There is no point in beating around the bush: The Boston Celtics have arrived. They are one of the few NBA teams worth all-around betting attention. It doesn’t matter if you’re gambling on futures, single games, win totals or any sort of props. They’re a team that’s simultaneously on the rise and contending in the Eastern Conference. Only one team in the East is really better than the Celtics: The Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s it. Boston is beating the rest of the field into submission an efficient offense and, recently, a rising defense. [+]

Bet on this team whenever the lines seem to be in your favor. Big picture-wise, though, Boston is in a great position, perhaps not as a consistent over/under play, but most definitely as a spread and moneyline staple.



Boston Celtics Next Regular Season Game


Check out the Celtics’ next regular season game below. You’ll find the most recent moneylines, spreads, overs and unders. Do the necessary research. [+]

Once you determine if the odds are worth your money, figure out how the Celtics match up against their opponent in question. And then also make sure you’re checking with your favorite sportsbook(s) to see whether the provided odds are accurate. Our information is always as accurate as possible, but lines can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.


My Team's Next MatchBoston Celtics

Boston Celtics Game Schedule


This is the rest of the Celtics’ regular season game schedule. It’s most useful for those who wish to scope out future betting opportunities in advance. [+]

You won’t have access to game lines before the general public, but you can scroll ahead in the schedule and single out upcoming opponents who match up with the Celtics in a way that makes you want to bet on them. By studying the past results of different games, you can also see how they stack up with specific opponents, then apply those findings to future tilts.

As an example, say the Celtics are facing the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road in one week. If you look back at their schedule and add up their record against the teams with top five or 10 offenses when they’re not playing in Boston, you’ll have a general idea of whether the Celtics should be a team you’re gambling for or against in this specific meeting.


Results / FixturesBoston Celtics

What Are The Boston Celtics Standings


View the Boston Celtics’ current standings as a lifeline of sorts. By seeing whether their record stacks up with those of known contenders, you can decide whether they’re viable championship and conference plays, or if you’re best steering your futures investments in another direction. [+]

For general playoff purposes, you’ll also be able to see which types of matchups they’re in store for during the postseason by keeping track of their seeding (i.e. where they stand relative to the East’s top eight teams).


StandingsBoston Celtics

Boston Celtics Online Betting Tips

Show some restraint when betting the Celtics’ futures immediately. Over the offseason, depending on how the draft, trade market and free agency shake out, they’re most definitely legitimate conference and championship dice rolls. Right now, however, they still lack that patented superstar and are tasked with combating the star-stuffed Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid mid-season conference and championship chances altogether. If a sportsbook is offering prime odds, and if you’re looking to lay down small-time money on a tantalizing long shot, the Celtics are a smart choice. 

In terms of serious, big-time futures betting, remain patient. The time will come. It’s almost here. It’ll likely be here just ahead of the 2016-18 season. Until then, stick with the daily game plays, round by round postseason odds and over/under win totals.

Work the Over in the Regular Season

Though we typically refrain from giving over/under advice in big-picture summations, we’re making an exception here. 

One season after checking in as a top-five defense in 2016-17, the Celtics have gone the other way. Their offense is the most important part of their success, most notably because of Isaiah Thomas’ detonations.

The Celtics still have the potential to lock down, but they have neither the relative health nor size nor defensive rebounding presences to match last year’s defensive performance. That might change when the postseason rolls around, but testing their overs through this regular season and next, knowing Thomas remains under contract, is a good way to make a consistent profit off this squad’s performance.

Prepare for the Celtics’ Offseason

No matter how the Celtics’ latest playoff push unfolds, their next two offseasons rank as more important affairs. That’s when they’ll most likely become real championship threats, not dark horses that may need to get lucky against the Cavaliers, Raptors and Heat.

Stay up to date with all their summer happenings, as the Celtics are one of the few teams that will see their conference, championship and win total odds shift almost overnight. You’ll need to pay attention to how they approach free agency. They have a top-four Eastern Conference team without a universally recognized superstar, which should appeal to the biggest available names on the open market. Boston has a ton of cap space and a foundation that’s impressive enough to land a meeting with anyone.

Trade rumors will be an equally important ingredient to their offseason. Celtics president Danny Ainge has enough draft picks and tradeable contracts to swing a deal for any superstar that becomes realistiically available.

The Celtics could, feasibly, end up with another star in addition to Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford before the 2017-18 campaign, without depleting their currently impressive nucleus. And as soon as their roster reflects those dramatic upgrades, you’ll want to pounce on any futures that you can, from the over on win totals, to conference and championship odds—preferably before the sportsbooks have time to reconfigure their offseason odds in their own favor.