March Madness Picks

Whether you are an avid college basketball fan, or only watch during the NCAA March Madness Tournament, it is an exciting time each year for all types of bettors alike. You will have the most success when placing bets online if you perform a little bit of research prior to making your picks. You can do this by tuning in to regular season games and visiting websites such as for expert advice on the match-ups. [+]

Paying close attention to the regular-season happenings, however, doesn’t allow you to phone in the March Madness tournament. If you’re going to be an aggressive staple bettor, you need to watch the games.

Momentum matters so much when dealing with a win-or-go-home bracket. This isn’t the NBA. You don’t have a series to get it right. Teams won’t be facing each other on multiple occasions, allowing you to learn more about them. You’re placing new bets every day, dealing with unique matchups on a daily basis.

If you came into this cold or try to half-bake it, you’re not going to come out on top. Maybe you watched a team like the University of North Carolina throughout the regular season, but not everything they did will apply to this championship format. The stakes are higher. Players fare worse. They play better. A bad defensive team suddenly locks down. So while playing the seeds or regular-season performances has to get you through the first round of cuts, the rest of your bets need to heavily weigh what you’ve seen from every team in the most recent games leading up to the one you’re betting on.

To that end, try focusing on matchups in which you’ve followed both teams throughout the tournament. It doesn’t pay to know a lot about one team’s performance since March Madness tipped off, if you’re ignorant to the other one. That increases the chances of bias toward one side, which you cannot afford to have when one loss can throw off your entire betting slate—especially if it’s a parlay.


March Madness Betting Sites

There are thousands of websites out there that accept March Madness bets from sports bettors. We always recommend that you bet trusted and respected operations. You can our top rated online wagering websites listed in our Top 5 table below.

Be sure to browse each of them prior to placing your wagers on games. If you don’t, you won’t be able to guarantee that all this information is accurate. Yes, it probably is. But lines change often and quickly during March Madness. You want to make sure you’re arming yourself with the most accurate information available. Our table gets you started, but don’t let it be the end-all, be-all of your odds research. 

March Madness Handicapping Tips

When it comes to betting on March Madness games, it’s best to do some research prior to making any picks. Finding the best odds is an excellent way to get a round-ball handicapping advantage. You should also watch some regular season NCAAB action, so you can learn about teams that may be headed to the big dance.

Another option is to find analysis of teams and matchups at reputable online sports information websites. Examples of these sites include official team pages, the NCAA page, and our network of sports betting sites. At, our handicappers provide readers with expert advice on the various matchups, the game lines, and we also offer predictions as the tournament advances deeper towards the title game.

NCAAB Championship Tournaments Shed Light on March Madness

Every conference in the country has a championship tournament to end their regular season. In major NCAA conferences, the winners receive automatic berths into the March Madness tournament. This means that the conference tourney winners get automatic placement in the field of 68 teams. Even if auto-berths aren’t up for grabs, it’s important for teams to win their tourney title as that can help them earn an at-large Madness bid.

As sports bettors prepare to place bets on March Madness games, they can learn a lot from the conference championship games that come before them. These title games show bettors which teams are ready for the big dance simply by watching how the players react to adversity throughout the matchups. The conference title games can also provide a glimpse into where teams will be seeded prior to the start of March Madness.

Remember, though: Just as you must not place too much stock in the regular season, you shouldn’t let the pre-March Madness tournaments permanently paint your view of everything. Momentum is a real thing during this road to the National Title. That’s why Cinderella stories exist. Be on the lookout for overachievers and underachievers, and then properly factor in those circumstances to each bet you make on those respective teams in the March Madness tournament.

Advice For Betting On Top College Teams in the Nation During March Madness

During regular-season action, you are able to lean on the best teams in the country. You know, for instance, that a perennial powerhouse like Kentucky will steamroll opponents on most nights because they have so many NBA prospects. You can place bets accordingly with that information.

