The past, the present, and the future — you could argue the Boston Celtics franchise is all three. With 17 NBA championships (tied for most in league history), there’s zero denying their past. Boston also made the 2022 NBA Finals, sure, in losing fashion but this team is a contender in today’s NBA landscape. And with a budding young roster, they could be title favorites for years to come too.

If that’s the case, then Boston Celtics bets will be abundant at popular NBA betting sites. To help you attack ALL of these opportunities, we’ve compiled this in-depth guide to bet on Boston Celtics. Scroll down and you’ll get all the must-know information about the team — current odds, schedule, expert tips, and plenty more.

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Boston Celtics Next Regular Season Game

Check out the Celtics’ next regular season game below. This will be your soonest chance to bet on Boston Celtics game, whether that’s via the spread, over/under, moneyline, or prop wager.

My Team's Next MatchBoston Celtics

Boston Celtics Game Schedule

This is the rest of the Celtics’ regular season game schedule. It’s most useful for those who wish to scope out future betting opportunities well in advance. Game lines aren’t available this far out (they aren’t posted until the game is next-up) but you can begin pinpointing road trips, short rest periods, and other things that could fatigue the C’s and affect their on-court performance. Many bettors make the mistake of forgetting tired legs when evaluating Boston Celtics betting odds, and it’s a giant mistake.

Results / FixturesBoston Celtics

What Are The Boston Celtics Standings

View the Boston Celtics’ current standings underneath. By seeing whether their record stacks up with those of known contenders, you can decide whether they’re viable NBA championship or Eastern conference plays. These futures bets, particularly the Boston Celtics odds to win championship are lucrative given their longer time horizon than regular game bets.


StandingsBoston Celtics

Boston Celtics Online Betting Tips

One thing we'll beg of you to do when picking a Boston Celtics bet to take or not is this: research, and then research some more. As a matter of fact, that goes for any type of NBA betting you do no matter the team. Betting isn't easy — if it were, then sportsbooks would be closing down left and right from being bankrupted so much. If you want to take bookies to the cleaners on a regular basis, you're going to have to put work in and that comes via researching.

Jayson Tatum Celtics

How do the Celtics match up with the team they're facing? Who is on the injury report? What happened the last time these two faced off? These are all questions you should have answers to BEFORE placing a bet. Your research will reveal this information, which will help you make more informed betting decisions.

Boston Celtics Betting Odds

As we hinted earlier, you won't struggle to find betting lines for the Celtics — not with how popular the team is country-wide. But something to decide right now is which type of bets you'll go after. The traditional bets such as spreads or over/unders? Or perhaps long-term futures like a bet on Boston Celtics winning championship? Each of these varies in its time horizons and payout potential so think this through.

How To Bet On Boston Celtics

Last thing before we let you go: consider getting your Celtics betting fix at one of the underneath bookmakers. These sites will carry any and all Boston odds — and at industry-leading prices too. By using these bookies, you're almost guaranteed to be maxing out the value of each Celtics wager you jump on. The table below features up-to-date sportsbook reviews so you can compare and contrast between sites. Pick the one that suits your needs most and then you're all set for Boston Celtics betting.