NHL history in 1917-18. The Boston Bruins were the NHL’s first American-based franchise in 1924, two years before the Detroit Red Wings, originally known as the Detroit Cougars, joined the league. 

The rest of the division hasn’t been around anywhere near as long, but you can’t say they don’t have impressive resumes. The Ottawa Senators were actually an NHL original in 1917, but the team left town in 1934. The second version of the Senators were born in 1992 and played in the 2006-07 Stanley Cup final.

The Buffalo Sabres came to be in 1970 and have twice played in the Stanley Cup final. The Tampa Bay Lightning arrived the same season as the second coming of the Senators and were Stanley Cup champions in 2003-04. The Florida Panthers reached the Stanley Cup final in 1995-96, their third season of existence.

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