But it doesn’t work like that in the March Madness tournament. You can get by with that thinking in the first round, knowing No. 16 seeds don’t beat No. 1 seeds, and that No. 15 seeds don’t beat No. 2 seeds. Beyond that, you have to invest heavily in what’s transpired during the tournament.

Don’t just assume the most talented team on paper, or the one with the most NBA prospects in its rotation, will coast through the early rounds. Opponents get hot. Great teams make mistakes. We’re dealing with young adults here, many of whom are still teenagers. There are no sure things, so it’s important you study every individual matchup thoroughly before submitting your wagers, no matter how good (or bad) the team looks on paper or appeared during the regular season.

playoff - Matchday 1
Match day
  • 1
Away Score Home
Monday 18 March
FT Quinnipiac 81 - 92 NJH
Tuesday 19 March
FT FDK 82 - 76 PRA
AOT Cornell 89 - 98 RMC
FT Hofstra 78 - 84 NC State
FT IUPUI 73 - 78 Marshall
FT SFR 72 - 89 Indiana
FT Campbell 69 - 84 NCG
FT Lipscomb 89 - 81 Davidson
FT WSR 69 - 75 Clemson
FT San Diego 60 - 74 Memphis
FT Northridge 84 - 92 Utah Valley
FT SDS 73 - 79 Texas
FT LCR 61 - 70 Creighton
FT Arkansas 84 - 72 Providence
FT Temple Owls 70 - 81 Belmont
FT Dayton 73 - 78 Colorado
Wednesday 20 March
FT NCC 74 - 78 NOR
FT WSS 76 - 70 Furman
AOT NOR 80 - 79 Alabama
FT UAB Blazers 78 - 83 Brown Bears
FT Howard 72 - 81 CCC
FT Green Bay 102 - 94 ETE
FT Harvard 71 - 68 Georgetown
FT SMG 68 - 90 Longwood
AOT Stony Brook 79 - 82 SOU
FT Grand Cany. 63 - 77 WVM
FT Toledo 64 - 78 Xavier
AOT TST 95 - 89 New Orleans
FT CMC 86 - 100 DePaul
FT Butler 76 - 80 Nebraska
FT SHS 69 - 82 TCU
FT St. John's 65 - 74 ARI
FT PBH 73 - 68 Seattle
FT LOY 56 - 55 CBL
Thursday 21 March
FT Minnesota 86 - 76 Louisville
FT Yale 74 - 79 LSU Tigers
FT NEW 77 - 78 Auburn
FT Vermont 69 - 76 FLO
FT Bradley 65 - 76 MSS
FT Belmont 77 - 79 Maryland
FT NEH 53 - 87 Kansas
FT MUR 83 - 64 Marquette
FT Florida 70 - 61 Nevada
FT SFT 72 - 81 Hampton
FT FLO 66 - 68 CSB
FT ACW 44 - 79 Kentucky
FT St. Mary's 57 - 61 Villanova
FT FDK 49 - 87 Gonzaga
FT Kent State 77 - 87 LOM
FT Montana 55 - 74 MIC
FT Seton Hall 68 - 84 Wofford
FT ODM 48 - 61 Purdue
FT Baylor 78 - 69 Syracuse
FT CSB 66 - 58 CAL
Friday 22 March
Iowa 12:15 Cincinnati
Oklahoma 12:40 Ole Miss
NKN 13:30 Texas Tech
UC Irvine 14:00 KSW
Colgate 14:45 Tennessee
GAR 15:10 Virginia
ARI 16:00 Buffalo
Oregon 16:30 Wisconsin
Washington 18:50 Utah State
NOR 19:10 Duke
GSP 19:20 Houston
Liberty 19:27 MIS
Drake 20:30 SUT
Iona Gaels 21:20 NCT
UCF 21:40 VCU
Ohio State 21:50 Iowa State
Saint Louis 21:57 VIR
Saturday 23 March
FGP 19:00 TSM