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The deepest, toughest, most competitive group in the NHL. That’s the Central Division. While the Chicago Blackhawks are the team that’s been winning the Stanley Cup from among this group, the truth of the matter is that almost every team in this division is capable of making some noise. The St. Louis Blues have been right there for years but can’t seem to buy a break in the playoffs. Ditto for the Nashville Predators, who have boosted their offensive attack recently to go with the airtight defensive game around which the team built its reputation. The Minnesota Wild always play stellar defense and are a tough out, and in 2016-17, took a step up and began to run with the contenders in the division. [+]

And the Dallas Stars, once a powerhourse club and the Stanley Cup champions in 1998-99, are playing a wide-open brand of hockey and if they can solve their goaltending issues, will also have to be considered a threat.

Beyond that bunch, The Colorado Avalanche have assembled a lightning-fast and skilled group of young forwards and aren’t that far away from being a player within the division. Likewise, the Winnipeg Jets have lots of young talent and look to be a few pieces from battling for a playoff berth.

What Are The Current Central Division Standings

The current NHL Central Division standings are located right here and they offer a window into just how competitive this group is on a regular basis. [+]

During the 2014-15 season for example, all seven teams in the division topped 90 points and five teams produced 99 points or better. The deep base of competition makes it virtuallly impossible for any Central Division club to take a night off, let alone allow themselves to slip into a losing stretch of any length.



The Best Divison In Hockey

The best division in hockey. That’s the NHL Central. While the Chicago Blackhawks may be the only of the division’s seven teams to win the Stanley Cup since 2000, the fact of the matter is that if you can win in the Central, you can win anywhere in the NHL.

The variety of teams and playing styles that ply their trade in the NHL’s Central Division ensure that whomever emerges on top of this group has earned the right to say they are among the NHL’s elite. 

The Metropolitan Division is the only comparable division in the league for pure skill and talent. Expect a team from one of those divisions to perpetually make a deep run into the playoffs. 

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