Bet On March Madness

Each year the online wagering world bristles with excitement when March Madness kicks into high gear. Due to tight scheduling, and lack of familiarity between some of the teams involved, betting on March Madness can be one of the most challenging events for sports handicappers to wager on. This will not stop the most dedicated sports bettors though. The top online sportsbooks available today cover every March Madness game played each year, including the National Championship game.

March Madness Betting Sites

The top rated sportsbooks in the table below provide sports bettors with prices for every single March Madness game, and these betting sites consistently rank as the highest rates options on the web. 

Bracket Predictions

Due to the high volume of games during March Madness, sports bettors have thousands of options to choose from when placing their wagers during each round. Sportsbooks post hundreds of wagering lines for every game, and each round of the tournament, so there is plenty of excitement once the Madness hits. NCAAB betting is exhilarating as bettors have so little time to analyze the match ups prior to placing their bets.

March Madness Bracket PDF

When betting on March Madness, it is best to fill-out a bracket prior to placing your bets at one of the top rated sportsbooks recommended here at Online Sports Betting. The more often you edit your bracket, the easier it gets to place your wagers. The catch here is that you can change your bracket an unlimited amount of times prior to submitting your picks. Once your selections are submitted – you’ve reached the point of no return.

March Madness Final Four Favorites

Most experienced sports bettors will not bet on all four number one seeds in the tournament, especially with the increase in Cinderella teams over the past handful of seasons. It is very easy to bet on the higher seeded teams in the tournament, which would be the number one through three seeds. It is our advice that you don’t put all of your money on the outright favorites each year -mix in some “dark-shirts” for increased profits.

Picks and Predictions

When March Madness rolls around each spring, it is best to put together multiple pools prior to placing your wagers so you can determine which betting path is best for you. In order to make informed selections, do some research online where you’ll find prices, picks, and advice from round-ball experts. Best of all, this information is free of charge at Good Luck and enjoy the Madness of March!

March Madness Tickets

Sure, finding a merchant or site that’ll graciously accept your money in return for tickets to March Madness isn’t hard, but doing it in a cost effective manner usually. Being the penny-pinchers we are (point us to a successful bettor that ISN’T) we thought it might be nice to dive in and find the best places for buying cheap March Madness tickets. Ok, so maybe not THAT cheap, but, you know, relatively affordable…

regular - Matchday 19
Match day
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Away Score Home
Monday 11 March
FT DSH 71 - 67 SST
AOT Delaware 74 - 78 Hofstra
FT WMB 67 - 81 CMC
FT Ball State 61 - 43 EME
FT Green Bay 54 - 66 WSR
FT WIL 73 - 76 NOR
FT NCG 58 - 70 Wofford
FT MIA 51 - 80 Akron Zips
FT Pepperdine 74 - 100 Gonzaga
FT Ohio 61 - 80 NOR
FT Oakland 63 - 64 NKN
FT San Diego 62 - 69 St. Mary's
Tuesday 12 March
Wake Forest 12:00 MIA
Notre Dame 14:30 GEO
SCG 18:00 MSH
Pittsburgh 19:00 BOS
FDK 19:00 SFR
Hartford 19:00 UMB
Binghamton 19:00 Vermont
APP 20:00 LOM
ARK 20:00 SAJ
MOR 20:30 CSE
ARK 20:30 Grambling
Southern 20:30 TST
ALA 21:00 JST
ALC 21:00 PRA
Wednesday 13 March
SSH 11:30 NOR
Clemson 12:00 NC State
MAS 13:00 GEO
CSR 14:00 Boise State
Idaho State 14:00 SUT
Arizona 15:00 SCT
Fordham 15:30 Richmond
Idaho 16:30 MON
Wyoming 16:30 New Mexico
California 17:30 Colorado
HBH 18:00 Lamar
Nebraska 18:30 Rutgers
Georgia 19:00 Missouri
FLO 19:00 LTB
SJS 19:00 Air Force
Butler 19:00 Providence
OSC 19:00 TCU
Bucknell 19:30 Colgate
MID 19:30 UAB Blazers
CAB 20:30 TCI
NOR 21:00 Illinois
Stanford 21:00 UCLA Bruins
North Texas 21:30 FGP
WVM 21:30 Oklahoma
DePaul 21:30 St. John's
Vanderbilt 21:30 Texas A&M
Rice Owls 22:00 Marshall
WSC 23:30 Oregon
Thursday 14 March
La Salle 12:00 RHO
Indiana 12:30 Ohio State
Arkansas 13:00 Florida
CSB 17:30 TPA
Alabama 19:00 Ole Miss
SMM 20:00 Tulsa